When you’re talking about almonds, “raw” may not mean what you think.

All California almonds — which would be virtually all the almonds in the country — are either heat-pasteurized or treated with a fumigant. The processes, which have been required by law since 2007, are intended to prevent foodborne illness. But almond aficionados say the treatments taint the flavor and mislead consumers.

In a warehouse near Newman, Calif., run by the Cosmed Group, millions of almonds are heated in huge metal containers. The temperature inside the chambers gradually rises to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to ensure through steam pasteurization that the almonds don’t carry bacteria from the fields to consumers.

What Does ‘Raw’ Mean? When It Comes To Almonds, You Might Be Surprised

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Having traded her usual suits for a light Spring sundress (one of many such dresses she purchased and didn’t wear) and pearls, Margot felt terribly exposed and vulnerable. She was doing her best impression of her mother, a true lady. She’d even curled her hair.  She drew the line at the white gloves.

She was overdressed for the diner, but kind of less overdressed than she usually was. She’d traded her deep red lipstick for a lighter gloss, not out to intimidate for once. She felt almost ridiculously girly.

As soon as she caught sight of Hannibal already seated in a booth, she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. All she could think about was falling asleep naked, all tangled up in each other. And the last thing he’d said to her.  

When she’d woken up in the morning, he had already rushed off to work and she had lain in bed feeling more conflicting emotions than you would think could fit inside a girl so small - a strange mixture of dreamy giddiness like a teenager daydreaming about a crush in class and then also this lingering emptiness and a sort of dread. This wouldn’t end well for her but all she wanted was to be near him. 

“Hi!” she said way too cheerily, slightly anxious, as she took her place across from him. She could barely meet his eyes. She’d spent the past couple of days imaging them having sex in pretty much every conceivable way (and she would know) and yes, this was awkward. 

“I’m just getting a burger and fries, I don’t need to look at the menu. Also a chocolate milkshake. I don’t know why you’d care what I’m ordering, but I’m just telling you, So. Now you know.”  

She had to stop herself from shredding a napkin. All her childhood nervous habits had a way of reappearing at the most inopportune times. 


Just happened: You guys will appreciate this….
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I’m in an office waiting room and an older lady (late 50s/early 60s) is sitting next to me. Im scrolling thru Tumblr / Pinterest and this pic comes up.
She says, “Oh that’s a great photo of your boyfriend.”
I look at her completely surprised and I know my face is beet red –I felt the heat rise really fast.
She continues, “You must be in love, you can’t stop smiling when you look at him.”

Hahaha..I just chuckled. I didn’t feel like correcting her. 😍

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Shizuo reacting to his s/o suddenly feeling clingy and touchy feely




Aside from the typical difficulties one would face being woken up at an unusually early time and then settling down on the sofa, Shizuo was doing rather fine in terms of maintaining a straight face and being alert.

Until you came along and leaned against his shoulder.

You were warm then, sighing contently and making yourself comfortable.

Today, there was no noise coming from the television screen, much less from the usual hum of the kettle. You were probably awake this early to drag Shizuo out for a nice breakfast somewhere, grabbing his hand and smiling in that perfect little way of yours as an apology for interrupting his sleep.

At least, he’d come to think of that smile as an apology, but that a further insight into the matter was for another day.

He shifted in his position, feeling the heat rising to his face when you merely slid down onto the furniture and grinned.

Shizuo liked to think that you were just teasing him.

“Shizuo,” You mumbled once more, making sure that you had his attention. You turned, so that despite the discomfort in your craned neck, you could easily trace circles on his clothed chest.

It made him shiver.

“…You know that I love you, right?”

Being the boyfriend of someone was an experience that Shizuo enjoyed very much—he could find comfort in someone else and be able to express his feelings without so much of an odd stare being directed at him—and listening to the occasional breath of ‘I love you’ was something that he’d gotten used to. But being ‘used to’ things like that, used to the sharp release of breath and hasty mumbling—or soft whispers that reminded him of the gentle water ripples or even loud proclaims and flurry of arms then warmth—it didn’t stop him from blushing and fighting the urge to look away.

So the only thing that Heiwajima Shizuo could do was to mumble:


His answer ended up indirectly surprising himself when you crawled onto his lap with a hand holding the arm you were lying on, watching his puzzled expression.

(Shizuo really didn’t need to ask what you were up to when you were already on his lips, kissing him with fervor.)

Breath hitching when you turned and proceeded to lean back, head against his shoulder, Shizuo let out incoherent mumbles before looking down straight at you, locking his gaze with yours.

He couldn’t move from where he sat unless you got up, and he doubted that you were going to do so anytime soon, but it’s not like he minded, really, with the fact that the one who he loved was the person who restricted his ability to move and all. Deciding not to move his hand and disrupt your relaxed state, he simply smiled back at the grin you currently held, ignoring his flaring cheeks.


(His thoughts derail for a moment to wonder if he’s brushed his teeth, and if his morning breath was hopefully not that bad.)


Then as you run a finger through his hair, with the intention of pushing him down with a quick press, he instead lowered himself on his own accord, watching your grin trace into an instinctive smirk at your sudden realization.

The second the both of you pulled back was also the one in which you’d murmured a ‘you’re too comfortable for your own good’—neither of you willing to move back.

“…You’re cute…”

And before you could even reply, much less stutter out an ‘oh’ to his statement and tackily compliment his kiss—

Heiwajima Shizuo had already leaned back down for another.

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Do you know what causes tectonic plates to converge bc google isn't telling me lmao (worth a try right)

Plates at our planet’s surface move because of the intense heat in the Earth’s core that causes molten rock in the mantle layer to move. It moves in a pattern called a convection cell that forms when warm material rises, cools, and eventually sink down!!!!

Anon hour? Talk to me while I babysit!


You do what you must,
And I’ll do what I can
To see about fixing
The ruinous leavings-
Behind of these plans
Left when they blew apart
In the roof of my mouth.

I stink–the scent of burnt rubber–hot breakpads–worn radials–heat rises from asphalt, from car exhaust. Beats down, as punishment, from the sun
I stare blankly
I shout incoherent insults
I smile an evil grin that wasn’t meant as such
I look soft and helpless and carry cardboard
I look in your window
I look to the next window

I’ll write for you dearly
Conceived groups of letters
And post them today.
I would have it done
No other way: you’re
Entirely too patient–
You’ve waited so long.

My bundle–my pile. My cardboard and my dog:
You will be the overpass offering shaded shelter,
Where pigeons go to roost.

TITLE: ME & Hennessey

She swear she love that nigga
But the way she giving me her loving
I’m rooting in her body
With no seeds in the oven
She rooting in my thoughts
Tag team we’re a covenant
So understand I really mean it
When I tell you that it’s nuttin’
It’s like it’s us and none above it
Until, we realize that were spreading
Real lies
Because the truth is only in her eyes
When I’m deep between her thighs
Still, this is more than physical
She elevate my high
I mean… I can drink, Drake, Kevin Gates
And still cuddle by her side

Until the sun rise
Open blinds is a tragedy
Because that’s the time we realize
What the fuck we knew was happening
Yet with the heat, comes the clean up
We act, to change the scene up
They might have seen us both
But no one has never ever seen us
Which is funny, because if they did
They would never understand it
…how our astrological connection
Can’t be described on this planet

I’m a Zodiac Freak
Better yet, a Zodiac Slayer
She don’t mind the Trophies
As long as I’m not a Player
And I don’t mind her history
As long as it don’t repeat
I’m just trying to get a head
I done already faced the feet
[[ PAUSE ]]
This not a game but she winning
I knew this in the beginning
I just hope my mind convince my heart
She needs to keep on pretending

But she in love with this nigga
Must be in lust with me too
And if she’s only loyal to herself
That’s three L’s in the group

#SquareInstaPic (at Foxwood Apartments)


Time with him passes just like syrup. It’s perfectly sweet and slow enough that I forget what it feels like when I’m not around him. But when that syrup heats up, it moves quickly and so smoothly and you swear you’ve never seen anything as beautiful as that shiny, gold sugar. Time with him is saccharine and savored and satisfying and sanguinely dangerous as each second feeds my sweet tooth. Time with him is blanketed in idyllic perfumes and glowing irises that flicker with every rise in his breathtakingly pigmented cheeks. Time with him is like being wrapped inside the warm, glimmering lights of a photograph taken with a shutter speed quicker than the blink of an eye. Time with him is not time. Nothing passes, nothing flees, instead, time with him is the flooding of my heart and the pulsing of each tiny vein in my body. It is golden and halcyon and the feeling of fleece on bare skin and the wiggling of toes when happiness is too much to contain in only a smile. Time with him is syrup. It is perfectly sweet. 

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“I can’t believe you just mommed me.”

With a roll of her eyes, Autumn gives the woman
a quick poke, feeling slight heat rise to her cheeks
as she realised how protective she sounded.

 “I just don’t want to have to deal with you crying like
a baby when you get hurt, alright?” 

The words are grumbled and annoyed as she looks down,
hair falling to cover her tinted cheeks.

Top Six Ways to Stay Cool this summer

Are you scared of summer heat, skin eruptions, sweat and thirst? Overcome all summer problems with these cool solutions offered by Ayurveda. Get acquainted with the wisdom of ancient sages and beat the summer heat before it beats you.After the relaxing spring climate, we are experiencing a gradual increase in heat signifying the onset of the summer season. From here on, the temperature will keep on rising till it reaches the sweltering stage. So, when things heat up outside, are you prepared to stay in balance this summer? Apart from switching on your fans, coolers and ACs, what are your options to stay calm, composed and stay cool?

Technology might help you to stay cool inside your home or office but you will eventually have to face the heat outside. According to Ayurveda, the ancient science of natural health, when things are heating up outside, the key to balance is to find ways to cool down inside – physically, mentally and emotionally.We provide below a few easy tips to maintain optimum balance of mind and body in summer and enjoy its positive aspects.

Cooling baths

A cooling bath is the best way to start a ‘cool’ day. This is the first thing that you do in the morning, so make the best of it. Bathe with cold water. Take fresh or dried leaves of mint and boil for half an hour. Strain the liquid and let it cool down. After taking your bath, apply this liquid on your entire body, especially those parts where you experience more perspiration. Mint has cooling, refreshing and astringent effects on the skin and is also helpful in relaxing your mind.

Alternately, you can use rose petals or rose essence oil in your bath. If you are using rose petals, let it soak overnight in your bath tub or water. Rose has refreshing and cooling effects on the body and the mind. It also helps to exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft, supple and radiant, while protecting your skin from sunburns.With an invigorating, refreshing and cooling bath, you are ready to face the sweltering heat of summer with a smile.

Cooling beverages

Before we start, you are forewarned, don’t reach for that chilled bottled juice or carbonated beverage to cool down in summer. It will not only impair your digestion but will also harm your immunity system. Also chilled or ice-cold drinks are harmful because they disrupt digestion by dousing the jatharagni or digestive fire. Fresh fruit juices and nectars, blended and stored at room temperature, are recommended. Grape juice, water melon shakes, lassi, bel sharbat and aam panna are refreshing and healthy choices in summer. You should also drink a lot of cool pure water to replenish body moisture lost to heat during summer. Keeping your body hydrated is vital during this season.

Cooling diet

A cooling Ayurveda diet in summer includes a lot of fruits and vegetables that are sweet, juicy, bitter and astringent in nature. Among fruits melons, pears, cherries, mangoes and grapes are beneficial. Also, vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini and asparagus have cooling effects. Use cucumber in your salads. Avoid spicy and sour foods in summer. Use cooling spices such as mint, fennel, anise and cardamom in your preparations. You should also avoid food with heating properties such as tomatoes, hot peppers, radishes, onions, garlic and spinach.

Cooling exercises

Swimming is a healthy and wonderful exercise for summer – it’s not only cooling and soothing for the body but also helps in toning and strengthening body muscles. Morning walks in the park and evening strolls are both relaxing for the body and mind during this season. Also, in Ayurveda, Shitli Pranayama is recommended for instilling coolness, brightness and peacefulness in the body and mind

Cooling lifestyle

Stress and overwork aggravates the symptoms and overheating effects of summer. Working on deadline-oriented activities, lack of time for oneself, work pressure, and long commutes are more stressful during the heat of summer. You should plan out your work and learn some time management tips to complete your tasks on time, so that you can spend enough time with your family and friends. Learn to balance work with leisure. Enjoy fun and leisurely activities in weekends and take some time to enjoy and appreciate life. Plan a vacation to a cool and serene hill station. Devote some time to meditation to relax your mind and keep stress at bay.

Protect yourself from the sun

Lastly, you should protect yourself from the sun and refrain from outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day. To protect yourself from sunburns use a good sunscreen. Use Cucumber Water to hydrate the skin and experience a cooling effect when you face the scorching heat of summer.

Eat juicy fruits such as melons and pear or drink a glass of lemon water to keep your body cool from within. Remember to drink lots of water to keep your body adequately rehydrated. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

According to Ayurveda, summer is considered to be a pitta predominant season where the energetic principles of fire and water are the strongest. Pitta dosha is driven and aggravated by solar force. Ayurveda considers this a time of dehydration that occur both inside and outside the body. Following Ayurvedic principles based on pitta pacification measures to balance what is predominant in the environment during summer will help you to enjoy this season in the best of health and spirit. Hence, stay cool by following the above top six tips from discover.

- See more at: http://www.discoverityourself.com/top-six-ways-to-stay-cool-this-summer/#sthash.bagPrPaz.dpuf

Kontextmaschine's Guide to Repressing Memories

So one bit of social technology we’ve regressed on lately is repressing memories. Which is a shame, because it’s a great way to elide social tensions or contradictions, often a lot more efficient than the currently popular approach of attempting to rejigger everything to eliminate them, breaking important shit in the process.

(I guess the metaphor would be industrial lubrication, where the problem of metal parts rubbing against each other and causing heat and damage isn’t resolved by separating the parts - whose contact is often the functional part of the mechanism - but by enabling the opposing forces to slide right off instead of accumulating, improving durability.)

And the best part is it requires no external energy source and creates no waste - when you die, as you inevitably will, it all decays to nothing.

(Okay, if you believe the Freudians, it gives rise to weird quirks, fetishes, paraphilias, and psychosomatic afflictions. But come ON, it’s 2015, this is tumblr, “weird quirks, fetishes, paraphilias, and psychosomatic afflictions” are in.)

But why curse the darkness when you can light a candle? So, here, let me share with you an excellent trick for repression I stumbled into when I was a kid.

The way it works is like this: humans can only maintain a limited number of mental “threads” at one time, usually around 7-8. So, when your painful memory intrudes from nowhere, immediately start shoving things into that stack until it’s full and new entries pop the old one out.

And these don’t have to be complex things, I remember some of my go-tos were the silhouette of the state of Kentucky, rainbows, and the number 7. Not anything about rainbows or the number 7, just the fact of them.

By doing that right quick you could clear your short-term memory before it had a chance to “set” in long-term memory, and keep from making associations to other concepts that could trigger further uninvited recollections.

Now, if that were all, it would still be a decent trick, but there’s more. I noticed that as I neared the limit of entries in the stack, they became… abstracted. If we’re carrying through with the computing metaphor, maybe my mind was doing some sort of compression or memory swapping to try to stretch capacity. In effect, it got to a point where as long as I maintained this balance I could examine the painful memory as if it were sealed in a cube of lucite. Reflect on it, rotate it to view from various angles, intellectualize about it, without actually feeling anything about it.

From what I understand, this is close to the concept of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD, where you can rationalize through your trauma under the protection of an impenetrable shield of chemical love. Anyway, totally worked 100%. Every time one of those memories came up I’d lock it down, sand a bit of it off, and toss it back into the void. After enough cycles it’d be either polished to nothingness, or by then so distant from where I was “at” to permanently dismiss as irrelevant. At this point I can look back on the stuff I used to shudder at and just laugh, or at least shake my head.

I mean I suppose it’s possible that some memories are too strong, I didn’t actually resolve all my issues and still have some dark secrets buried so deep I’m consciously unaware of them. But that’s still not an argument against efficacy, is it?

Documenting Emotions


So when I thought of how intangible emotions are I asked myself how I could document them in physical form?

I thought it was interesting how when you’re angry, your body temperature rises and when you’re depressed you’re body temperature drops. So I want to explore this aspect by documenting these emotions into colour schemes. It is with this experimentation that I hope to determine another form of documentation that makes something intangible physical. I also want to develop a more enhanced method of documentation that goes beyond aesthetics and relies on the audiences own interpretation.


In this experiment, I was testing different types of paper I had and which one worked better with watercolour. With the heavy weight sketch paper the watercolour wasn’t really absorbing into the paper. Next the watercolour paper didn’t seem to work well with the watercolour either which probably meant it wasn’t proper watercolour paper. The cartridge paper actually absorbed better than the others which is why I’ll use it for my other experiments.


My second experiment involved washing the paper with water first then using a watercolour pencil to draw circles with differing radiuses to reflect different emotions. I thought this method worked better because the colours looked more vivid and I could differentiate the circles depending on which colour was more dominant in the heat graphs.


I tried to use a variety of patterns to reflect the different emotions for example in the first one, I used more lines for the more dominant colours in the heat graphs. I also did it in order of the colours in the graph from head to toe.

In summary, the papers I used were not as absorbent as I had hoped so I will need to purchase new watercolour paper. I also liked the method of recording the different emotions better in experiment two as it’s more punchy. Moreover, in my final work I plan to not label each emotion as I want to see how people will react to each colour scheme and to see if it evokes the emotion represented.

she lays in the garden bed
when the gnomes are being too noisy
she eats the sun flowers stems
and prays to her trees

you roaring rising
and falling
globe of fire and heat
won’t you cast out my shadow
behind my discovering feet
for I’m craving
a shade
and a single shade
is all I would ever need

do you see she is
decaying like her flowers in
the fall
but it is springtime,
my love
she is not blooming
with the world
her weary eyes rest
against the window pane
her garden will flourish
no more

now the birds have
been calling
to their children
but no eager bird will be
returning tonight
it is late evening
and mother bird has already
realized her lucky loss

it has been clicking
like oceans tongue on the roof
of a wave
and she smiles back
at me like in some dream
it’s too fake
to be feeling this way
for I know my real eyes
are resting away

a pool of pointless
and I’m in the ferris wheel
spiraling off to
nothing nowhere
but I feel
the clouds separate
to unfold the natural gaze
of such a blue view
up to the moon

and she is laughing now
as the TV starts
to fade
the bath is so nice
and warm
this noontime day
in through this mirror
and all around this room
she has made
her nest
and is sleeping alone nude

her dry garden hums to her
while she releases her
final breath

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Aomine grabbed Fei's hand and pulled him along. "You've probably never been on a date which didn't require spending hundreds of money on. So today I'm gonna show you what a normal date is for people like me."


    “– Wai.. What are you doing..?” Fei Long stumbled after the younger when being pulled along with him. He was utterly confused at first but once Aomine explained his plan, rather bluntly and using his typical harsh way to put it, male understood what was going on and felt the heat rising up on his cheeks. To be honest, Fei had never been on a proper date. They were all that kind of dates that he could never imagine to be his ideal ones. They hadn’t been on a good date with Aomine either, so this might be it. 

“A-A date?” Chinese stuttered a bit, he had to swallow before opening his mouth and yet he couldn’t get his voice work correclty. His heart fluttered at the thought of spending time with Aomine that could be considered as a date afterwards. Hidden romantic inside the baishe took over as he caught up walking beside the other and slowly pressed himself on the bluenette’s side as they were walking. 

(starter for dementedspeedster)

They’d been having a family dinner when the call from the precinct arrived. Apparently the Rogues were in the midst of attempting to rob the casino. Again. Bart looked longingly at the triple chocolate fudge cake that Joan had made and sighed. “We still have time for dessert, right?” He asked hopefully, looking to Barry with a pleading expression.

“I don’t think so, Bart.” His grandfather replied, his face equally regretful. “It’s Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, and Boomerang. We’d better move out.” He said, rising to his feet and pressing the insignia on his ring to release his costume.

“I’ll come with you.” Jay offered, beginning to get up, but Barry stopped him. “It’s alright, Jay. You’re retired, remember? The twins and I can handle this one.” He said, to which there was a sudden whoop of excitement from across the table.

“Finally!” Irey exclaimed, jumping to her feet and punching a fist in the air. “Let’s go kick some bad-guy butt!” She shouted joyfully.

“Nice try, but I don’t think so.” Wally chuckled, appearing behind her from where he’d been doing dishes in the kitchen and putting his hands on her shoulders. “We all know which twins Uncle Barry meant.” He said, and Irey plopped back down into her chair, pouting at Bart and Thad across the table. Jai followed suit, crossing his arms across his chest. Bart shrugged helplessly, giving them both a lopsided grin. “Sorry! You gotta be at least four feet tall to fight the Rogues. It’s the Flash-family rules.” He teased. Irey stuck her tongue out at him.

“It is not!” She sneered.

“Is too!”

“Is not!

Is too!”

“Bart!” Barry scolded lightly, “C’mon, suit up. You too, Thad. Let’s get moving.” He himself was already dressed in his uniform, pulling the cowl down over his face and turning to Wally and the kids. “Maybe next time, kids. But look on the bright side- you get to stay here and eat Joan’s famous chocolate cake.” He smiled, earning another groan from Bart. That seemed to cheer Irey and Jai up considerably. Still, Bart did as he was told, tapping the clasp on his own ring and changing in a blur of yellow and red.

“Sure you don’t need back up?” Wally was asking, swiping another roll off the table and looking questioningly at Barry before taking a bite.

“Thanks, Wally.” Barry said earnestly, “But I think three speedsters should be enough for this one. We’ll call you if we need you.” Wally simply nodded, sitting down in his chair next to Linda. 

“I’ll be right here.” He said, putting one arm around his wife’s shoulders and waving at the trio of suited-speedsters with the other. “Bon voyage!”

“Just be careful, you three.” Iris said, giving Barry a quick kiss and turning to wrap her grandsons in a tight hug. “I’ll make sure there’s still some cake left for you when you get back.” She whispered to both of them, and Bart smiled happily, kissing her cheek swiftly before releasing her and punching Thad lightly on the shoulder.

“Alright!” He smirked, lowering his goggles over his eyes and snapping the band against the back of his head. “Let’s go do what we do best.”

Mobile Games to Keep You Cool
When the heat is on, cool off with local apps

Soon, full-grown adults will be dressing like toddlers and praying that the air-conditioner gods don’t abandon them. Simply walking around town, a need for respite from the UV bombardment often arises to keep your personal sweat index from rising past “sexy sheen” and going into “damp mop” territory. In those instances you find the nearest venue with AC – be it a bakery, library, restaurant, bar, or, heaven forbid, Starbucks – you sit down to nurse a beverage and try to keep your thighs from sticking to your chair. 

But now what? Your brain is too fried to compose a pithy tweet about your predicament, and establishments tend to frown upon napping.

What you need is a mobile distraction that doesn’t require too much brain power, some mindless fun. Here are a few local options that are simple, quick-play, and just addictive enough to help while away the hours spent recapturing your cool.

Check out the full article for our list of games for your phone/tablet that will keep that noodle going through the summer months!  

2 Hands - 2 Spirits - Part 6

For a moment Izzy seemed desperate again. She was so much in need of Victoria. She didn’t want to discuss. Not now.
Sorrow, nervous tension monopolized Hartley’s body so that she couldn’t refrain from her spirited and so strong desire she had for her companion.

“Love, please… not now.. please. I need you so! I want you.. I want to feel you.. I want to taste you.. I want to love you.. ” she whispered in her ear while kissing in the neck with lips full of desire.

Victoria could not regain control. Neither of her mind and even less of her body. She wanted to let herself go. Her own desire grew progressively when Izzy raised the palms of her hands along her body. She felt the warmth of her fingers to the point that all her nerve endings began to rise in an incredible heat.

“Izzy Hartley … what are you doing to me !! You make me lose my head … completely!” tried to say Vic through a few breaths increasingly jerky.

“I have to … really … I have to tell you,” the young woman tried again, but Izzy did not hear in the same way. She did not want that Victoria speaks, anyway … she only wanted to still hear the sound of her shortness of breath, or some gnashing of pleasures.

And that’s what took place! Iz placed her hand under the nape of Vic to better keep her well under control. Her lips pressed strongly along the neck and down now toward the offered chest of her partner. This gesture filled Vic with such a desire that was more and more difficult to control …

“I think … … I’ll let you finish … eventually … because … I have no courage to reject you … .. nor the desire. Oh Iz. .. "she said in a last attempt to exchange.

"Tell me you love me Vic … tell me how much you love me. That’s all I need to know, right now,” said the young woman by looking Vic with tenebrous eyes. Vic felt like struck down by the gaze of her companion. Tetanized, her only response was to kiss her deeply, with this kind of kiss made by a mix of velvet for its sweetness and at the same time by fire for its intensity.

“Was this answer sufficient, or should I make you experience the power of my love for you” said the Agent Hand.

“Do not stop my love. Absolutely not! You can not imagine how much I want you … how I want to fulfill all your desires.” Hartley said.

At these words, Victoria put her hands on the back of Izzy to press harder against her fiery body. The lips, as the tongue of Iz went through every centimeter of Vic’s skin who was losing control of time and space.

This one let out a few sounds of pleasure while Izzy began to caress what her lover offered her as the most intimate part of her body. Each caress of Iz was followed by an even more feverish kiss, which made Victoria mad with desire.

While Agent Hand felt the body of her partner undulating at her, both jumped at the sound of a ringtone which rang again. 

This time, it was the sounding of the front door.

To be continued….

                                         She didn’t even notice when she died anymore.
                                         Everything just kind of went black before a huge
                                         flash of heat overcame her. It only lasted a second
                                         she started rising out of the ashes. The world came
                                         into view and her vision focused. Hands instantly
                                                                flew up to her chest.
                                                                             "Well isn’t anyone going to get me a cloak?“