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one time my bf fingered me in the living room during a sleep over when my parents were in the next room :^)

im scared to know if bf stands for “boyfriend” or “bestfriend”…

i have no inspiration, school is out and i need practice so im going to do another one of those reblog for art things. the doodles will look like this vvv

doing the first 300 . make sure your submit box is open. 

ps. check out my blog + look at my other art + be my friend pls !!!

When I look back at Book 4 I can’t help but get angry at all the time they wasted focusing on Wu. Sometimes I feel like I know Wu better than the main Krew members and thats pretty sad. 

Reblog if your muslim parents let you out and allow you to go home at anytime.

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why did you make that post a read more, trying to hide pilars homophobia? because thats exactly what she meant stop making excuses for your faves.

? because im not sure what she meant and i don’t want to make that kind of a statement about someone when im not sure if she meant it that way, especially when everyone in this tag is waiting for her to fuck up…relax perhaps

Why am I even having a breakdown rn this is dumb
There’s literally nothing to cry about

so i woke up with no pants on

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