I can’t decide if it’s amazing or pathetic that I wake up most mornings and think: “Today, I want to be someone Misha Collins would be proud of.”

Aladdin Zayn and Prince Charming Liam -

Just your typical Disney face characters in their down time. Inspired by dickmedownlarry‘s anecdote. (if someone actually wrote a Disney Ziam fic let me know, haha…I’d love to read it).


cool things to do when you’re home alone: spontaneously dress up like you’re from the 50s and proceed to take a million ridiculous photos in the crappiests webcam quality available

Do I hear the sounds of my reputation as a man not to be trifled with rising? Or perhaps just a foolish boy crying because he made the mistake of underestimating the wrong gentleman? Either way, what a symphony!

lady-bane asked:

I love this blog so much! I'm a Sims custom content creator and I'm trying to make as many Sailor Moon characters as I can, so having a database devoted to costumes/accessories is SO helpful! Plus, I love all of your shipping posts. Dramatic lesbians 5-ever! <3

That’s great to hear! I’m always glad when my blog is helping someone and not just taking up cyber space. 

Those fucking drama queens <3

I know I say this a lot and I’m sure you all don’t believe me

But Soul and Maka have seriously fucked me up

I watched and read Soul Eater and my life has never been the same, I promise you

  • [writes a 5 page paper in high school]:mediocre bullshit
  • [writes a 5 page paper in college]:professional bullshit

Gentle touches. Feathers across bruises, breaths against sore muscles. Everything ached. A fallen creature in shadowed battle. She wasn’t used to it. She despaired — he taught her daggers and she wanted to impress, show her elf how she had learned from his training. Daggers slicing, arrows flying. She had fallen but he picked up the pieces, finished her battle for her. Embarrassment. 
                                                                           Mages are not meant for this. She cries.
                                       A soft coo comforts, lips against an arched neck silences. Mi amor

i know that bellamy and clarke bring the best in each other as leaders but really now i want them to learn to lead on their own and just to come to need each other because they chose to, as persons they know they can count on no matter what, instead of the person that would support a leadership decision ..


made some friends today. jenny was ok. peter, on the other hand, didn’t seem impressed. 

hey guys - remember last year’s saga of little bird?


baby birds are on the way!