I am not one to talk much about myself, it’s just the way I am, but I need to just let out my feelings because the depth of emotion just sitting under my skin is so strong.  Hell, tears sprang to my eyes when I saw Tom’s beautiful new picture. I should have been happy and excited, but it made me weep.

I feel for you emoryhemsworth, and you too lokis-ice-queen  because I too am overwhelmed with sadness today.  I realized on my drive home from work today when I could feel it begin to course through my body that I have accomplished a whole lot of nothing in my life other than being a mother.  I have worked my ass off for over 40 years and barely have anything to show for it because of the asshole I live with. 

I don’t want to be married any more, I love the guy I think, but I am not in love with him as the old cliche goes.  He hasn’t a fucking clue what love really is and more times than not, it is all about him. 

I would rather live in a run down two room apartment by myself for the rest of my life than live the farce I am living now.  

Like Vivian from “Pretty Woman”, I wanted the fairy tale and kept hoping it would happen, but it never did and all I got was whatever the opposite of that is.

I am sorry for sharing crap really I am, but I had to write it out and hopefully get some of it out of me.

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bethgreenesgirlgang asked:

The green Frankenstein thing put me in SUCH a beth positive mood this morning I was grinning like a maniac on the way to class. It has to happen. It's going to happen. It has yo

Right?! :D

It’s hilarious, because my friend rontheronin watched Coda with me (he only ever watched season 2), and he was like, “Niah, why the hell does Beth look like the bride of Frankenstein?” I nearly died laughing when I saw the pictures! It’s like my friend was prophetic or something! xD

I swear to bob, this can’t all be coincidence!!! Something’s gotta give! :)

missenchantment asked:

Oh my Gawd! That troll is saying you are ugly? That balloon faced hippo? Oh my Gawd I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I saw her picture. How on earth does she even qualify as human? Looks like a Macy's Day Parade float. She's NASTY........


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you aren't alone when you think that about his hair babe, when I first saw the new pictures it made me smile from ear to ear and I'm pretty sure I'm still blushing. He just looks SO good! and it's for a good cause .. the glasses though .. they are what do me in I just LOVE when he wears glasses :3

I swear to GOD I HAVE GONE STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN because just when the drought was starting we get this gorgeous little bomb dropped on us






For the anon

I’m so over them and the drama surrounding them tbh. It’s been going on way too long. I’m not a Gilinsky girl so I don’t give two shits about who he dates, I just don’t understand why he’s w/ her of all ppl. I’ve never liked her. From the very beginning of her career (if you could even call it that) I thought she seemed sketchy. But hey, what do I know?

And about the picture…I laughed when I saw it. Mostly bc of that panda bullshit. Wtf is that even about?! He doesn’t seem like that type of guy to call his gf ‘panda’ lol… It might just be me but pet names like that seem very middle schooler/under classmen like. But then again Madison did just turn 16 today so… And I’m not one to care about age differences when it comes to relationships but when one’s still a sophomore in HS and one has been out of HS for almost a year and could be finishing his first year of college well that’s just ugh idk. I could go on and on about this but I’d rather not. It’s not gonna last long anyway…but whatever keeps his dick hard for the time being, right?

Props to Johnson though for all his hard work on trying to keep the fanbase happy! I see you! Love ya bby 😘👏

okay so I was just scrolling through facebook when I saw a nice picture of a girl I used to know from high school. it was of her college class.

now at first I was like aww cute but no theres a boy in that picture and woooow like I honestly don’t find people around me that attractive, dans probably my only “crush” but oh my lord. I don’t even know the boy… im in love with a pho-to


“Harry liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn’t the same as

Ron. There was much less laughter, and a lot more hanging around in

the library when Hermione was your best friend.”