Tsunemori Akane… There is no doubt that the way you’re living is correct. Don’t lose sight of that just because I betrayed you. I selfishly choose a different path solely in order to get my own way. I’m aware that this is a mistake. But I know I can only come to terms with my old self by taking the wrong path. I won’t say… forgive me.

troubleiwant replied to your post “Mandi’s drunk prompts”

Haha, is it too easy to say “drunk dialing” for a prompt? If not, “Drunk dialing” :)

EASY IS PERFECT I’m kinda sorta tipsy not quite drunk but tipsy so like here we go. prepare for a lot of typos so like you can tell exactly where the alcohol started to hit me. you’re welcome


Stiles carelessly rubs his eyes much like a sleepy toddler. But he’s like 21. So not a toddler. Totally legal.

and if you’re talking to Derek, make sure to mention he’s very legal.

OH DEREK! he should totally call Derek. Derek’s like his best friend.

“Hey!” Scott protests. “I’m your best friend.”

“But he doesn’t wanna fuck you,” Erica tacks on lightly because she takes everything lightly.

Lydia quickly (maybe it’s quick or maybe it’s slow. To stiles it was like hella fast. Like it could speed lightening. “I swear to god, Stiles, if you sing Grease one more time I will kill you.”) reaches over and takes Stiles’ phone. “No Grease. No drunk dialing Derek.”

Stiles whines. Full on whines. Doesn’t even hesitate to admit he was whining. Eh, he can deny it in the morning. “But I  love him, Lydia.” He takes a deep breath and can see the warning in Lydia’s eyes, but ignores it and instead belts, “HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOUUUUU.” Scott harmonizes with him because Scott is a bro. The broest of bros you could say.

“I love you, man,” Stiles says wetly, kissing his best friend on the cheek.

Scott blushes and ducks his head. “I love you too, man.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Fili offering to "teach" Ori swordplay as a ploy to spend time together and put the moves on him. Kili laughing his ass off at his bro's attempts at flirting. Ori was long gone on the prince. Thorin interrupts their first kiss ever

Oh.  Oh dear, no.

Let me forward this to some of the Fili/Ori shippers of the world, though!

But actually, Fili or Kili with anyone else is my biggest squick, so…

Not for me.


xwynn asked:

Oh prompts I can get behind. What about soma: "you look like a dried up grape'

Tbh idk what this is. An agent/spy AU, I guess? I kinda got into it, so I might turn it into a big thing later on, who knows.

Sometimes, he really starts to question his profession and what led him to where he was today. How many wrong or right decisions has he made to land him here? Did he do something in a past life to warrant his position in his current one? Something so horrible(ly amazing) that it would land him the most stubborn partner in their entire sector?

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Maaaan theres so much I’d like to be doing right now. making more gifs, reading fanfiction, even job hunting, but i’m so tired.

Earlier today I was told that I’m like the captain of the Eriol/Tomoyo ship, and well

Tagged by backwards-in-heels. First ten songs on shuffle.

  1. Gone Gone, Gone- Phillip Phillips (Thinking of my OTPs)
  2. Somebody Like You- Adele (Crying over all my OTPS every one of my non-canon OTPS)
  3. Nothing- The Script (I remember listening to this song like crazy a year or two ago whenever I had a bad day)
  4. Apologize- OneRepublic (I’m totally not thinking about Hidden Secrets right now, nope!)
  5. Rumplestiltskin in Love- Mark Isham, Once Upon a Time (Balls, now I’m thinking about the thing that will happen before the curse breaks in Once Upon a SHIELD. I’m not crying, I’m not crying…)
  6. Sk8er Boi- Avril Lavigne.
  7. Henry’s Proposal- Mark Isham, Once Upon a Time
  8. If You Ever Come Back- The Script 
  9. She Looks So Perfect- 5 Seconds of Summer 
  10. Rumour Has It- Adele

Sooo I’m gonna tag i-wike-it-alot, snnowfrostt, and lifeofashipaholic, and really anyone who wants to do this.


“I’ll fight their doubt and give you FAITH…

                                                                        …with this song for YOU”

ALL OF MY SLASH OTPS IN ONE THING, AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! To summerise: Clint and Pietro = BABES, America and Kate = So fucking close to being canon….. Billy and Teddy: TOGETHER FOREVER AND FOREVER TOGETHER!!!! and Anne and Mary: The pirate OTP I never knew I needed, plus when I was looking for the artists I SWEAR there was a significent lack of fanart of these two when I started making this thing. Looks like there’s been a boom in Mary/Anne shippers or I didn’t look hard enough xD

= Hawksilver

= Amerikate

= Wickling

= Anne/Mary

If you see any uncredited/wrongly credited fan art please message me so I can link your tumblr/dA/whatever :D

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Top 5 wincest and j2 moments?

oh godddddddd this is going to be so hard


  1. the end of season 9 when sam is cradling dean’s face as he dies like that whole scene from “i’m proud of us” to sam saying “wake up buddy” and sobbing as he holds dean’s body like … wow i love it.
  2. idk if this counts but in “bad boys” when young!dean looks out the window and sees young!sam yeah that whole bit made me want to die.
  3. the entire end to swan song obvs like how can that not be a favorite.
  4. “you’re my big brother, there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for you” SOB
  5. their reunion hug after sam gets his soul back because of the look on dean’s face and the look on sam’s its literally the greatest thing ever.

j2 (this one might be harder than wincest jfc)

  1. in the gag reel (s8 i think?) when jensen is cracking up so bad on camera and can’t get himself together because jared is being ridiculous off camera and jensen is just like “i can’t, if you could just see his face”
  2. i’m counting all of the times that jensen has jumped into jared’s arms as one moment omg
  3. “thank you brother, thank you” - jensen to jared at the spn200 party and then jared’s “love you man” and HUG
  4. can all of jared’s wedding photos with jensen count as one moment? welp
  5. OH GOD the picture jensen tweeted of them sitting in the impala after they finished the 200th episode and using the phrase “where we belong”

i could literally go on and on and on with j2 moments omg

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where does your url come from? :)

My current one? If so, I’m happy you asked this question! :) 

It has everything to do with my otp of all otps klaus and caroline!
So a while ago I made a gifset of klaroline + tropes and one of their tropes was “maybe ever after”.

 A while after I made that, I changed my blog description to “…maybe ever after.” & a few days ago i changed my url to “maybeverafter” from niklausxcaroline! (that was a hard decision to make tbh bc i loved my previous one a lot). You can read what “Maybe ever after” means here. IDK but that meaning for klaroline just stuck with me and love it.

BUT ALSO when i saw what melissa (goldcaught) said in her tags about it, it made me love it as a meaning for them!  #maybe ever after spelling out the most fulfilling and absolutely positively assured e n d g a  m e in town. TRUEEE. bless melissa and her tags though!!! 

SO YEAH. that’s where my url comes from! haha. Thanks for asking bb!

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hi can we talk about livecastershipping fluff headcannons


  • Rosa knows. Curtis is a giant dork and is very bad at being inconspicuous. 
  • Ferriswheel dates. ALL THE TIME.
  • Hot makeouts in the ferriswheel  ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°)
  • Curtis sometimes acts in movies with Rosa and tries really hard to disguise his voice and everyone is like “wtf are u doing bro” and Rosa just pretends to not know b/c she wants to wait for him to tell her
  • When he finally does he makes a huge deal about it and she just like puts her hands on his shoulders and is like “i know u giant dork u are so dumb and i love you”
  • Curtis can’t believe that Rosa knew, he thought he was being so stealthy and then Nacy is like “oh my god u are so unbelievable”
  • When Nancy first met Rosa she was like “oh ur curtis’ girlfriend right?” and rosa was like “yes but he thinks i dont know the thing” and Nancy was like “he is really dumb sometimes” and then they bonded over how dumb Curtis can be.

i love this ship so much it is so great i love it and i am sCREAMIng it is my desktop background

also look i made these things a while ago:

anonymous asked:

Heyy I would like to ask about your ships and OTPs, cause I`m curious. Happy birthday btw :)

First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE ILU *hugs*

Honey you shouldn’t have asked a multishipper about her ships because I have like ten thousand ships and I will bore you to death :D

I think I have said this before but I ship practically everything and nothing as well. I love almost every ship however I don’t put shipping above the story and the characters themselves.

I basically ship everything that moves in this fandom with only a few exceptions so it will be hard to list all but I will try. I wil italicize the ones which I ship actively.


  • Natsu x Lucy x Erza x Gray poly because I just ship everybody with everybody in original Team Natsu and this would be the perfect OT4 and imagine the mind-blowing sex these four would have together holy shit and I can’t wait for Team Natsu Week (when is it again?) 

And then there are my OTPs:

  • Gratsu
  • Nalu
  • Gruvia (although it is starting to lose its status because of some people in the fandom) 
  • Jerza

My almost OTPs: 

  • Graytear
  • Grana
  • Nali
  • Graylu
  • Grayza
  • Stingue?? (kind of, not so sure which group this ship belongs to)
  • StingYu, Rogue x Minerva, Stinerva, Rokino and basically TEAM SABERTOOTH POLY BECAUSE HOLY CRAP
  • Gryon/ Lyoray

Other ships:

  • Mirafreed
  • Fraxus
  • Laxana
  • Lyvia
  • RoWen
  • Gajevy (kiiiind of… I am not a huge fan of Levy anymore, however I am starting to like her again)
  • Cana x Loke
  • Cana x Hibiki
  • Elfgreen
  • Panterlily x Shagotte (of course)
  • Cana x Lucy
  • Erlu
  • Mystwalker
  • Ren and Sherry
  • Makarov x Porlyusica (yes)

CRACK! Ships: 

  • Lyon x Kagura
  • Dobenkey
  • SilvUr (holy shit yes, my favourite! Kind of like a CrackTP)
  • not so sure about this but maybe Lyredy too
  • Lyon x Ultear
  • Toby x Milliana
  • Gray x Sugarboy, Gray x Cancer, Gray x  Master Bob
  • Rogue x Ichiya

And if you were wondering, here are the ships I don’t like: (but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect them and its shippers!)

  • Baccana
  • LoLu
  • Lories
  • Bixanna
  • Chendy

Also some nice OT3s:

  • Natsu x Lucy x Gray
  • Gray x Cana x Loke (more of a BROT3 but whatever)
  • Natsu x Lucy x Lisanna
  • Gruvion
  • Natsu x Erza x Gray  (bc there was more than just bathing there  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Lyon x Ultear x Gray

Conclusion, Gray is the ultimate man-whore of Fairy Tail.

ota-coolnyan asked:

Pop'n Music?

(Send Me a Fandom! Post)

M/F OTP: Earlier I would’ve said Timer/Nyami (jUST LOOK AT TIMER WHEN HE’S AROUND HER) but while looking for references for Poet I found THIS:

also there’s CLEAR evidence of the first one:

M/M OTP: Oh man I don’t really have one but I remember when I was a hardcore shipper of Yuli/Ash….so yea there’s my answer for that.
F/F OTP: MIMI/NYAMI 1000%. They’re NOT related, so it’s viable in my book. I don’t think I have to say much about this one.

(My all-time favorites have their animation, with my other favorites in their icons.)
Fav Female:

Other faves:

Fav Male:

Other faves:

Least Fav Female:

I couldn’t find an icon for her

*I don’t like any of the songs she’s in*
Least Fav Male:

*same goes for this one*

Why I joined the fandom: When I was in fifth grade there was a Pop’n Music arcade system in the nearby mall, and I just now got back into it after I was able to buy some of the console releases. Also, the game is addicting. :)