“There is always hope.”

I tried making a colour palette for once. There are so many things I should have done today instead of this oops T7T 


Luhan holding Sehun very very close (¬‿¬) 


there’s a hole in my soul
i can’t fill it, i can’t fill it


au | scott and stiles as co-pilots


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 38


I always wanted to see TOP’s face when he hugged GD for this high high performance… no wonder gd is all giddy that time..


Aaand THE MOST RANDOM late night doodle happened again!

(but could be an excuse to draw my favorite characters anyways)


“This isn’t your typically broad, wacky cartoon - like a sitcom, our humor grows out of questions about loyalty, responsibility, crushes, and issues that kids will be able to reflect upon and know that they’re not alone out there.”

- Doug Langdale (’The Weekenders’ creator, exec. producer, writer, story-editor and dialogue director)

“‘The Weekenders’ has humor, heart, and great characters, and we are delighted to add it to our schedule. The series really captures the essence of adolescence with a truly humorous, heartfelt approach.”

- Barry Blumberg (Walt Disney Television Animation executive vice president, 2000)


“Lori, you don’t need to thank me for that. ”


given that the angular frequency ω between propagating waves R(t) and S(t) is the same, it can be derived from f that the two waves are on the same wavelength λ, so to speak. the occasional points of intersection (P.O.I.) can then be derived in terms of k instances.

however, a slight modification in the behaviour of one or both the waves, by modifying the phase shift φ, can serve to map both waves directly along the same path.

( now part of a series )

I think I’m going to approach this 30 day octp challenge like I did with the other meme thing and just do however many I want when I feel like it because I’m a hedonistic bastard \(.__.)/


One year of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

You are so human.

Gave the doodles a colored coating.

Poses were borrowed from these pictures but for the life of me I have never been able to find the original artist or the post that I found them in from over a year ago.