About Celostrasz
Basic Statistics

Name: His elven alias is Celos Emberheart, but his Draconic name is Celostrasz.
Age: (NOT BORN YET BUT HEY NOW) Whelpling 
Class: Ranger
Current Residence: Lunastrasza’s estate. 
Occupation: Initiate of the Farstriders.
Birth order: Last born of twins. 
Siblings: Veritastrasz.
Parents: Lunastrasza and Lystrasz
Grandparents: AlexstraszaYisariachRostraszaMarostrasz.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’8” 
Weight: 159 lbs. 
Race: Eternal dragon/Sin’dorei
Eyes: Gold, like his mother’s. 
Hair: Silvery blonde, kept in a topknot away from his face. 
Glasses or contact lenses? Neither, he’s always had good eyesight.
Skin color: White, fair. 
Shape of Face: Oval.
How does he/she dress? He dresses himself in whites and golds, taking after his mother. He does don a crimson cloak, and brown leather boots. When on the battlefield he will wear faux white dragonscale armor with a cowl, brown leather shoulderguards, and leather gauntlets.
Mannerisms: He is quite boisterous and can be quite ill mannered. 
Health: He gets ill easily, having a weak immune system.
Hobbies: Hunting, pestering his older brother, listening to his mother read to him, pulling pranks on his sisters.
Greatest flaw: He can almost never be serious.
Best quality: He has a big heart and cares deeply for others.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes 

Educational Background: Was taught how to shoot by his mother, and was educated in the ways of the Light (the bare basics) by his father.
Any Mental Illnesses? No.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? He thinks that everyone sees him for who he is: a jokester.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? He’s more so ruled by emotion. He tends to not look before he leaps.

Emotional Characteristics

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
What does the character want out of life? To make his parents proud of him and to ascend to a high rank in the Farstriders. 
What motivates this character? The thought of being seen by everyone as a hero. 
Is the character generous or stingy? Generous

Spiritual Characteristics

What are the character’s spiritual beliefs? The Light
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character’s life? Yes. He is fully aware the Light is a major part in his flight’s being. 

Faceclaim: Harry Lloyd (adult)


Basic Statistics

Name: Veritan Emberheart is his elven alias. His Draconic name is Veritastrasz. 
Age: (technically he isnt even born yet but yoloswag) Whelpling 
Class: Paladin
Current Residence: Lunastrasza’s estate. 
Occupation: Apprentice healer. 
Birth order: First born of twins. 
Siblings: Celostrasz 
Parents: Lunastrasza and Lystrasz
Grandparents: Alexstrasza, Yisariach, Rostrasza, Marostrasz.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’9” (let me explain my reasoning. in my experience with WoW, I have seen whelplings take on the form of teenaged/adult mortal guises. examples of this are wrathion, alurmi, and others.) 
Weight: 155 lbs. 
Race: Eternal dragon/Sin’dorei
Eyes: Emerald, is not addicted to fel, as he is not a true blood elf. Almond, deep set eyes. Thick, arched eyebrows. 
Hair: Platinum blond, very thick, naturally wavy. Often keeps it tied in a low ponytail. 
Glasses or contact lenses? Wears thin glasses which sit low on his nose. Mainly just wears these for looks, he thinks they’re cute.
Skin color: White, fair. 
Shape of Face: Diamond/heart
How does he/she dress? In a casual setting, he will wear a long-sleeved white tunic, dark gray pants, and brown boots. While working, at special events, or battle-healing, he will wear dark plated armor trimmed with gold, and keep a runed black dragonscale sword that is held in his belt, always holding a book of healing spells and prayers.
Mannerisms: Incredibly polite. He’s more of the silent type and prefers to go unnoticed. 
Health: In good condition. 
Hobbies: Reading, training, traveling, and bonding with his large family. 
Greatest flaw: He has a hard time speaking up for himself.
Best quality: Being quiet allows him to be observant, which has sharpened his people-reading senses. 

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes 

Educational Background:Tought by his mother and father alike, as well as having attended classes for various things you might think a paladin would need to learn for basics. 
Any Mental Illnesses? No.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? It’s not likely that Veritan expects much from people, so probably fairly seclusive and even a bit sheltered. 
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? A combination. He is very indecisive because of it. 

Emotional Characteristics

Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert 
What does the character want out of life? To please his elders and set good examples, but also to make himself proud. 
What motivates this character? The thought of becoming like his mother or father. He some day wishes to be regarded as a noble paladin of the Sunfury, Sunreavers, and of the Wyrmrest Accord. 
Is the character generous or stingy? Generous

Spiritual Characteristics

What are the character’s spiritual beliefs? The Light
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character’s life? Yes. He is fully aware the Light is a major part in his flight’s being. 

The Looking-Glass Self

"Spectre, tell me: what’s it you see when you look at me?"

The whelpling peered down at me from his perch atop the mantelpiece and gave a reptilian squeak in response. "You see me… yes, I get that much, but put a bit more thought in, won’t you? I know I look like, y’know, -me-, but what sort of a man d’you see? What qualities do you think show whenever you give me the ol’ once-over?"

At this, Spectre crawled down from his bedding of wash cloths and other fabric scraps to settle upon the table, his beady amber eyes fixing upon me contemplatively. With a tilt of his head that reminded me of a dog’s show of curiosity, he studied me for several seconds before replying with another set of squeaks and chirrups. Progress; cynicism; among others, his details were simply stated yet held complexity in their unspoken elaboration. It was easy to tell where he got such impressions from, though: progress in the way I’d managed to throw off my antiquated ways thus far, cynicism in the way I viewed most subjects due to constant failures….

I gave him a nod and thanks for his input, to which he beamed up at me before returning to his perch to settle down for the night. He got me thinking, and after a few more seconds of deliberation I made my way under the stairs towards the mirror just above the sink. 

My reflection was clear enough: messy, fading black hair, thin lips, dark bags beneath dull amber eyes, cuts along the neck that led down to longer streaks across the chest…. Working my way down, I took note of the rather patchy-looking skin that had replaced the flesh cut away when I’d severed a bond from the past; the bleached-bone tips that were the ends of my fingers, the products of desperation and an aching heart; the obvious bone structure that lay beneath somewhat atrophied muscles. 

Certainly a far cry from what I once looked like, but it could be much worse.

The longer I stared, the more my mind began to wander and think of what others saw me as. The image in the mirror began to deteriorate as I thought of those who only saw reminders of the Scourge, those that looked upon all undead with disdain. I thought of what Alice might think of me, and the image became muddled, blurred somewhere between the man I once was and the wretched creature I might have been had my mind not been rescued by the Forsaken. The general public came next, with the image shifting to a more disgruntled-looking version of myself, arms folded and with a venomous glare that made me frown. I didn’t come off as so abrasive all the time, did I?

It was certainly food for thought, the fact that I could be quite the curmudgeon when i wanted to, but perhaps I too often left the impression of a surly old man fed up with everything. Something I’d endeavour to change, I thought, before my mind moved to how my friends perceived me. The change in the reflection was subtle, but I could tell what was different fairly quickly: my posture had straightened, the glare had opened up ever so slightly, and the frown I once sported was upturned in a cocky smirk. My shoulders as well seemed a tad more relaxed, though still raised enough to denote some sort of tensity. So often I’d been told to let loose and relax… but every time I’d make an excuse for ever being on edge. They didn’t understand, yet they had a point, and I always failed to keep it in mind.

A minute or so passed as I ruminated on what I saw in the mirror, then I considered what -she- thought of me: my visage in the mirror began to blur about the edges, then became hazy altogether before returning to my normal reflection. At this, I couldn’t help but loft a brow in suspicion. 

It took only a few seconds to realize that I had no clue what Isoldra thought of me. Did it really matter? Of course it mattered, I’d like her to think positively of me. We were involved, after all, and it wouldn’t make sense for us to stick by one another if we thought ill of each other. Still, it got the cogs in my brain spinning as I tried to dredge up any inkling of what she might think of me, what it was that she saw in me that kept her coming back. 

"Food for thought," I murmured to myself before stepping back from the mirror and heading upstairs to read and perhaps take my mind off the thoughts of others. No sense troubling myself with impressions… at least, not with everyone’s impressions of me.

Celestial Tournament, I'm coming for you!

Pic from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/

I can be pretty obsessive. (Shame I can’t be obsessive about eating right and exercising, but that’s for another time!) When I set my mind to something in WoW, I don’t stop until it’s done. It’s how I’ve got 9 max level toons, 4 legendary capes and stupid achievements (and why not having the Proven Healer title is driving me nutes!!). Once I’ve decided I want something, I go get it. Last week it was finishing the legendary cloak quests for my monk (4th toon to have this), and getting exalted with the August Celestials on my priest so that I could learn the Royal Satchel pattern because I have so much transmog on my shaman I’ve run out of bag space. 

This week, it’s the Celestial Tournament. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I’m completely hopeless at pet battles so dismissed it as something I’d never get to do. But the other day my bf was talking about how he was doing it so he could get the little Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen pet for his monk tank and I decided that I needed the Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji pet for my healers. 

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