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The Wheel of Doom!

What an excellent addition to AQW! Yes, there are going to be people who think that this is a waste of money.. But! If you look past that, this is a very good and well thought idea! The fact that they are bringing back past Quibble items worried some players. However, AE knew exactly how to handle it. The loot you get from the Wheel has an added “Doom” to the beginning of the item’s name. 

*Applause to AE for the great idea*

People have asked me how I felt about the past Quibble items becoming available since I own the originals. Well..

It not only gives newer players an opportunity to get such awesome gear, but retains the rarity of the original items that were bought in the past.

Again, if you look past the people saying how much of a scam this is and how it’s a waste of money..
We all know they didn’t get what they wanted and are just salty..

This is one of AE’s best releases!

With that, I conclude my thoughts on the Wheel of Doom!
Good luck to all that are spinning!
Battle on!