It hurts,

It hurts a lot.

And this is why I relate so well to Dipper.

 To me, my twin is everything I’d want to be She’s smart, charming, and kind.  She’s got all the friends and the cool talents, and here I am, with conspiracies and obsessive planning. I would literally do anything for her.

But when she throws that trust out the window, it hurts. When she takes someone else’s side on an argument, when beyond any doubt you’re right. It hurts a lot.

And I feel terrible for wanting this, but I would like Dipper to hold power over a situation, for his planning and preparing to not be in vain and make them think;

they should have been nicer to us.

and they shouldn’t have taken us for granted.


A reproduction (top) and the original (bottom) of the "wheel cipher" that Thomas Jefferson invented to send coded messages while he was Secretary of State. Jefferson abandoned the method in 1802, but it was reinvented immediately prior to World War One and was used by many militaries until the advent of World War II, when the wheel cipher finally became obsolete owing to the rise of devices like the Enigma.

Bill Cipher Wheel Theory

It’s been theorized that Bill is making deals with the characters of Gravity Falls in the order found on the cipher wheel at the end of the title sequence, as he made deals with Gideon and Dipper, and Gideon’s symbol comes before Dipper’s symbol on the wheel. 

See how it goes pentagram then pine tree

But in the journals its referenced that he probably made a deal with the Author.

The Author says in Journal 2 that “This odd, triangular being has appeared in my dreams every night for weeks.”

Creature #326

Kind of like how he appeared in Dipper’s dream shortly before he made a deal with him in Sock Opera.    

Is he watching me?

In Journal 3 the Author wrote the following passage expressing trust in Bill, but later he crosses in out and adds the warning that Bill cannot be trusted.

"Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I’ve ever encountered in my life. What a guy! I honestly can’t trust him more. Not evil in any way, Bill is a true gentleman."

This suggests that the Author, who completely trusted Bill, probably made a deal with him and that deal (obviously) went sour. 

"Can’t Be Trusted!"

Also, the circumstances between the Author’s experience with Bill, and Dipper’s experience with Bill, seem to be eerily similar. Bill watched them without their knowledge, appeared to them in their dreams, gained their trust, and ultimately betrayed that trust. Coincidence…?

Gideon is the first shown to make a deal with Bill, and then Dipper after Gideon. And it seems that the Author made a deal with Bill before that.

Gideon comes before Dipper, but who comes before Gideon on the wheel?

Author, Gideon, Dipper

This further suggests (if not proves) the theory that Bill is making deals with the characters in the order of the Bill Cipher Wheel.

What if the Return of Stan’s Brother is Not a Good Thing?: Part 1- Bill’s Master Plan Theory

After Not What He Seems aired the Gravity Falls fandom is excited that the theory of Stan having a twin brother has turned out to be right.  There is a ton of cute fan art, comics and other works showing him with his grandkids interacting in a positive way.  Why though do I have this sinister thought popping into my head?  Why does the reappearance of Stan’s twin make me nervous rather than happy for Stanford, Dipper and Mabel?

Gravity Falls is Not Full of Puppies, Sunshine and Rainbows

Outside of Mabel’s sweaters the happenings in the town are not good things and aren’t all bright and cheerful.  Even though the Pines Twins and the other characters muddle through in a somewhat positive way its a dangerous place.  

The most dangerous enemy of all, Bill Cipher, is always watching and waiting for sometime to strike.  Alex Hirsch, creator of the show, has even stated that there will be a death in Season 2.

We also know that the countdown on Old Man McGucket’s laptop says that the end of the world is imminent. Stan’s Twin just might be the harbinger of this destruction and also be ‘not what he seems”.

Why do I think this? The mystery wheel and Stan’s and his brother’s reactions to one another.  What do I mean?  

Bill’s Wheel and Its True Meaning

Its been long theorized the symbols on Bill’s Wheel represent the Gravity Falls characters because Bill himself refers to Dipper as Pine Tree, Mabel as Shooting Star and Soos as Question Mark in Dreamscaperers so its reasonable to assume the other symbols represent other Gravity Falls characters. 

While the symbols are the focus often the more important question of why are they on the wheel is ignored. Also, another often over-looked question is are these end cards actually pages in the journal created by the author or just done for us viewers by the show staff? I’ll be tackling all of these questions in a series of three posts, and how they just might point a Master Plan by Bill Cipher.

I’ll go more into detail on what I think his plan might entail later but for now I’ll just simply say this Master Plan is laying the groundwork for the image in that tapestry we saw in Northwest Manor to come true.  Namely, Bill will be in control with humans serving him.

Yes, that’s right this wheel just might mean that he’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes of Gravity Falls more than we know. This wheel just might reflect who he needs to carry out his plan. He’s been slowly gathering all of these people represented on this wheel together in one place, Gravity Falls, in order to carry out his Master Plan.  I’ll be discussing what I think this plan involves in a later post because first I need to tackle just who these pieces are and what they mean.

The Pieces to Bill’s Puzzle

There seems to be consensus on the following symbols thus far:

Pine Tree: Dipper

On this we have Bill’s testimony in Dreamscaperers and the tree on his hat looking identical.

Shooting Star: Mabel

On this we have Bill’s testimony in Dreamscaperers and the star on one of her sweaters looking identical.

Question Mark: Soos

On this we have Bill’s testimony in Dreamscaperers and the symbol on his shirt looking identical.

Fish: Grunkle Stan

It appears to be identical to the symbol on his Fez.

Ice Bag: Wendy

This is tricky since she doesn’t really have a direct reference but fans have noticed she has a scene dealing with ice or with the ice cooler in the background in every appearance in the show.  Also she’s got a cool and laid-back personality.  It seems to fit.

Broken Heart: Robbie

There is a stitched up heart on his hoodie.  Interestingly enough his character arc so far has involved his getting his heart broken by Wendy and it being stitched back up with Mabel setting him up with Tambry.

Star: Gideon

His cape when he first appears has this symbol on it. This seems pretty straight forward.

Glasses: Stan’s Twin (Name not official but thought to be Stanley)

These glasses on the wheel and the Stan look-alike without the chin cleft seen in town during Dipper and Mabel’s time travel adventure spawned the Stan’s Twin Theory. With the last episode this was confirmed to be true and since he is wearing that style of glasses depicted on the wheel we can be pretty sure that they do indeed represent him.

So what does this mean for these characters? This means that Bill Cipher needs them to play certain roles in order for his Master Plan to be realized. I must give credit to Douglas Mackerel founder of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel for pointing out how Bill has spared each of these people when he could have killed them at one point or another in his analysis videos. I agree with his feeling that this is because he needs them and this is reflected in the wheel. This fact, is why I believe they are all pieces of Bill Cipher’s Master Plan. I have more specific suspicions in how Bill has used and will yet use them but I won’t be discussing them until Part 3 of this series of posts.

Obviously I agree with the above designations but the identities of last two items are hotly debated and unclear as of yet.  I have developed my own theory of just who they represent.

Who is the Llama?

Its been claimed by some that this Llama represents Mabel because of it appearing on a sweater she wears. It wouldn’t make sense for one character to appear on the wheel twice though.  Analyzing the moment that the sweater first appears evidences that it being on Mabel’s sweater is symbolic and foreshadowing someone else.

We first see the Llama sweater in the bump at the end of the episode Headhunters.  Mabel is trying to decide between wearing it and another sweater.  Wax Larry King chimes in that she should wear the one made of Llama hair because Llama’s are nature’s greatest warriors. Could this statement be what truly is important? Does this Llama on the wheel represent a warrior for Bill Cipher’s cause?

When we actually see her wearing the sweater is in the episode The Hand that Rocks the Mabel but she didn’t choose to wear it herself. It was part of a makeover given to her by Gideon. Why? Perhaps Gideon knows something more about Bill Cipher’s plans than we realize. Maybe his targeting Mabel was because he knew she was important to Bill Cipher’s plans.  Maybe he knows about the pieces Bill needs and was surmising Mabel was “the Llama”.  Of course, Alex being the troll he is probably wanted up to assume she was represented by the Llama and confuse us with this. The fact that Mabel didn’t choose this sweater herself and isn’t a warrior type don’t seem to fit what the Llama represents though. Bill can’t really use her as a warrior.

The next time we see a Llama in the show is in Northwest Manor during the episode Northwest Mansion Noir. I have to credit the Tumblr the Mystery of Gravity Falls for connecting the earlier statement about Llamas being warriors with the significance of this image. This is one of several important paintings/artwork in this house.  Why is that? Do the Northwests know more than we know? Why would they have this picture and that Tapestry depicting and all conquering Bill Chiper in their house? Is Bill Cipher’s warrior one of the Northwest family? This certainly seems to be the case.

The first possibility is that the Llama represents Pacifica. It was in the room that she discovered by accident where she has her realization about what her family truly is. Maybe somehow, by trying to defy her family or directed by her family, she will unwittingly play into Bill Cipher’s hands. She seems to now be an ally of Dipper and Mabel so I don’t think she’ll be a willing pawn of Bill and/or her family to bring about the apocalyptic future indicated by the tapestry. The other possibility is that she actually was directed by her family to do something already that we don’t yet know about which has contributed to bringing about this future.

The second possibility is Pacifica’s father, Preston Northwest, is the Llama. He is shown in the episode as the one primarily controlling his daughter. He is the one that uses that bell while his wife primarily seems to be a typical trophy wife. Also, that painting is in a room he is hiding the secret family history in that he obviously doesn’t want anyone to know about. It makes me wonder if their deal making history just might include a deal with Bill Cipher in the past. Maybe the entire Northwest family’s success is due to secrets given to them by Bill in exchange for acting in the roll of the warrior Llama on his behalf?

Either way, I’m sure that this Llama will prove to come from the Northwest family and the Northwests will play a large roll in the coming episodes. I’m not entirely sure if it is Pacifica or her father who is the Llama but I’m pretty sure its one of these two.

Who is the Six-Fingered Hand?

This is another hotly debated thought.  I’ve seen it attributed to both places and people but since all the other symbols seem to point to characters I think it applies to another character. This seems to point to the fact that said character will have six fingers which is a rare trait in the world of Gravity Falls. Its rare enough for the Shapeshifter encountered in Into the Bunker to call the author a six-fingered freak. I must credit the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel yet again for helping me develop this theory because Douglas Mackerel pointed out how all of the residents of Gravity Falls have different numbers of fingers. Most have either four or five fingers and his theory as to why is intriguing. It has to do with experiencing darkness.  The more fingers then the more darkness they have experienced.  I think this holds up pretty well since there are only one character the we can confirm as having six-fingers and knowing more about Gravity Falls’ dark secrets than anyone else. 

We now know that the symbol on the journals reflected the hand on their author whom happens to be Stan’s missing twin brother. So does this hand represent him?  Since its pretty clear that the glasses on the wheel represent him and it isn’t logical for two symbols to be on the wheel for one person I don’t think it represents him or the journals themselves.  I think it represents the character that has been shown to have been his partner in research.

It is revealed in The Society of the Blind Eye that McGuckett acted as a research partner to the journal’s author. It has been theorized that his now banged hand had six fingers at one time or the bandages hid another finger when he was suspected as being the author. Its clear from the flashback he has five fingers on both hands but it is possible he grew a finger after an encounter with Bill Cipher.

In his first appearance with the cast he’s pretty shaken up by the events that have just transpired.  This is connected with that mysterious happening where Stan’s twin is presumed to have gone missing which is obviously connected to the portal. I’ll get more into how I think that fits in to Bill’s Mater Plan in one of the other posts, but its clear he does his first memory erase right after this happens. So, whether or not the reason for the cast is that he grew a finger and removed it or hid it before filming this entry he’s clearly hurt and shaken up while recording it.

I think that McGuckett’s connection to the hand is that he became the caretaker of the journals after the author’s disappearance. He might well have amended the the entries in the invisible ink without Stan’s Twin knowing as he grew uncomfortable about what they were uncovering. Stanford didn’t seem to know about the notes in invisible ink so maybe his twin didn’t either. I also suspect he is the one that hid them in the first place and hoped that they would never be found once his memory of hiding them was erased.

So that’s why I think he is represented by that hand.  He is connected to the journals because of his caring for, amending in invisible ink and hiding them. Now that his memories are returning I think his role in the story will become more important.  How does this work into Bill’s Plan? I’ll touch on that in the next post.

The Return of Stan’s Twin: The Last Piece of the Puzzle?

So I asked earlier if the end cards with the codes actually appear in the journal and if that means something special for Bill’s Wheel. I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps these cards might not be from the journal since they point to things only would be important to Dipper. I think they might in fact have been written by someone from Dipper’s future warning him with clues away from his accidentally helping bring Bill Cipher’s Master Plan about or McGucket trying to protect the journal and its secrets from being discovered so what happened in the past wouldn’t be brought about in the future. The world almost ended in the 1980s and could again. I’ll level into that in the next post in more detail.

I say this because Stan is not what he seems is in the end cards and other codes so this seems to be warning Dipper and also a bit of a fourth wall break addressed to warn the audience. So though I don’t think Stan’s Twin wrote the end cards I do know that Bill’s Wheel was penned by him at one point because of this shot.

When Gideon opens the journal to the summoning instructions the wheel image is clearly on the page!  This bears the question as to how did Stan’s Twin know about this? Why did he write down instructions for summoning Bill? Is it a good thing that someone who clearly knows a lot about Bill Cipher’s plans and Bill Cipher himself has been brought back to Gravity Falls? Did Bill Cipher orchestrate things so that Stan’s Twin would be rescued?

All of this and more will be discussed in my Part 2 post next week.

Why I think Thompson is the ice bag:

  • Everyone else wears their symbol. It’s something they can be recognized by. For Thompson it means something we can all really identify him with, how far he can go for a laugh/prank because holy shit:
  • If the wheel is the deal order, which, so far, it is, don’t you think someone that’s constantly bullied and who thinks can only be at his friend group by being a punching bag would eventually WANT to make a deal? The teens are going to go too far eventually. Even Mabel and Dipper fell to humillating the guy.
  • We see him be a hardass at his job, the only place where he is a position of power / control. We can assume he wants to have more control over his person.
  • We don’t know his name. So far, whenever this happened, their names have been revealed alongside some meaningful truth or event.
  • Also notice how the bag is broken in the same way as in the wheel (Also has four tears) You could argue that Thompson, if my theory’s correct, would break his cool.
  • Bill chanting “THOMPSON, THOMPSON!" would just be too damn cool.
Cartoon Theory- Season 2 (Almost) Forms Bill’s Wheel

One thing I’ve noticed about Gravity Falls is that the show never takes any character for granted.

I love how this show doesn’t just treat all the background characters who first appear as nothing but comic relief; they actually give them some kind of development so that they aren’t just tools that can be used to advance the plot, but actual fleshed out personalities whose stories we can care about. That being said, there are a significant amount of characters who are getting more of the story directed at them in Season 2, and I can’t help but think that this is intentional in some way.

Remember the wheel that appears outside of Bill Cipher? There have been numerous amounts of fan theories that say each symbol represents a character in the show that will eventually be a crucial part of… SOMETHING that Bill has planned. That’s pretty much confirmed with the nicknames Bill gives to Soos, Mabel and Dipper when he first meets them.

However, there’s even further proof of the final “players” of Bill’s elaborate game. What about the rest of the symbols? Let’s take a look at some episodes of Season 2, and the larger focus given to a side character in each one:

Scary-Oke- Stanford Pines (Fez Symbol)

Into the Bunker- Wendy (Ice Pack)

The Golf War+Northwest Mansion Mystery- Pacifica (Llama)

Sock Opera- Dipper and Mabel (Shooting Star and Pine Tree)

Soos and the Real Girl- Soos (Question Mark)

Society of the Blindeye- Old Man McGucket (Glasses)

Blendin’s Game- Blendin Blandin (Not on the wheel, but he may still play a crucial role later)

The Love God- Robbie (Heart)

Not What He Seems- Stan’s Twin/The Author (Six-fingered hand)

So now that we know each character represented on Bill’s Wheel so far has had at least one episode where they get the chance to display their unique abilities, who’s next on the list to get an episode all to themselves? Well, if we follow the logic of the wheel, we’ll pass by the six-fingered hand, the focus of the last episode, and there it is… none other than a certain convicted criminal’s symbol… the symbol of the Tent of Telepathy.

Speaking of which, did anyone notice that the town was pretty damaged after all the anomalies? Yeah, I’d say that almost every building in Gravity Falls was pretty much done for… including the Prison, which happens to hold a person who is definitely out for revenge…

That’s right… the next episode of Gravity Falls Season 2 will focus on the character development of Gideon Gleeful- The All Seeing Eye.

“Ah have no more use for you! What more do ya want from lil’ ol’ me, you… isosceles monster?”

Update on the Wheel of Intrigue

I noticed that a few things have changed on the Wheel of Intrigue after Not What He Seems:

  • The 6-fingered hand now links to the author.
  • The glasses now link to McGucket.
  • If you click on the red circular symbol on the right side, an option opens up where you can send messages. It doesn’t say who to (I sent a message, but haven’t gotten a response yet).
  • If you click you on the Z symbol in the bottom left corner, it takes you to a few pages with different audio clips from the show.

So after the events of Not What He Seems, I am convinced that Abuelita looking down while saying “Grandpa is not in heaven” in Soos and the Real Girl wasn’t just a joke/innuendo. She knows about the portal. Why? She was married to - or had some intimate relationship with - the author. 

Stanley Pines is Soos’s grandpa, and Soos is actually Dipper and Mabel’s cousin. And this is the real reason Bill Cipher includes Soos as the Pines family. 

If this theory ends up confirmed in the second half of the season, then I don’t think our Stan will be the only one Stanley clashes with. The six-fingered hand and question mark are across from each other on the Cipher Wheel, which indicates some sort of relationship…or clash. The latter just might give some credence to the “Stanley is the real big bad / Soos is the real big good and will sacrifice himself to save the family from him” theories…