Ok, I’m gonna make this post clearly stating my feelings about the current “controversies” in the Wheel of Time community, which in my estimation shouldn’t even be controversial because imo there is little ambiguity about them.

1) Tylin raped Mat.
2) Egwene is not evil, she is a complex character just like all the rest of them.

That’s my opinion. Unfollow if you need to.

You know what I really want?

FAMILY TREES. For the Andoran Houses, for Two Rivers… all the genealogy give it to me please. I just want to know, definitively, how everyone is related to one another.

(Like, we know Perival is Willim’s great-nephew but was Willim Mordrellen’s brother? Cousin? How closely related would that make him to Rand and Galad? Actually while we’re at it why are there four big houses with young teens/kids in charge? What’s the scoop? WHERE ARE THEIR ADULTS? Was the war of the succession THAT intense? Full-on murder and Game of Houses assassinations intense? Because I am here for that, 100%)

okay but WHAT IF
  • trans girsl aes sedai touching saidir and working with wind and water elements
  • trans guys touching saidin and needing to be gentled
  • genderqueer aes sedai working with both of them and having affinities for both male and female elements
  • nonbinary aes sedai basically creating a new type of power from the Source because excuse me nO
  • trans boy warders 
  • trans girl wisdoms 
Apologies for the re-blogged Ariel art.

In regards to re-posting the Ariel Burgess V-day cards, I saw a post today that got me a little riled up and I wanted to clarify that the Mat one did get taken out n an apology was made by her… She is a wonderful artist who’s work is beyond words n goes beyond just WoT art n to see her name brought up like that kinda bothered me… So again sorry about the re-blogging… She’s an awesome artist n deserves the credit for her wonderful work…  If anyone’s interested in seeing what other work she does please check out her main site. 


Thank You

The Forsaken. A basic summary:

Aginor: Mad scientist. Never found his Igor

Demandred: Silver medalist

Sammael: Grumpy hobbit

Rahvin: Super creepy serial rapist. His friends call him “Roofie” Or they would if he had any friends. But he doesn’t because as mentioned he is a super creepy serial rapist

Lanfear: According to historians brand new stalker laws were created just for her in the Age of Legends. REALLY hates blondes

Graendal: Girl just wants to have fun…..at your expense

Balthamel: There are rumors that he was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first “analrapist”

Semirhage:…..wonderful woman. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about her. I am not terrified of her at all

Be’lal: Be’lal…..we hardly knew ye

Messana: Nerd who got picked on by other nerds until she flew into a nerdrage and joined Satan

Moghedien: the red shirt who somehow keeps surviving

Asmodean: That was actually a huge mistake. He didn’t really mean to join the Shadow  but he was too embarrassed to admit that he couldn’t tell the difference between the incarnation of chaos and evil and a music producer so he just went along with it

Ishamael: That emo kid who decided to destroy the entire world because he never learned to have fun and chill