I have a massive appreciation and so much love for all of my followers, and I reached 2,000 a while ago. I wasn’t quite well enough to sort out something to show my appreciation and I was struggling financially at the time. Since then I received a decision about my ESA claim and got a lump sum in back-payment I now have a bit of spare cash and can totally afford a giveaway! I thought I would gift a lucky follower some books! I will have a look around and will acquire some books that I believe could be helpful/lovely to own and then I’ll post a giveaway. I’ll weigh them all and work out postage and budget for it so I’ll be able to afford for it to be ~*international*~ wheeeee! Watch this space!

(This post is not the giveaway post, it’s coming….eventually.)

theme change!

for the first time in a few months, a non-free! and non-blue theme ┌༼ ˵ ° ᗜ ° ˵ ༽┐/strokes mika’s hair/

my new all-in-one page is still free!-themed but that’s expected because these boys are gonna stay with me forever ;_____; 

Stolen || other-half-of-darkness

It felt too cold to be a Spring night.

Huffing out a chilled breath, and leaving frost patterns on the window of an inviting-looking cafe, Limey carried on through the city’s quiet streets. She wasn’t used to a city being so still, even out in these backwater streets. It was like it was holding it’s breath, watching, waiting, for something to break this stillness.

It was like it was watching her.

Her head flicked around, alert.

Had she heard footsteps behind her? Someone shifting on the rooftop, an eye at the window? No, now she was feeling paranoid. 

But she had heard footsteps. And now she smelled something wrong with this alleyway. Too sweet, yet too….metallic. 

Her shoulders prickled as she spoke out/wheezed, “Who’s there?”

I think I’ll be updating Fawn’s dream town later today! ^o^ I’ve been doing a lot of work on re-doing the flower layout to make it look more natural by spreading them out and adding lucky clovers and mushrooms. c: I’ve also redecorated the garden fairy’s house, created a new character (Bambi the baby fairy), and added trees to the beach! I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. 

after this update, I’ll focus on bringing Rivendell into spring/ summertime and updating its dream town fairly soon! (▰˘◡˘▰)

you know im still really surprised that even though china’s population is like 19% of the total world population

there’s like 0.5% representation in american/canadian media

like if they don’t cast Chinese actors in the Mulan live-action i’m literally gonna throw something

So I just checked my accounts for the first time in a while, and my budgeting and hard saving has paid off. I’ve hit my first financial milestone goal of 1K in my savings!!!! It was difficult because I do pay out a lot, and I’m not earning the likes of $500 a night just yet but still, I didn’t think I’d get there that fast. I’m trying to get to $3K minimum before I move out, but if I can get up to 5K by the end of June, I won’t be complaining. 

I’m officially looking for apartments with one of my best friends, and I’m very excited! I’m going to be heading down to North Carolina soon, start the clocks!