youregoldenchild said:

Top 10 Owl City songs??:)


…okay it’s more like ten but that works too

oh and prepare for much rambling because it’s me

  • Dear Vienna (one of those songs you just fall in love with, never quite knowing why. seriously it’s probably one of my favorite owl city songs ever and I can never pin down what’s it about it because every time it comes on I just melt into a puddle)
  • Alligator Sky (Adam Young version) (I honestly can’t stand the rap version at all but tHIS ohmygosh I just want it injected into my bloodstream)
  • On The Wing (*sobbing softly*)
  • Hello Seattle (…probably half the reason why I’m currently obsessed with seattle. okay. more like 87% of the reason)
  • Plant Life (asdl;kfjlsjdlakf this song has so many different parts and the whole thing is so beautiful. and that fanart I made way back in january kinda started all… these. drawing about songs and meeting amazing people who love the same things, that is.)
  • Fireflies (…this song. man. still can’t get tired of it. it’s so much beauty crammed into a 3 minutes 48 seconds song. oh did I mention all the alternate versions?)
  • Beautiful Mystery (awelksdcklasefnsadklfas;dfksdlfj)
  • The Real World (everything about this song is filled with beauty and wonder and I don’t know how to express my love for it asl;dkfjg)
  • When Can I See You Again? (can’t do a list without mentioning my very first owl city song, can I? this was the one that started it alllll)
  • Up All Night (dancin’ on the outside meltin’ into a puddle of bittersweet feels on the inside)
  • This Isn’t The End (………….…no.)

…wow that went way longer than I expected wHOOPS. I didn’t even get started on the Sky Sailing or Port Blue or collab songs… wELL THAT’S BEEN FUN HUZZZZAAAAAH FOR GOOD MUSIC I HOPE YOU AREN’T ALL BORED TO DEATH BY MY RAMBLING. thanks again for asking!



I just double checked and found that I typed 11 songs oops well too late now

the perks of having a sociology professor for a mother: I didn’t have to buy any of these! my mom just rounded them up from her colleagues

she also included this really cute note:

I feel like I’m reaching across time sending these books to you… all ones I read in grad school. Good luck eeking out some sociological wisdom.

(my copy of Andrew Motion’s Keats also arrived today wheeeee! that’s the one that smells like smoke)

No, but between Avengers and Cap 2 people keep coming up to Steve, wanting to interview him for books they’re writing about the great Captain America, all promising a new and exciting spin on his life.  Steve brushes them all off, ignores them all, until the one who goes, “Well, I was going to do one about you, but now it’s more about James Barnes.”

Steve talks to that one for a good five hours.


album scan - take this to your grave // fall out boy

in case you can’t read it (i couldn’t get a clear scan due to the fact that the plastic shell that holds the disc was right next to that section), the thanks goes as following.

Thanks: John, Vinnie and everyone at FBR, everyone at Crush, our parents for donating hugs and money, Cole, Mickey, Jeff Warren, Sean “Doobie snacks” O’keefe, Nick Plan, Richard and Stephanie Reines, Chad, Rory, James and everyone at The Militia Group, Kathi, Rob Stevenson, Chicago HxC, Sean “Hotbox the Camaro” O’Keefe, Jim Grimes, Guav, all our former members, everyone who has given us a show or a place to stay, Mani, Jakus (our fifth member), Sean “Dimebag” O’keefe for the bong rattling recording, Hey Chris DeadXstop, Jim, Dennis, Isaac, Rubber Policemen, The FOB Street Team, Abby, Johnny and LLR, Brian Bennis for believing in us, Chris B. at Metro, Gunner, (the GVHC kids that I hung out with - Patrick), Ryann, Sarah P., Milwaukee HxC, Craig and Mike Sinister, Mark and the other Spitaldorks, Sam Trohman, Matt Sears, Steve Kane, Diveez, Jason Tate and, Kris Roe and The Ataris, Pete wants to thank his Mom, the Chicago Scene (you own us), Maggie and Cheesedog - We’re sorry to anyone we’ve missed - take these feelings to your grave - don’t ever change. 

So as many of you know I was fortunate enough to be able to attend San Diego Comic Con this year. I currently have 3 Book 2 posters, which is about 2 more than I actually need, so here’s a giveaway to snag one of these posters. Rules:

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  • You do not have to be following me. Consider this my gift to the fandom.

That’s basically it. Also, if you guys like How I Met Your Mother, then check out this signed poster I’m selling in case you want to bid on it and check out this True Blood signed poster if you want to bid on that as well. Good luck~


"A Rose With A Thorn" 

My tribute to the beautiful Eighth Doctor—whom I love so very, very much. Despite the traumatic circumstances of his regeneration (he woke up freezing in a morgue, for goodness’ sake!), he is bright, enthusiastic, honest, and one of the sweetest and most passionate Doctors ever. Though, at times, the pendulum too easily swings to a darker, colder nature full of snark and weary of battle. Over time he is broken by pain and loss, driven to the edge of insanity and heartbreak, until at last the Time War destroys him. Every Doctor since has had to cope with the memory of what Eight endured…and usually ends up following a similar pattern.  I’ve tried to capture that transition, from his beautiful, golden beginning, to his broken, hardened, world-weary end.

Website and Prints: Meadowhaven ; My other Doctor Who Art on Tumblr: Here


AND LISTEN TO THE BIG FINISH AUDIOS! In honor of their long-overdue and richly-deserved official recognition, Eight’s brilliant audio series is now on massive sale until the 50th! GO NOW AND BUY STUFF! Seriously, give Eight half a chance and he’ll run off with your heart! …and drink all your tea. <3<3