"Joss Whedon is a storyteller and you’re upset because he isn’t acting like a music box, playing you your favorite song again and again." [x]


“In Cabin, [Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon] mimic and lampoon genre tropes for comic effect, but also to encourage viewers to examine how these tropes work, and do a little soul-searching about how easy it is to buy into them and dismiss the humanity of horror victims. But at the same time, they take advantage of stereotypes, getting the same benefits out of them as any straight-horror filmmaker. Cabin’s biggest strength is how capably it can perform multiple tasks at once, upending horror-film language for thoughtful and playful effect.”

In the Keynote essay for our Movie Of The Week, Cabin In The Woods, Tasha Robinson examines how the film embraces the old Onion adage, “Stereotypes are a real time-saver.” [Read more…]


"Simmons… Forget what I said earlier. This is the moment that we’ll regret.”

Fitzsimmons in 1.02 : 0-8-4

NBC Community As Whedonverse Posters:

The Avengers (wallpaper version)




The Cabin In The Woods reflects a decade of mainstream horror films in which powerlessness was America’s primary anxiety, which is perhaps a natural consequence of living at a time when days are rated in Terror Threat Levels. Death could be right around the corner, and nothing can be done about it; even people who go off the grid, like the quintet of meatsacks in Whedon and Goddard’s film, are on another kind of grid. There’s no escaping the inchoate horrors of the world we’ve created, not even for a weekend getaway. Whedon and Goddard poke fun at the filmmakers who feed these kids through one gear-and-spring-loaded grinder after another, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely above the fray. For Whedon, it’s only the latest instance of an anti-establishment paranoia that’s intensified over the years.”

Scott Tobias wraps up our Movie Of The Week conversation on Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods with a look at the ongoing theme of pitting puppets against their puppetmasters in Whedon’s work. [Read more…]

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