Yep, that’s President Obama answering #My2k questions on Twitter

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  2. At 2 PM ET, POTUS will answer questions on @twitterabout extending middle class tax cuts. Ask with #My2k& follow along @whitehouse
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    2. @BarackObama Mr. President, Why not place more emphasis on reducing government spending, than on raising revenues? #My2K #WHChat David Osteen@davidosteen via [object Object]37 minutes ago ReplyRetweetFavorite
    3. .@davidosteen (part 1) already cut $1T+ in gov spending last yr. Discretionary spending lowest as % of GDP since ike. #my2k The White House@whitehouse 29 minutes ago ReplyRetweetFavorite
    4. .@davidosteen (part 2) Open to more smart cuts but not in areas like R&D, edu that help growth & jobs, or hurt vulnerable (eg disabled) - bo

Check out more questions and answers here.

Watch on wagnerplus.tumblr.com

 Get ready for what might be the most interactive State of the Union yet!

We’re checking out the White House’s enhanced broadcast online, which promises special features during the speech (charts, graphs, data) followed by a live chat with White House policy experts (#WHChat) 

Should be an interesting experiment and will hopefully enhance those frequent breaks for standing ovations/applause, too.