"The WWE Championship storyline is really hot, Daniel Bryan is super over as a top babyface, Randy Orton is the heel he should be…but we’re about to go a month and a half with no champion. The World Heavyweight title is being strangled by one of the most generic, uninteresting champions I can remember in current 2013 bare-bones-and-weak-theme Alberto BarRio. And suddenly, after two months instead of four, John Cena’s already being set to come back. Earlier than advertised. AGAIN. And get an INSTANT WHC title shot. YES. TODAY’S WWE PRODUCT IS ALL ABOUT JOHN CENA. It can’t be denied anymore. THIS is why fans were cheering when he said he’d be out for four months. Not because the man was injured. But because they were finally getting a BREAK FROM HIM. And already it’s being taken away. Damn this guy. He’s not even back yet and already I feel like I’ve Cena ‘Nuff all over again.”

I just saw AJ crying. Those tears are 100% real. She said in an interview that she would be so proud when he finally cashes in. And notice the lack of the sloppy scripted kisses? She kissed him ON THE CHEEK like a friend would to congratulate you. That was a beautiful moment.