I heart Dean and Seth forever. Lord knows I do. But I’m getting tired of them being shoved in my face about how much better they are than Roman. I get it. They did the indy thing. They had years of experience before coming to the WWE. They are fucking amazing on the microphone and in the ring. I’ll love those motherfuckers for life and I respect them like you wouldn’t believe. And that’s on top of how hot looking they are, especially Dean.

Happy Seth is WHC. I’m fine with how he won it. Dean should have had that IC title. That’s bullshit that he did all that work to get that match started only to have someone swoop in and take the glory. How many time does this dude gotta lose before the WWE fucking take notice? He’s gonna flip-not like Brock Lesnar did on Monday- but pretty damn close.

With all that being said, I’m a Roman fan too. I just want him to get the same recognition for the work that he’s done. Sure he’s only been wrestling for 5 years. Yeah, he’s a WWE product (so is Randy Orton, but I’m sleep tho). He’s still has some ways to go, but fuck! He deserves some respect too!

All this schoolyard BS needs to stop.

"The WWE Championship storyline is really hot, Daniel Bryan is super over as a top babyface, Randy Orton is the heel he should be…but we’re about to go a month and a half with no champion. The World Heavyweight title is being strangled by one of the most generic, uninteresting champions I can remember in current 2013 bare-bones-and-weak-theme Alberto BarRio. And suddenly, after two months instead of four, John Cena’s already being set to come back. Earlier than advertised. AGAIN. And get an INSTANT WHC title shot. YES. TODAY’S WWE PRODUCT IS ALL ABOUT JOHN CENA. It can’t be denied anymore. THIS is why fans were cheering when he said he’d be out for four months. Not because the man was injured. But because they were finally getting a BREAK FROM HIM. And already it’s being taken away. Damn this guy. He’s not even back yet and already I feel like I’ve Cena ‘Nuff all over again.”