Awwwww yeeeaaaa Rescuers Down Under fans unite

Sorry about the bad coloring, but i just don’t care. My Pokemon team, Bullfrag the Greninja, Twigleg the Talonflame, Bianca the Pikachu, Merryweather the Floette, Aaron the Lucario, and Sandy the Flygon.

Lately I’ve been breeding out the whazoo to get a shiny. First it was Bulbasaurs, then I gave up on that and started Charmanders. Twigleg has been my little helper the whole time. >:D

anonymous said:

22, 23, 27, 37, 45, 49, 51, 53, 64, 65, 78, 81, 83, 85, 86, 89, 93, 108, 109, 110, 111, 113, 151, 171, 175, 193, 194, 199, 208, 226, 232, 237, 239, 245, 246, 255, 266

22 – Chocolate milk out the whazoo? Yes. If you meant alcohol, no.

23 – I have a track record and scholarship to run for, and smoking is bad for you.

 27 – I’m allergic to citrus so I have to avoid that and I can’t eat raw coconut (like the shavings) because allergic so none of that either.

 37 – A round frame with posts at 8 points so I can pile up blankets and pillows and make a nest but the nest will stay in place and I will feel safe.

 45 – Most definitely not.

 49 – I’m afraid of heights, the dark, being by myself, rejection, my dad, my brother, really big crowds, sudden loud noises, drowning, the ocean, lakes, water I can’t see through, anything that has more than 4 legs or fins, DEEP WATER, and gnats.

 51 – Raw coconut (milk and oil is fine) and citrus (but for some reason I can drink lemonade).

 53 – I can count on one hand how many times Death decided to try and photobomb me.

 64 – None.

 65 – Making random noises that I am not conscious of.

 78 – Spaghetti. Flat out spaghetti with meat sauce or meatballs.

 81 – Both!

 83 – The look like pompoms and are really fragile and delicate but if you smack them or run around and shake them, the pretty petals leave a trail behind you.


 86 – Uhhh.. I don’t actually know, I’m just focused on getting to college right now. But I have always wanted to visit Africa!

 89 – I don’t watch TV, sorry.

 93 – I kid you not, I am almost a perfect mix of them both.

 108 – Myself! :D

 109 – Lemme think… I have 6 folks like that.

 110 – My buddy Nick or my buddy Dreamscape or my buddy Lindsey. Those three are just the best.

 111 – No, not one person that I could talk to about everything.

 113 – My age on Runescape so I could make an account. ^^;

151 – Douche bags, ass holes, anal, big douche bags, and crude jokes about sex.

 171 -  Yes I do.

175 – He’s got a narrow face, he’s already balding, and he’s a DICK WITH A HIGH SQUEAKY VOICE AND I HATE HIM SO MUCH UGH.

 193 – Tramp stamp with my name in my own handwriting.

 194 -  Finding out my neighbor abuses his wife and child and his dog, so I decided to get them all out of the house, tie him to the kitchen table, and shoot the house with a grenade launcher.

199 – 7 years old.

 208 – My laptop, my cellphone, my sweet tea, laptop charger, and backback.


 232 – Myself, my Sam, my friends, God, and DOGGES.

 237 – What if I don’t get a chance to change the world before I go?

 239 – This one time when I was a kid I forgot to read the signs on the bathroom so I got really confused and scared when I walked into the guys restroom and saw a bunch of grown men with their dongs hanging out.

 245 – I don’t think I should tell you if it’s going to be embarrass me.

 246 – I was trying to act cute in front of a boy one time in like, 7th grade, but I was running track so I messed up on a hurdle and landed flat on my ass.

 255 – You know that is a good question, but I actually don’t think there’s anything I hide from my friends or my family or myself. A naturally open person.

 266 – If I said no I would be lying.

aleyannadenton said:

!? for Poxxi and ✉ for Krazza

Dearest Operative Aleyanna Denton.

I am messaging you to inform you and your people that Operation: Snickerdoodle is go! The pieces are in place, and we can now kick back and watch as the Kleptonomics Krewe’s dirty little secrets end up in Peacemaker hands! I can’t thank you enough for generously donating all of that cookie mix to the Order’s efforts in Rata Sum. I can’t exactly explain to you what it is that we did with it in case this message gets intercepted and all that whazoo, but I’ll see about sharing the details with you over tea sometime. 

Sincerely, Creator Poxxi.


Aleyanna Denton, baker. 

Due to the knowledge that a colleague’s birthday is approaching at short notice, I require a customary gift to earn his good favour. As such, I hereby place an order for one half-dozen chocolate cupcakes. No icing. No specialized wrapping. Payment is enclosed below. 

Krazza, Cruciologist and Genius.

anonymous said:

This might be a dumb question, but are you and notsomeroofjumpingarcher dating or something?


Nah. We just read each other’s brains and rp out the whazoo and talk about life and life problems and give smooches when life is hard.

And that isn’t sarcasm, we do this platonically. 

anonymous said:

Anyone here you think you've royally fucked up with?


Plenty of people here seem to have issues up the whazoo — but if they ain’t my client, or they don’t ask for help, then there’s not so much I can do about it.  I’m not gonna force anyone into anything —

— There’s this little thing called ‘free will’.

All I can do is offer.  

There’s never a closed door, or a lack of a second chance.  At least, as far as I’m concerned.  

If they think otherwise… If they don’t like it or me, don’t want it, or don’t feel like they need it, then all I can do is wish them the best in whatever endeavour… 

…Life is what you make it.  It shouldn’t be something that just ‘happens to you’.  And if you need a little help or a ‘do-over’ then okay, I’m here for that.

We all have our own stories to tell.  
We’re writing our own history…
…Mapping out our own past and present and future… 
It depends on who you see yourself as on those pages…
…A lead role?
A supporting character?
Nothing more than a passing footnote…?

We are all our own story.
Though nothing singular or independent of another.
Paths cross, tales intertwine — perhaps this is a footnote in yours and a chapter in mine?  
Who’s to say…?
And I think… You get to decide who you want to be… 
A hero or a villain — sometimes both —
antihero, mastermind, victim, con man, trickster, good cop, bad cop…

But… if your story doesn’t turn out how you want it to…
You can always start over.  
You can re-write…


You can change the ending.

we will miss you Leda <3

sorry to my followers for the spam of this very colourful girl named Leda Muir… if you dont know who she is, just know she was a big youtuber who recently deleted ALL of her social networking accounts. which is big because its been her life for the past 6-7 years almost.

She is an incredible person and shes talented as heck. her creativity literally comes out her whazoo. idk how she does it.

im going to really miss seeing her videos, she was almost like a friend in a way. she inspired me to try new things with myself, she was one of the reasons i started dying my hair!!!!! she cheered me up on bad days cause shes funny as hell..

lets all just say a big goodbye to this incredible young women and i really hope that deleting her youtube channel will pay off in the end. i think it will because i cant imagine how much pressure she was under now that i think about it. I wish Leda the best of luck… and i know that she wont see this……. but…. KEEP SMILING LEDA YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


September 4th 

So, Florence. A city of art, meat, and a lot of history. Four days in this city was not nearly enough. We ate on what Dad would call, “Off the beaten path” places, we toured the gorgeous towns of Tuscany, ate the BEST pizza of my entire life, and shopped in the street markets, buying Olive Oil out the whazoo. It was really amazing. Picturing Colin and Angela studying here brought a lot of envy, considering I was in a tiny village all summer. This… is a European college city. 

Again, I needed two posts for this place.

Had a great time. Can’t believe we’re up and moving again.