Day 1

Monday, I was ridiculously emotional, everything kept making me want to cry. But it wasn’t actually as scary as I thought it would be when I arrived.

Lorenza (the host mum) and Carlotta (the five year old) met me at the airport. Carlotta was too sky to talk but Lorenza said hello and did the whole Italian two kisses thing and then we were on our way.

I was so awkward in the car I had no idea what to say, and everything I could think of involved in saying one of their names, and I have no idea how to pronounce them! The journey was an hour long, and I think Lorenza was all failing to think of anything to say, so we mad small talk, the weather, my flight and every now and again Carlotta would pipe up and say something in Italian and Lorenza would look at me as though I was supposed to answer! I think eventually she remembered I couldn’t speak Italian and started to translate a little for me. But then she gave up, because Carlotta talks constantly, so it would have been a lot of translating! So she just told me to ask if I wanted to know what Carlotta was saying. 

As we got back to the house, the grandparents (Michele’s parents) came around to drop of Beatrice (the two year old) and say hello to me (again they speak Italian, so I don’t even know what they said half the time!). The granddad helped with my bags up the stairs and then I was left in my room to settle in. Carlotta joined me and speak most of the time going through my bags to see what I had brought or jumping on my bed. 

Carlotta found the books that mum had bought for them (The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child), the were really excited, but it was more excitement for the ribbon they were wrapped in than the books at the time!

Eventually though, we went down for dinner and had Carbonara (very different from the UK!). Lorenza explained to me the plan for tomorrow and then we took the girls to bed.  Beatrice was scared of The Gruffalo, so I read the books to Carlotta while Lorenza read to Beatrice.

With the girls in bed I unpacked some more of my stuff and then went to bed myself - it had been a very very long day!