"The Seoul of Asia"

I’m feeling pretty reflective tonight, thus featuring some photos from the archives. 2010 had been a pretty fun year and I was in every mood to start the year with travels before I immersed myself in full time work. Included amongst these travels was a brief trip to South Korea during their sub zero winter in January, 2011.  

These shots were taken before my M43 days, though, still rocked an Olympus. The humble fe4030, to be exact. Never mind how little technical knowledge I had of photography, it was still the same eye which saw what it saw and the same motion of pressing a button to capture.

So much has changed and been learnt since the beginning of 2011. I’m both thankful and quietly nostalgic for that. Bless life.

"Tony the Quiffmaster"

Blur on purpose? I’ll take that. Tony didn’t look like he was too keen on posing for a photo and the auto focus wasn’t quick enough. If it weren’t a vintage fair with a billion things for me to work my eyes on, I would have stayed around until the opportune moment came along for manual focus to work its magic on the Quiffmaster.

One thing though, I will never know if there was indeed, a brilliant ‘do underneath his hat…