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Send me a “►” and I’ll shuffle a song and write an AU drabble of our muses inspired by it

[German song,but here are the english lyrics while I’ll link the song at the end]

She said she’d do anything for him.Not that the feeling wasn’t mutual.For she was his friend.And friends stick together,help eachother out and whatsnot,right?

The day’s they spent were rather fun.The young pair were having the time of their life,despite all circumstance and even sudden engagement.Those time’s they’d ditch duties and go for a walk,Kougyoku ask for them to get on a boat and go where the waves took them,prank Ka Koubun and his fellow assistants or simply escape them and the guards in order to have some fun.Work could be such a bore and tiring;They needed all this.No complains,neither did Kouen ever seemed to mind or pay attention to it since his right hand man actually was doing his work and earned his trust;Although he slightly disapprove of him ditching work midway to spend time with his sister,though he had not much say in this since he didn’t want to upset the girl.And as long as he eventually did his work then he’d let this slide.

The blond was happy only around her.She’d help him ditch and forget about work,Kouen or any other worries.She was his ray of sun.A bucket full of sunshine and oh,so lovely.He was the like the sun.Amazing how well they fit,like a piece of puzzle.Nothing could stop them nor get to them as long as they were together.

                                   But that wasn’t to last long.

”K…Koug…yoku.Wh…y?”He coughed blood as soon as her sword pierced through his chest.He was the last one standing.Everyone else around dead or still fighting elsewhere from afar,the whole place into crumbles and burning.She kept on a blank stare,florid lips tugged into a beautiful smile before she pulled the sword out then kicked him to the ground.There lied Alibaba in a puddle of his own blood,whimpering,coughing,struggling to stay alive.His vision becoming blurry as he glanced up at her.She gave him a sly smug thn that’s when it hit him.This wasn’t her.She’d never raise her sword against him,her brother’s and empire.She’d never kill her friends or family.

No,this was not Kougyoku.It was Sinbad.

Speaking of the devil,he mused as soon as he caught glimpse of said man from afar with his generals closing in and finish what he made Kougyoku start.

Due to exhaustion her knees gave off then collapsed next to him.Landing on her behind whilst gazing at nothing in particular.Her eyes loosing its light and life they once held.”I see…I’m sorry I didn’t notice it sooner…”He mumbled and coughed more blood as he reached his hand out for her.By the time she came to her bearings,she caught glimpse of her friend lying in front of her,covered in blood and reaching out to her.”A—-Alibaba-chan!?What…?!”She gasped,eyes widen in shock before grabbing his hand with her own two,smaller and petite ones.”What happened?Are you ok!?What going on!!!?”She demanded answers,all Alibaba could do was smile before all life left him.

Kougyoku felt as if her heart had been pulled out her chest then stomped on.Her friend died right next to her and she couldn’t do a thing.Did…did she kill him?Everyone else for that matter?As soon as she wondered,she noticed all the blood on her robes,though it wasn’t hers.”Oh,God…no,no,no…!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”She screamed at the top of her lungs,tears spilling from the corner of her eyes like a fountain whilst holding the only person close to her as for comfort.She held the blond tight and sobbed whilst stammering apologies.Unfortunately Alibaba wasn’t around anymore to hear them nor anybody else for that matter.She was all alone;She caused this!It was her own punishment,she strongly thought.

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