Work in progress. I still have a long way to go..
This is the new beginning to my next still life series! #WhatsInTheBox a look into the jewelry boxes of fictional characters.

This is response image to my last Xmas picture here:


It’s the morning after. Adachi wakes up to find a present on his stomach. NOW WHAT’S IN THE BOX? I’ll take everyone suggestions (lolsy or no) and I’ll make a response image to what’s in the present on 12/25 (As you can see I don’t have much to do during Xmas times). 

In the meanwhile, happy holidays everyone! Hope you all have fun.


Me while watching the #InsurgentTrailer … BUT I LOVE IT 🙌 #Insurgent #Seven #WhatsInTheBox? #thismovielookssogoodimightdie #insurgenttrailerreactions #pardonbradsfrench