Lindy & Balboa

I love, love, love swing dance, but only when I’m not hating it. Whenever I’m at a dance event, I end up sitting in a back corner for the most part, seething with envy/terror as I watch everyone else groove out on the dance floor. I hate it because everyone is just perfect, and it feels like I can’t learn how to do whatever it is they are doing out there. (And I also feel like my body parts just end up falling all around my lead, and that everyone hates me). But the thing I love about swing dance is how relational these events end up being for me. Because as I complain about how anxious I get and how terrible I feel I’m doing, I always hear my own voice echo back from the other person/sound board, because they feel the exact same way. And I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity that every single person who I think dances so perfect ALSO thinks they are so awkward, also has to psych themselves up to go to an event, also feels like their dance partner is wasting a song on them, also is spending 25/8 trying to win over our dance teachers, and also casually engages in panic attacks for no real reason. I’ve never felt so… NOT alone in my own insanity.

Let yourself go (Vince Giordano)

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This are some of the blogs - tumblrs I follow.