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I know you've finished Provenance (and it's perfect) but I was just wondering if in your headcanon/vision Jonny would turn Kaner into a vampire eventually or leave him human?

So this is what I imagine. They’re together through to the first cup win, and they’re happy. Jonathan doesn’t really think about the future. You can’t when you have as much time as he does. You just keeping on keeping on. But then Patrick makes some comment about Jonathan turning him when he finally retires. Like it’s obvious, because they’re always going to be together. And it breaks Jonathan’s heart, that simple faith in them. But it also makes him very scared that he’s depriving Patrick of the life he could have with humans. Planning to spend the next fifteen years with your very first relationship? He’s seen the divorce rates, right? For somebody who has experienced as much and made as many mistakes as Jonathan has he thinks that can’t possibly be a good idea.

He loves Patrick. With everything he has. But he had 150 years of fucking up to figure out just what he wanted and he might not be the right thing for Patrick. And it’s a ways a way, but Patrick thinks he’s ready to face down eternity for Jonathan. Jonathan wasn’t given a choice. He just wants Patrick to have options. 

So he ends it. He leaves the shop to Molly to run and he leaves. Patrick is devastated. He doesn’t understand. Because he is certain that Jonathan is what he wants–he believes it with every fiber of himself. When the wrenching sadness passes, the anger rolls in. Patrick nearly throws out all the suits and fine things that Jonathan made or bought him. He goes a little crazy, partying too hard, sleeping with half of Chicago, fuck Jonathan for making that decision for him. He doesn’t give a fuck what he thinks anyway.

But for years, at night, he dreams of Jonathan fucking him. Nobody could do it that good. He doesn’t even bottom anymore. Life moves on though. Gradually he stops thinking about him so much. He’s won the cup several times, he’s going to be turning thirty this coming season. He’s off-and-on dating a semi-famous model who just had a sizable part in a film that’s doing the festival circuit. He agrees to go with her to Cannes, because who says no to Cannes?

They get there and it’s beautiful. The weather is perfect. He reverted to his old ways post Jonathan. There was nobody to keep him in line and he didn’t give a shit. Back to ridiculous t-shirts and ugly shoes and ill-fitting jeans. But for this he pulls out an old summer suit Jonathan built him. The last thing he wants to do is make Melanie look bad on the red carpet in her big moment.

At the after party at some beautiful open terrace, a gentle breeze fanning through the air, he sees somebody standing at the balcony, silhouetted by the light. He hasn’t seen Jonathan for nine years, but he just knows. Jonathan seems to feel his eyes on him, because he turns, catching Patrick’s gaze, and Patrick doesn’t know if he wants to run away, or jump him, because Jonathan looks exactly the same. As sexy as he ever was.

He finds himself walking over to Jonathan, Melanie completely forgotten, and when he gets there it takes a few attempts before he even manages the words, “What are you doing here?” 

“I designed the costumes for Wildwood,” he says with a soft smile, he reaches out and smooths Patrick’s lapel, recognizing it as one of his instantly.

“So that’s where you’ve been all this time? Hollywood?”

Jonathan laughs. “There are these funny inventions these days called computers. I know it must surprise you than an old soul like me has figured one out, but there you have it.”

“So, then, where?”

“These days? Mostly the Loire Valley.” He doesn’t share that it was hard to be in a place where hockey was a big deal and not think of Patrick. This was not an easy choice he made. He’d thought, the three years they’d had together, that the feelings he had would pass. Three years was an eyeblink. But then, nine years was barely a held breath. He hadn’t gotten over it. 

Patrick ends up ditching Melanie with a hurried text. They go back to Jonathan’s hotel and fuck, Jonathan holding Patrick up against the wall like he weighs nothing as he hammers into him, making Patrick cry out and his thighs tremble around Jonathan’s hips. It’s strange, because Jonathan looks so very young to him now, face pale and untouched by time. It hurts. Patrick hasn’t done this in a very long time and he never did let Jonathan be gentle with him.

Afterwards, lying in Jonathan’s bed, Patrick tells him that he dreamed about him a lot for a long time after they broke up.

“My fault, I’m afraid,” Jonathan says, staring at the ceiling. “I ingested so much of your blood over the years. Your subconscious used to reach out to mine a lot.”

“Think about fucking me a lot, did you?” Patrick asks with that familiar devil-may-care grin. Jonathan doesn’t deny it. Patrick runs his fingers down Jonathan’s belly, drifting down to his cock. Jonathan watches his progress unblinking.

“Could we try again?” Patrick says, ostensibly meaning round two, but his eyes have gone earnest. Jonathan knows what he’s really asking.


And he’s also answering Patrick’s long unanswered question: if they’re still together when Patrick retires, Jonathan will turn him.

straddling hoseok, the kisses getting rougher, you suddenly cover his eyes. he let’s out and frowns, “yah, what’re you doing?” you giggle, your free hand cupping his cheek. slowly you kiss the corner of his mouth, “just feel my body for now baby,” you whisper, guiding his hands to down your back

What your ideal Sunday is?
Mine would definitely involve a cup of good coffee, sofa, flowers and an issue of @flow_magazine 😁😍✌🏻️
Today started not too bad since I woke up early and had time to draw my imaginary perfect Sunday, it’s nearly as good as actual perfect Sunday😂 😍

Have a great daaaayyyy!!!

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Chasefield 11?

You had to catch Victoria as she nearly tripped and fell. You steadied her and kept one arm around her waist. She sniffled and you knew she was about to cry again. Who knew Victoria Chase, queen of Blackwell was a weepy drunk? She sniffled again and you paused to kiss her temple. You hush her gently and keep walking. She’d kill you if you let anyone see her like this and you’re almost to her room. 

You manage to get to her door and take her keys from your pocket and unlock the door before helping her in. you set her on the edge of the bed before kneeling to take her shoes off. She’s gone silent and worriedly you glance up. She’s crying in earnest and you have no idea how she’s crying that hard that quietly.  worry spikes through your heart and you cup her cheeks softly and ask her whats wrong. She looks at you and she’s so small and vulnerable. “Do you love me?” She asks in a broken whisper. Your heart shatters in your chest and you want to run out and  hurt her parents for ever making her think she was unlovable, that no one in this empty cruel world cared for her.

Without hesitating you lean up and kiss her as softly and tenderly as you can. you toe off your own shoes and take her in your arms, guiding her into the bed and under the covers. Shes sobbing now and you grab her and hold her as tight as you can and kiss her tears away, periodically kissing her and trying as hard as you can to pour all your love into each kiss. “Of course I love you, I love you with all my heart. I’ll love you for forever and even when forever ends I’ll find you and I’ll keep loving you.” Sober Victoria might have smacked you a little for that but drunk Victoria gives you a wobbly smile and a sloppy kiss on the corner of your mouth.

“I love you too.” She whispers. You smile and kiss her forehead and encourage her to sleep. She’s out before long and as you lay there holding her you wish you could think of a way to make her insecurities and fears go away.You wish you could go back in time that far and shake her parents and maybe slap them and make them realize how wonderful their daughter is and how worthy she is of their love. Wishful thinking. You sigh and shed your hoodie and shirt leaving you in a tank top. Finally you settle down and pull Victoria close. You know in the morning she’ll be cranky and insecure but you don’t mind, You love her as much as you said you did and your willing to put up with her bad mood if only to prove your declaration.

Ship hate and whatnot

So, I posted a Miraxus story today. That was the beginning of my day. 

Exactly seven minutes later (half an hour ago at the time of posting), I got this:

My response: Go ahead. 

Unfollow me all you like because I am confident that I did all I could not to upset anyone. I always make a point of labeling things properly so that people don’t get surprises. When I write Miraxus, I label it Miraxus. When I write Jerza, I label it Jerza. When I write Nalu, I label it Nalu. Why? So that people have the possibility of skipping it if it’s not their cup of tea. 

That’s what I do when I get an alert that a fic featuring a pairing or a theme I don’t like was posted. Or better yet, if it’s on Tumblr, it’s possible to blacklist it altogether. So, with all that in mind, why would anyone even read stuff labeled Miraxus if it offends them that much? 

In Portugal, we have a saying: “Gostos não se descutem”. Basically, it means that personal tastes are not something to fight about. Personally, I like the pairing of Mira and Laxus and I feel like writing about it, so I do. I know people who don’t like it and I respect that without any problem whatsoever. At this point, in my view (which you may agree with or not) Miraxus is a crack pairing, so all the more reason why people should feel free to ship alternative pairings, or simply dislike the pairing for reasons that are nobody else’s business. Nobody has a right to push the pairing on them and you will never see me doing it or condoning someone doing so.

It should be noted that what I said above also applies to all pairings in general - people are entitled to their opinions, of course, but they should respect other people’s as well.

That said, although I am not personally hurt by this anon’s words, I am somewhat annoyed by them because I don’t think I deserved them. 

Edit: So, it turns out that the character tags on FF.net got deleted likely due to a ‘wrong captcha error’ when I posted (the site has been giving me all sorts of trouble with those lately), although it was still mentioned on the initial A/N that it was a Miraxus fic, not to mention that the summary was quite clear on that much. 

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1) Why did you choose your URL? Because my real name means Knight and my internet-name has been Leo since forever.

2) What is your middle name? “long island”
yes, really

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? My inner 6-year old always wanted a Ninetails, tbh. And a Psyduck. -~- 
A forever pint-sized panda bb would be my main dream nowadays, though

4) Favorite color? Aaalll the blues, as always.

5) Favorite song? …As in just one? Are you mental? 
eeh, random pick out of my top 30: Disparate Youth
Favourite songs at the moment : Dead Air by CHVRCHES, It’s A Fire by Portishead, When I Grow Up by Fever Ray

6) What are your top three fandoms? Nnnnnot my cup of tea in the least, hah. There’s stuff I enjoy, yes, but communities are really not my thing.  

7) Why do you enjoy tumblr?
Pff, it’s nice to have something to do that’s appreciated by others, something that gives ya at least some sense of achievement etc etc
But mostly it’s my friends keeping me here, really. When they go, I’ll probably go too. And they’re dwindling by the day.

8) Tag 9 of your tumblr crushes.
not sure if we’re talking romantic crushes or the most liked/reblogged ones because if it’s the latter there’s really only nine people I can tag but alright, we’re gonna go with that:
yourehereuninvited730, cathedralofsound, histoires-naturelles, lyserklart, shinnythepooh​, weirdidiot​, glassglobedbaobab​, megagrosss​, right-2-left


Divine Poetry Challenge  

Day 3: Shape Poem

Note: I’m approaching these readings with honest analysis, which will include details about my personal life.  Poetry does have a way of stripping down barriers. 

What shapes me into who I am? – Nine of Cups (bliss, wishes granted)

I am the scratch of pencil on paper. I am
the smear of ink.  I am
the pecking of fingers on a keyboard. I am
the solitary note—A at 440 megahertz—before the cacophony of tuning.  I am
synchronized bow strokes.  I am
wet paint.  I am
metaphors, allusion, litotes.  I am
the calm before the storm.  I am
the raging wind channeled into the light of a candle.  I am
beads, shells, wire-wrapped crystals, and the pliers that mold.  I am
the first star at night. I am
the color behind my eyelids.  I am
neurons.  I am. 

How do I shape those around me? – Four of Swords (stillness, mental power)

And if my spirit, ruled by water, shapes you,
may I be the tranquil sea
that holds you up,
and may you trust that I am here,
touching and touched. 

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What if bc sherlocks never kissed anyone before when him and John kiss for the first time Sherlock doesn't know what to do with his hands and he like, half cups John's face, half kind of holds John's ears when they kiss and John tries not to giggle but he actually kind of loves it?? He never tells Sherlock that that's not a normal thing to do :))))

u can stay u get 10 gold stars u go on the good lil students board

American recipes are so annoying. Like what’s up with the cups and spoons measurements? I just fail to understand it and end up spending most of the time on the conversion😂

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what about Khayman? (if I spelled his name right). Also Baby Jenks and the Fang Gang from QotD. And I know a lot of people weren’t happy with him but I loved Antonio and I’m so glad Anne gave one of her original characters a voice.

perladivenezia suggested Khayman for Judgment, I can see that. I need to reread QotD, it seems, I hardly remember secondary characters -.- (ok, all I remeber clearly is Armand/Daniel plot and Armand/Marius reunion, ok, don’t judge me)
I also liked Antoine (I think you meant him) and I want to put him somewhere. I just can’t decide where xD Any ideas? 

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Maybe sneaking up on him was a bad idea, because once she felt the punch, she wailed. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to run off, but feeling him hold her there and press their lips together, she stayed still, unsure of what to think. After they broke away from each other, she cupped her hands over her face, knowing it was bad. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" [idk. she just wants to send all the memes]

Hawkeye sharply exhaled as he pulled away, but kept his hands on her shoulders. “I didn’t know it was you–I swear I didn’t…. I’m so sorry, I just–I didn’t mean to!”

The kiss by way of an apology, but apparently she wasn’t taking it that way.

((LOL ))


Single-serving Cheetos bag and Easy Mac from a cup. 

Bachelor-iplier, livin’ the dream. 

Drunk Minecraft 69