About a month ago, a very special video got my attention. A sweetheart by the name of Heran made a video asking me to be his prom date. He put so much effort into his proposal and it warmed my heart so much. Unfortunately on the date of his prom I was scheduled to do a video shoot and commented saying I couldn’t make it.

Although I can’t reply to every comment, email and video message, I want each of my supporters to know that you mean so much to me. Gaining popularity is a double-edged sword and the journey can often mess with your mind. That’s why one of my greatest priorities is to stay grounded and remind myself what really matters. You matter. Helping people matters. Making people happy matters. Making a difference matters. Love matters.

Two days ago my video shoot got cancelled. Yesterday I reached out to Cerritos High School in LA. This morning I went out to buy a dress. And tonight I had the honour of surprising Heran and his school at their prom.

Despite popular request, I didn’t vlog it and so there is no video. And to be honest I prefer it that way because it isn’t always about views, videos and comments. It’s about genuine appreciation for all of you. However having said that, I am going to post this picture of Heran and I, not because I need any credit, but because this moment genuinely meant so much to me.

Thank you for a great dance Heran. And thank you to all of you who make me smile every day.

-Superwoman xo


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Tonight we will be celebrating her 40th! She is one of my favorite people ever. Her kind heart and thoughtfulness are inspiring. I know I can count on her friendship… and that is priceless! Jen, love you so much!!! Hope you have a great time tonight. Happy Birthday! #friendship #fashion #fashionista #bestie #40thbirthday #birthday #vancity #vancouver #yvr #instacool #instagood #instadaily #style #stylish #lifestyle #estilo #estilosa #estilodevida #whatreallymatters (at Cactus Club Cafe (Coal Harbour))

the supreme example of strength.

due to the current health care requirements of these little miracle hero twins who are unable to leave the home, and the need to be tethered to oxygen 100% of the time, this image was shot yesterday in the confines and hallway of Mandie’s home.
born severely premature and continually trumping over overwhelming odds, these little brothers and family in my neighborhood are the supreme example of strength.
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"One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings."
— Franklin Thomas
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