whatoncewasglory said: “I would imagine not.” He said, just as politely, although the smile seemed to want to morph into a sneer. “Life? Oh, life is…life. Nicer now that I’ve escaped the Time Lock. /That/ was some vacation.”

"It was your own doing…"



Update about the video?

I um.. hit a brick wall. More than one, actually.

Roadblock one: I’ve run out of room on my laptop to download episodes of DW so if I were to finish it, it would have very little Eleven in it and that’s like.. inviting anons to bitch at me. 

Solution: I wait until I get a new laptop and release the video for the 50th anniversary. Quite a long wait… and I’m not sure I’ll be able to transfer the .veg file to my new laptop. My copy of Sony Vegas is a bitch.

Roadblock two: I’ve run out of inspiration, mostly due to roadblock one. The song I’m using gets repetitive and without enough episodes to throw into the mix, it could get stagnant.

Solution: Wait it out, work on it as I’m rewatching DW with my mom and/or Hannah.

So… don’t hold your breath, it won’t be done anytime soon?

whatoncewasglory asked:

Doctor. *He greets the other time lord with a falsely pleasant smile and a polite tone* It's been /such/ a long time.

“Well…of all the people I expected to see today, you weren’t exactly top of the list. How’s life?”

whatoncewasglory asked:

✉ ((It can be for this Master or for the drumless one. :D Whichever one you'd like! *was too lazy to log into my other one*))

((well, doesn’t really matter, hey. But then again, John doesn’t really know this one xD Eh, I’ll do one of each))



I really need a hand. I know you’re probably furious with me and are most likely currently shredding this letter up, but I really need your help. There’s a group of nasty Daleks on my trail and they’ve taken my TARDIS. So I’m hurriedly writing this and sending it in the hope that you’ll find it in your heart to help me. Just this once.




I heard you were back in town. Survived the Time Lock, did you? I’m too surprised, to be honest. Anyway, how are you? Have you got a TARDIS? What are you up to? Not universal domination, I hope. Anyway, I think we should catch up sometime. Might be interesting.

Until then

-John (the Doctor’s metacrisis)