We’re 8 episodes into season 6 and we’ve met Mordo’s parents, learned how Muscle Man and Fives met, had some character development for CJ and met her dad, had another Halloween half hour special and met Muscle Man’s legendary mom, Muscle Man is engaged, Rigby has quit and gotten back his job at the park, we’ve had a crapload of Rigleen, learned Eileen had an insane roommate but not anymore, Eileen also got a flat screen TV, Margaret is freakin back, Benson and Audrey broke up, and Thomas is really a Russian spy who almost got everyone killed and the entire US obliterated and he’s off the show as a recurring character and also his real name isn’t Thomas it’s Nicolai. 

Dang no wonder the fandom’s freaking out.

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Okay, last question. What does Clyde smell like? (It's for science).

He smells like cleaning detergent and a very light scent of vanilla

ugh ok im about to do my hair thing and idk whatll look better stiLL MAYBE ITLL JUST BE A SUPRISE??

apparently like most/all amiibo are compatible with hyrule warriors??? what do they do whatll happen if i try using nessy boy in hyrule fucking warriors

i know its weird, but i wish with all of myself that blaine really has feelings for dave. i mean, im not happy that daves in a relationship with him, but i never want to see himself as a rebound. i was so mad at kurt and sebastian when they jabbed at his insecurities and the way he looked, and if blaine is just using him, hell think that hes not good enough AGAIN. im so scared, hes a suicide survivor. he should not be put through this. he should not be a rebound dropped after blaine gets back with kurt (ew). the ending of ‘home’ ruined all my hope for this though. when dave and blaine cuddle up, blaine looks at kurt with his fucking smug face all like ‘haha kurt look what u lost bitch i bet u jelly’ when instead he should be looking at daves cute smile. omg. blaines gonna break dave and well never ever know whatll happen to him, because as soon as klaine gets back together hes gonna disappear. well never see him again because he served his purpose of getting klaine back together. im crying help. free dave.

queerplanktonic i see more posts on my dash regularly complaining about “how dare people say he still only saw kaneki as food at the end” than i ever see… people saying that. i dont have a strong opinion either way but it seems loads of people are like seriously wounded that anyone could possibly think tsukiyama wasnt Deeply Changed by a Real and Earnest Love for kaneki and this is the only type of meta discussion i end up seeing other than really boring theories about whatll happen next in re or the anime

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Theres a guy where I used to live & we met when he was a senior and I was a freshman so theres a bit of an age difference Its been 2 1/2 years & im moving back there again & weve been into each other since we met but idk how to ask whatll happen w/us

I think first off you should check if that’s a legal age gap since you’re a minor. If it’s not then don’t pursue anything because you could get him into a ton of trouble.

sleepover sunday!

i kind of just realized im probably manipulative like i started talking to this dude earlier this year and i wasnt like “i think i might like him” i was more “hm. you interest me. i wonder whatll happen if i do this.” and basically i kind of. did what i thought might make him get a crush on me and i think he has one on me and i am r e g r e t