you may think you know me and those who don’t are always quick enough to judge the decisions I make. Truth is, not many people know what I’ve been through nor how I got through each situation.

Waking up each day, having no motivation to move out of bed. Fearing the outside world and what people thought of me, not being able to tell anyone incase they didn’t understand.

To be with someone you thought you loved and loved you back to be called a ‘nothing’ by them each and every day for near enough 3 years. Being separated from your family, not knowing what was going to happen next or what mood he would be in. completely unpredictable. Being afraid to speak because you didn’t know what reaction you’d get. Being hit around every day thinking it was normal.


To think of my life the way it was to where I now, it really makes me appreciate the people in my life who have been there and have never given up on me. Everything I’ve achieved since I realised I deserved better has pushed me harder to reach my dreams.

No one in this world should ever be called a ‘nothing’ and accept it. It may have taken me years to realise it, but now I know exactly what I deserve and refuse to settle for anything less. I’m stronger now than ever before..

Those people who ask you to think about what you’re doing and who you are hurting all the time annoy me so much!! Go through what I’ve been through, see what I see, feel how I feel, listen to the voices going on at you 24/7, listen to the bitches all the time, be pushed, tripped, and slapped, put a fake smile on your face every single day, and then, but only then, tell me that I need to consider other people’s feelings before I decide to cut, or purge, or hurt, or end it. A smile hides a thousand tears, and many other serious thoughts, feelings, fears, and actions with it. Get some respect.