Just look at us.  Everything is backwards.  Everything is upside down.  Bankers destroy economies.  Doctors destroy health.  Lawyers destroy justice.  Universities destroy knowledge.  Governments destroy freedom.  The major media destroy information.  And Religions destroy spirituality. – Michael Ellner (If you’re going to nitpick, I added a few things too…)

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Easily, one of the most brilliant vid clips of all time!

I am a humanitarian, entrepreneur, banker, and engineer; but above all, a devoted fan and tireless advocate of the truth and all that is good.

I am an anomaly, anti-ego, energy, spirit, soul, consciousness, peace, love, and tranquility; spread across a light spectrum of green, red, blue and white.

I am a quantum thinker, innovator, math whiz, inventor, strategist, optimist, social networker, wordsmith, perfectionist, vegan, activist, comedian – and a big character.

I am a loving son, a caring brother, an eccentric uncle, a loyal friend, and a kind stranger.

I am an Ivy Leaguer, a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Engineering and an MBA.

I am 50% American, 50% Israeli, and 100% Awesome.

I am SocialBrand (whatissocialbrand.com)…

Watch on eligabay.tumblr.com

This is brilliant - must watch/share. Cause if you can’t occupy wall st., you can at least keep wall st. occupied…