whereistheleftchopstick asked:

i had a frustrating experience on a queer page where someone made a joke about asexuals who don't feel physical attraction; some ppl responded REALLY angrily about how the joke "excluded" grey-As. i'm grey-A demi and have been on the spectrum for years and replied angrily because there's many ways to be ace & i think it's rude to attack people for not managing to include every nuance in a joke, but i worry they might be grey too and were hurt by it. how can i handle a situation like this better?

Sorry this answer was a long time coming… honestly, I don’t know how better to handle anything other than not being angry to start off with? These kind of situations are so specific that you really just have to do what feels right in the moment. General rules for me include trying to be as civil as possible, using as many facts as I can (avoiding emotional responses), and asking questions to make people think about their actions.