Officially Monday!! So it’s the #mcm / mancrushmonday #whateveruwannacallit here is the charming Evan Peters from American Horror Story!! Been obsessing over him for a while now (not that I’m a creep.. just obsessed.) Oh! Might as well put #evanpeters too, notice me people!! Lol..
Well let’s hope that this is going to be a less shitty monday (new semester #funisover #butohwell)

Your happiness is not my sadness because I’m living the truth. I’m free and balanced. I face with problems life throws at my way. I stand up on my own again and again but not by pushing other people down. I don’t depend on anyone. I’m strong. Ignorance is an escape from reality. It’s fake and whether you want to wake up from it or not, the day will come when you have to face with reality and it’s gonna hurt. I choose permanent, real happiness instead of the temporary, fake one. #ignorance #bliss #feelings #true #quote #qotd #happy #strong #free #whateveruwannacallit #tagwhore