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Speaking of Nazi's and science, there was one 'Nazi'-docter, whose name I can't recall and I think was strong-armed into being there, who took advantage of the serious lack of scientific knowledge going about and protected Jews under his care by using them in experiments such as 'sit down for thirty minutes and eat this food'.

That’s Hans Münch, a doctor assigned to Auschwitz. Heinrich Himmler (the overseer of the concentration camps) didn’t have a ton of medical knowledge, so Münch devised a project proposal that essentially didn’t do anything, except that it kept his small group of “test subjects” (in particular, Jewish women) alive.

He was the only one acquitted from the Auschwitz trials in Krakow–largely because of the testimony of Dr. Louis Micheels, who was the prisoner that Münch slipped food, and actually helped escape from Auschwitz just before the camp was abandoned.

whatever you guys really need to grow up acting like you don’t constantly make jokes about aziz ansari being zayn in 1d or any brown dude you see “looking like zayn” or like one of his cousins lol 


Ok, wow. Where to begin?
So I started this account about two months ago, never thinking I’d actually get this far or anything of the sort. But I guess I did, for whatever reason (seriously guys, I’m trash) but anyway, here are some amazing blogs that have been either inspiration, support, or just really great people that you should really, really follow.
In no specific order-
I might have missed a few people but this is just right off of the top of my head
Thank you

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Do you think being called sexy is kinda disrespectful? Once I passed through a group of guys and they said 'hey sexy' I'm a lil disgusted. It's not an ugly group of guys or whatever but I just think that saying those things to girl is unnecessary?

It kind off depends, when you feel really uncomfortable about it and when it let’s you feel so uneasy in public then it is disrespectful for you but some can just take as a compliment and go on with what you’re doing as long as they’re not harassing you or doing something bad to you!

But if you feel offended by it then it’s quite disrespectful and guys like that should stop shouting those things on public!! Especially when they’re strangers!


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