see you on a dark night (i will wait forever)

[carmilla x laura drabble. the beginnings of how to navigate some kind of forever. angst but mostly fluff.]


see you on a dark night (i will wait forever)


& now another clue, i would ask/ if you could help me out/ it’s hard to understand/ because when you’re running by yourself/ it’s hard to find someone to hold your hand


It isn’t easy all of the time: Carmilla has some damage to her that not even your massive amounts of exuberance and cocoa can manage to temper; you aren’t always patient or kind.

But you do very much love her, almost despite yourself. You love when you make her laugh, when she climbs in your bed in the dark, early hours of the morning with freezing hands and warm breath and snuggles into your chest. 

Eventually she tells you, very quietly and usually when you pretend to be asleep—she can hear exactly how fast your heart is beating, so it’s a lying protective measure you grant her—about the things that scare her: thunderstorms, the shower sometimes, elevators, Vivaldi’s “Winter”, action films when the rest of the lights are turned off.

Eventually she kisses you like you’re not going to run away.

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Walker Stalker Convention - Atlanta, GA
  • Paul Wesley:“I’m going to play Caroline [Ian's] going to play Stefan and we’re gonna make out.”
  • Paul Wesley:“It’s basically my idea and my fault that I’m playing like I don’t care that Damon’s gone… but I don’t want you to worry, that’s all temporary.”
  • Ian Somerhalder:“Bonnie and Damon are such unlikely bedfellows, ya know? But he does care about her, a great deal …and she’s hot. That helps.
  • Paul:“Why aren’t you two hooking up?”
  • Ian:“That’s what I said!… Because he’s trying to get back to Elena. That purgatory’s like Vegas… whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in purgatory stays in purgatory BUT…ya know…”True loooove” and all this craziness.”
  • Paul Wesley:“Wait, what did I do to Enzo?”
  • Audience Member:“You killed him!”

anonymous said:

Don't you think Beth will do whatever is necessary to stay alive and escape -- particularly since she won't be staying alive just for herself? As far as she knows, Daryl is completely alone and she knows what that would do to him. So she might be willing to fight a little dirtier than if it was just for herself?

Absolutely! That’s the thing about Beth, she’s not selfish, she puts other’s ahead of her needs. I’m sure she knows that Daryl is looking for her, and she wants to get back to him… She knows how he is and hoe easily he breaks. She won’t simply go out like that. And she won’t get bit… And she won’t die during the MSF! I refuse to believe that. I also refuse to believe that all of Team ATL survives to the end… I just don’t see any scenario that works with her going through hell and being beaten and hurt and assaulted and then having her simply dying before her family gets there and then Maggie and Daryl are just heart broken and destroyed and the rest of the family is done…. Just no. They already killed off one person who always had hope and was truly good ( her dad) she’s not joining him. She’s staying…


so i was talking makoharu headcanons on twitter:

makoto would go to all of haru’s swim tournaments

of course when haru gets out the pool the first person he looks for is makoto

and then my comrade pops up and adds this gem:


when he wins, he smiles a little but looks a little dazed. It’s only when he sees Makoto smiling happily and proudly at him that he smiles wider and he’s smiling cause he won and cause Makoto is there looking at him

and i was like (clutches chest in pain) I HAVE TO DRAW SOMETHING LIKE THIS

  • hehe!!!!!!
  • oh sehun
  • baby peanut vol. 2

Sehun's super cheeky 'hehe!’ when he was ahead of his opponent ٩(͡ಠ◡ಠ)۶


so shim. it’s 12 midnight in Korea and you’ve official turned the ripe old age of 25 years.

Over the years you’ve become even more mature, and witty, and sarcastic and strong, and even through everything, you’ve become happier, cuter and more precious and more handsome and exponentially more sexy, unf. Even though today marks the day you are 10 years older than me, I can’t help but feel like the mother watching her child grow into such an amazing man.

It’s hard to explain how you make me feel, but you can make me feel happy when i’m down and smile even during harder times. Even though this stupid gifset will never allow you to know how grateful I am to you, and how much I love you, I still spent hours downloading and gifing all 21 of these gifs (and tumblr has a limit to both gif size and number of gifs in a photoset!!!) just to find a way to express this.

shim changmin, you’re half way to fifty, and i’m pretty sure even when you’re old and wrinkly, you’ll still be the same changmin that we all know and love today, the shy boy that never wanted to be an idol, the perv that watched porn behind his parent’s backs, the singer and dancer that worked his way up to be where he is today, the fatass that eats whenever and wherever he feels like it and the sarcastic asshole that bullies his hyungs and basically says and does whatever he wants to.

You’ve been so happy these few years, and if I could have anything from you, I would want you to stay that way forever, because you seem to be going through the best years of your life.

Happy birthday chami, ily <3