A thing that I’ve had in my mind for a while. you can totally skip this its not too important its just a thing ive been thinking about

So I just found out Finn Harries goes to my university. I was at a recent event and I was literally inches away from him and I got to see him up close yet I don’t have heart palpitations or anything nor did i even rush to take pictures with him- but then I realized that this man has literally done videos together with dan, and that dan has a massive guy crush on him and was a mess when he saw him (recalling the finn harries incident) and that this man knows dan and phil personally.

Let me rephrase that “I basically draw fanarts make aus and ship two people who someone in my school is personally friends with” and that someone is finn fucking harries.

What a small world

Korean Exchange Program

So there’s this Korean exchange program that my friend told me about…and I really want to go. However, the courses I would be taking there have nothing to do with what I’m majoring in (computer science) [the courses I would be taking are basically asian studies revolving around Korea and obviously the korean language itself] I would be spending an entire semester over there. There have been previous students saying how much fun it is and that the classes are relatively easy and understandable.
BUT D: it has nothing to do with compsci. Also I’m already short a couple of compsci and calc courses :(
So do I go and risk not reaching 3rd year status or stay in vancity and miss this oppertunity? ::cry::


So this is a thing.  And, in my effort to find out about it and learn to avoid it, I’ve discovered something.

Ableism is unavoidable.

Basically, it is the use of language that may denigrate or euphemise certain disabilities, much like sexism or homophobia.  

However, what makes it even harder is the pervasiveness of words in our culture that are considered ableist.  For example:

If someone is to accidentally cut you off in traffic, what would you say?





Well, as it turns out, three of the four terms above are ableist, and the fourth is homophobic.

See what I mean?  In my desire to be a more open person, I have realized that in order to be completely, 100% not homophobic, sexist, or ableist, one must never insult anyone ever, save with made-up words like gigglemuffin.  

Oh, that could be sexist.  Shit.

This makes for some tough mental gymnastics.  How can I be an ass, while simultaneously not being a *huge* ass?  

I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

However, in spite of the wrists, I still managed to write a little story in honor of today.

May 14, 1804, when the Lewis and Clark Expedition set out from St. Louis.

It’s … a silly little story that’s not really connected, only I guess it kind of is.  A little sketch, modern Lewis and Clark, in which Billy explains a tattoo that he’s got.

I don’t know; I had to do something to commemorate the day.

Mostly decent, but plenty implied.

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I hate periods because it’s like a rollercoaster of this hurts, I love you, no fuck you, I’m hungry, I’m horny as fuck but no wait this hurts and I just -
I take very good care of my uterus. Why is it trying to kill itself?

I don’t mean like take good care of it like fapping
Oh this is worded badly.

Has anyone ever felt like they could belong to all of the Hogwarts houses? Or to none of them?

I mean, it’s like:

–> Sure, I can be brave, but I’m too much of a coward sometimes.

–> Sure I can be just, but sometimes I can be very judgemental and completely unfair. Sure

–> Sure, I’m extremely smart (not being narcissistic), but similar to right now, I’m going, “Is that even the correct way to spell narcissistic? How do you even spell *that word*?!?

–> Sure, I can be very ambitious at times, but I’m not a very cunning person.

Where do I belong? And is it just me that goes through this?