What color is love - my opinion on the movie

What color is love? got me thinking deep.

As a black law student and young woman, I felt stuck between the two sides who were fighting over Noah.

I agreed with Ty and Beverly, I agreed that for Noah’s sake he was best with his black father and family. Who would teach him important lessons in life, be a good father to him, comfort him and protect him and help him when it comes to his roots and all the things fathers teach best.

But I also felt like Ty had no right taking him away from his mother.

A child who’s both parents can be there, should both be there for him.

Noah’s mother fought for him, like every mother should.

She loves her child and has every right to be there and participate in his education.

The character who struke me the most was Beverly’s: she is the one who has to deal with the pain of being cheated on and the entrance of Noah in the family and yet she still puts Noah’s wellbeing first, as mothers do, she does her best to integrate him in the family. She is this strong, beautiful, intelligent woman, who I aspire to be in life.

And although I feel like the big question: ‘How can a white mother of a mixed child, help her child best when it comes to racism?’ hasn’t really been answered, I loved the fact that at the end: the two mothers connect and bound to help give Noah the best love and life he deserves.