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"Why don’t you ever wear a bra? STRAIGHT WHITE MALE" HAHA "straight white male" so funny. Seriously what the hell does this have to do with being straight or white. Would it sound different coming from a black person's mouth. 99% of these "straight white men" posts not only don't make sense but have nothing to do with being a "straight white man."

no sense at all.

-the Polish one

COMMENTS; I just fell in love while writing this. It was so fluffy and cute and aw okay I’m just going to let you read this one and see what you think of it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; Crazy children, AoU spoilers, seriously fluffiness and swearing

As I sat down, covered head to toe in peanut butter, I couldn’t help but question everything.

Like, why the hell was I surrounded by the world’s largest candy explosion, with the faint soundtrack of Thomas the Tank Engine in the far distance.

And, mostly important, why the hell was Captain America wearing a bra on his head.

I would’ve laughed at the expression on his face if it wasn’t for the small burst of yellow dress as the energetic bundle, known as Lila Barton, churned past knocking into my chair. The small girl grinned at me wickedly as she clambered up onto my lap, her eyes- the same colour as Clints, with the same mischievous glint- gleamed and sparkled. My cheeks twitched as she reached out a finger, dragging it across my left cheekbone, before lifting it to her mouth, smacking her lips together dramatically. My eyes squinted at her as she let out a squeal, her fingers sticky from the peanut butter that had pasted my features.

“Yummy!” The miniature she-devil exclaimed, her cherub face shining with delight. As she marvelled over her “masterpiece”, I couldn’t help exchange a look with my boyfriend, who was looking rather distressed.

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No seriously. I’ve been enjoying my new swishy skirts, but it’s hell trying to wear them with nothing but undies beneath, and my two pairs of knockaround linen pants are in desperate need of patching.

Thankfully, Kohls had a sale on men’s cotton lounge shorts. No more itching, no more chub rub. Just breezy comfy goodness.

Hey clothing designers? Make some shorts like these for the women’s section! Cis-chicks need room in the crotch too, you know!

(Note: Technically they’re not “men’s” shorts, that’s just what the website said. They’re shorts, and I bought them, and I’m wearing them, therefore they are my shorts, and screw these needlessly gendered clothing labels.)

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Are you implying that markiplier ISNT a transmisogynist because lmao he literally made that post like it's real there's no denying it. What happened to the xkit guy was awful but there's a difference between harassing an innocent guy w/ no evidence of his wrongdoings and ""harassing"" a known, actual transmisogynist.

((Holy shit. Hoooooooooly shit. Are you serious right now? Based on the fact that you sent this message in the first place, you know exactly what I’m implying. I’m not arguing with you over this.

If you seriously think that Markiplier putting on makeup in an impossible challenge video and wearing a dress as a costume in another video makes him transmisogynist, just do us both a favor and unfollow me.

People are so hell-bent on making Markiplier look bad when he’s done so many great things for charity and for his fans. I look up to him as a person, and I don’t believe he is transmisogynist.))

5SOS logo rant

I am so fucking mad at undefeated!! Their logo looks nothing like the old 5SOS logo. I mean, IT SERIOUSLY SAYS 5SOS ON IT!! How the fuck could you get them mixed up unless you’re blind? Ashton has a tattoo of the tally because this band fucking helped him stop self harming, but noooo that doesn’t mean shit to them! All they care about is their customers getting confused because they’re too damn lazy to even look at what they’re buying. The tally has meaning to it, whereas undefeated probably just used it because they thought it looked cool. And who the hell even wears undefeated? I’ve never even seen one person wear their clothes. But none of that matters and we’re stuck with a shitty logo that looks like it belongs on monster high. Like what the fuck? People aren’t gonna take them seriously because of this because their logo looks so childish. They’re already trying to break the boyband label and it just got ten times harder for them. But at least undefeated is fucking happy!

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hi i love your account and i wanted to ask of you have any tips on losing weight because I'm really struggling and i always end up binging

hey lovely, aw thankyou!! i know it’s hypocritical and probably not what you want to hear, but seriously healthy eating and and a good exercise routine will work wonders. it might be a slow progress but it’ll save you all this hell and you’ll keep the weight off in the long run. it’s good to have something that inspires you to lose weight, so maybe write up the reasons you want to lose weight eg. to feel great, to look amazing, to wear whatever i want, to be healthy, to be comfortable in my own skin. those kind of things, just any reason or person and put it up somewhere you’ll see it everyday. it sounds kind of stupid but its such good motivation! xxxx


I’m very pissed off. Rape culture is a thing.
I don’t understand why someone would ask me what I was wearing while getting (Side note: I have not been through this traumatic experience and I am deeply sorry to anyone and everyone who has) raped. Who are you to ask me “what were you wearing?” CLOTHES DON’T FUCKING MATTER. I DON’T ASK FOR IT IF I’M NAKED OR IF I’M IN WINTER CLOTHES, MY CLOTHES WOULDN’T FUCKING MATTER.
I need to stop before I start yelling.
But seriously, don’t ask a victim if what they were wearing “influenced” the sickening creature of hell. Your job is to help the victim get the prosecuted to court and jail their ass.

emilydeschanell replied to your post:literally every fucking thing that cam wears:…

Let her live :(

open letter of apology to cam: i know you’re in hell right now soz honey but seriously where is ur fiscal responsibilty gone re: ur wardrobe 

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what if she and arastoo go shopping together??? what if

omg….they probs do tho and he probably isnt even helpful because he’d think she looks hot in like anything she tries on so essentially he’d be useless in this situation LMAO 

6 Ingenious Old School Ways to Weatherproof a Blowout

Spring’s morning fog and summer’s afternoon humidity can throw any woman’s beauty regimen into a tailspin. This is especially the case when it comes to maintaining a silky blowout. And then if your hair is naturally wavy​ or curly, your hair follicles are just waiting to puff up and coil up again. While rocking our natural texture can make life easier, some of us love switching things up and wearing it straight when the mood strikes.

Before we heard of things like anti-frizz sprays or keratin treatments, there were techniques we as Latinas had been using for years like wrapping our hair around our heads or rocking pin curls while out. Yes, we subjected ourselves to “what-the-hell-is-that, are-you-seriously-wearing-that” stares, but belleza no sabe dolor, right? Here six old school ways to keep that perfect blowout from turning into a hot mess.

Make shower caps your BFF. Shower caps can help maintain and extend your blowout while you shower. Look for one with terry-cloth lining inside that will keep hair smooth, soft, and frizz-free.

Knitted hats are the incognito shower cap. Yes, we admit, this fall and winter staple has gotten us through more than a few commutes frizz free: Never mind if it was more than 90 degrees outside on one or more of these occasions and it didn’t match our mini dress and open-toe shoes. The end justifies the means.

Do pin curls (a.k.a. anchoitas). Pin curls are a quick and easy way to boost volume. Just roll up one section of hair at a time with your fingertips, secure them with bobby pins, and let them sit for a few minutes. This temporary updo lets us apply our makeup and get dressed for an event with our hair out of the way. If we need to run an errand in between, we’ll keep them on — no matter who’s watching.

Do a “doobie.” The classic doobie, which Rihanna also famously rocked at the American Music Awards in 2013 helps keep hair smooth and sleek. After a blowout, carefully brush and and wrap hair using a flat paddle brush, pinning it into place using bobby pins as you go. You can stop there, or take it a step further by securing it with a hair net, scarf, or both.

Fan your hair out. If you don’t have the skills or time to wrap or arrange your hair in pin curls, try carefully fanning it out above your head to keep frizz-causing perspiration from wreaking havoc.

Wash only your roots: If dry shampoo isn’t cutting it, try sectioning off just enough of our face, framing strands, dive head first into the sink and shampoo the oily parts right under the faucet. No matter how curly your hair might be naturally, tackling a small section with a hair dryer can do the trick if you’ve got a special event and just can’t make it to the salon.

Do you have any other ingenious ways of fighting frizz?

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Name: taco/ruth
Birthday: july 6th
Gender: shrug
Sexual Orientation: who knows anymore
Height: 5′2
Favorite Color: black, red, blue
Time and Date: 12:06am 
Average Hours of sleep: never
Lucky Number: not a single one
Last thing I Googled: some sauce recipe
First Word that comes to my mind: taco
How many blankets I sleep under: one. bc we only have one :c
One place that makes me happy: hell
What I’m wearing right now: pajamas. as always
Favorite Fictional Character: dont even get us started
Favorite Book: the divine comedy
Last movie I saw at the Cinema: we havent seen one in like 2years
Last book I read: the divine comedy
Favorite Drink: tea, soda?? idk
Favorite food: tacos
Dream Vacation: hell
Dream Wedding: hell
Dream Pet: a viscous killer rabbit
Dream Job: satan 
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I had this weird dream.

I was out in public or something, just minding my own business, and this woman comes up to me and says something about my clothes and about how I was going to hell or some shit and how my mother would be so disappointed. I don’t remember the specifics.

But I do remember what I said to this bitch.

I said, “Let me guess, you’re one of those people who would tell me I deserve to be raped because of what I was wearing. You know what no, where’s my mother? Where’s your mother, did she not teach you about stranger danger? For all you know I could be some psycho serial killer and guess what, you just pissed me the hell off.”

I wish I was as badass in real life as I was in my dreams.

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Dude srsly what the hell, is your life so sad that you take to making fun of people who are enthusiastic about something? Or are you just a sadist? Who the fuck cares if liking Attack on Titan isn't original or some shit. If this person gets pleasure out of wearing a god damn hoodie then who the fuck are you to take that from them. Like seriously dude grow the fuck up and get a life out side of be a fucking bitch. Find something that makes you buy a hoodie, and don't be an asshole

Don’t you find it just a little bit weird that you got angry enough to take the time to actually spit off all this nonsense rather than just ignore the damn post?
The whole thing is joke because,

1- I love attack on titan.
2- The dude is my friend and his friend next to him is too.
3- I actually really like anime in general.
4- I’m a freshmen myself.
5- He encouraged me to post it.

So don’t get your panties twisted in such a knot. Not everything you see on the internet is gonna be serious and hateful. So fuckin’ chill, bro.

Holy tutus, what a looooong day.
🔥Recital Week🔥 is what I like to call it, though it’s really 3 days of practice and rehearsals. But I really don’t look forward it. I am worn OUT by the end. Would you believe me if I told you I was an #introvert?
👀😳 Being around all these 👤👥 wears me the hell out. SO much going on, parents giving orders, kids rushing around, lights, camera, action! 😨😣😁

Seriously if you are a true 💃dance mom, mad props to you. My head is still
💫💫💫 from tonight’s rehearsal. But my little 👭 are happy. And that’s all that really matters. 😌

#family #daughters #ballerina #rehearsal #dance #momofgirls #momlife #sahm #happiness #freedom

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Seriously, what is your problem? "Gamer slut", "only wearing cosplay clothes"? You realize that she hand-made it all, and is an incredibly active and talented member of the Tokyo Ghoul fandom? But god forbid someone SMILE, that completely invalidates all hard work and passion a person actually has and instead means they are a "slut". Please grow the hell up and stop acting like the Fandom Police.

alright then. it`s surprising how many “anonymous” messages i got and I answer none. I respect you for having the guts to speak your mind without being anonymous .

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..I can't believe you almost forgot.. I thought what I decided we had was special? Are you seriously challenging me to go all Scorpion on your ass just to get you to wear a shirt that matches mine? 'Cause I will. I totes will. I'll do it in a heartbeat. I'll get you in that shirt. (I love you too, pretty lady.) -I'm running out of ways to say I'm not Fin

Hell yes, I’m challenging you. Bring it on! I’m only agreeing because you mentioned Scorpion. You dug your own grave. You are Fin. You know things only Fin would know. So give it up. 

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A stereotypical genie's veil, bandeau and baggy pants

“What the hell, voice?” She rips off the veil and chucks it away, “You’re seriously making me wear a veil?”

“Besides that, this is actually pretty comfortable though.” She moves around a bit, seeing if she could fight in the clothes. She could.

“I’ll keep it.” she smiles.

#MiniRant Ugh! Be curious all you want but can I have my personal space in peace tho? Don’t scalp me either, it’s disgusting and creepy! – In the words of @jenniferrosenyc its like grabbing someone’s tits! (Seriously)… dude had the nerve to say “if you don’t want ppl to make a big deal out of your hair, you shouldn’t wear it like that then.” – Um. Ok. Problem solved then, right? And what the hell does “like that then” even mean?? – He was a drunk Asian man but so what! Lol! – A few weeks ago some chick claimed my hair was getting in her drink and she wanted me to move. Yet there was plenty of room for her to MOVE! Girl Me and my Fro ain’t here for you! I felt like taking my pick out to make it worse but I’m a better person than that. Hehe 😝 – My afro is a part of me just as my eyes are brown. I should have a right to just BE without anybody projecting their ignorance or insecurities onto me with the intention of making me uncomfortable in response to my hair making them uncomfortable. –But that’s in a perfect world huh? – My Fro is just gonna get bigger and bigger soooo… Excuse me in advance. K? – #DropKick it is 👀😁✌️ by tarenguy http://ift.tt/1zQ5kvd