What I want from 6A

1. Wren better show up! You’re literally the best option for this Big A thing. So let’s do this! 

2. Even if Jason isn’t BigA, I feel like he definitely helped. I need more info on him and his construction at Nana’s house. 

2. Somebody better give me a better explanation for Ali being this amazing person now. She was a mean bitch before, so someone tell me what changed! I know she embellished her story about “that night” so I need to know more!

3. What the heck happened in Iceland? I know the Montgomery’s left for a reason. If no one else did something that night, I know Aria sure did. 

4. Melissa. I have never really bought her sob story about protecting Spencer. I have a feeling she’s always been working with A. 

5. What was the point of Nate? (Lyndon James) Yeah yeah, he “killed” Maya. But at this point I think we all know that he was crazy, but he wasn’t the one who killed her (if she’s even dead).

6. Who got Ali pregnant? Byron? Ezra? Ian? Wilden? Beach Hottie (Wren)? No one admits to having sex with Ali but someone sure did! So someone is lying. 

7. Is Sarah Harvey alive or is Bethany? My bets are on Bethany and that we know her but I want to know how Sarah was connected. 

8. Eddie!!!! WHERE ARE YOU? In the barrel? And why? 

9. The Hastings, particularly Peter, seem to be extremely involved. The entire 5x25 episode kind of revolved around Spencer and her family. So what is it that they did?

10. How is it that Ezra did so much research but has no information to provide in order to help the girls figure anything out? 

What are some things you guys would like to know?! Let me know! Xx

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Brienne Book Two- A Clash of Kings:   "You have courage.  Not battle courage perhaps but…I don’t know…a woman’s courage.“

Brienne in GOT Season Two:  "You have courage. Not battle courage perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage.”

Game of Thrones Official Twitter:  “You have courage. Not battle courage perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage.” - Brienne SHARE: http://twitpic.com/9ha6fn 

Brienne in GOT Season Three:  “You whine, and cry, and quit.  You sound like a bloody woman.”


humans are weird because whenever we are reading a book/ watching a series we yearn to know what happens next but will murder the heck out of someone if they spoil it for us


We’re back from our trip to PA, which we have officially titled, “My Trip to Pennsylvania: Is That a Spider?”

We have a TON of new followers like HOLY COW, and I spent about 99.9% of the trip away from the computer, but I’m pretty sure the influx is largely because of Write World and FYCD (◕‿◕✿) iloveyouguysok

I suspect many stuck around only for the camp, but as it stands, we’re SO freaken close to our next follower feature already, which is really awesome. We’ll see how things go in the near future.

Anyway, blog stuff later (and our announcement, which I’m super nervous about, guys) since we’re still in the de-trip process. Meanwhile, how did the camp go for you all? How’s the word count and/or general story progress? Anyone done with finals yet?

(EDIT: I totally forgot to mention but the ask box is still closed for now. We’ll let everyone know when it’s open again!)