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Or if you have a suggestion let me know. I’m looking for something less gendered that suits me and feels comfortable. So let me know what you think or what you would vote for!!! It would be a huge help.

So uh. I came out to my mom today. Yea. That was a thing that happened…

Alright time for me to attack the Grell Gender Drama that for whatever reason has reawakened.

This is actually partially gonna be in response to this anon Bug got

I’m also gonna use some of my personal experience with dysphoria and misgendering here, though I am DFAB genderfluid, not a DMAB transwoman


I’ll start off with the usual arguments of why people claim Grell is a cisman:

  • The pronouns Yana uses for them
  • They call themself “okama” (as does Yana)
  • The ever-disgusting “other characters use he/him pronouns” and “they have a penis” (wonderful transmisogyny if you use those ones)

For the pronouns Yana uses, “kare,” I can’t say much. I’ve read that it’s actually gender-neutral, just translated to he/him. I can’t confirm this, I know very little about Japanese pronouns. Also, it is possible for creators to misgender their own characters. I’ve done it before. 

Next, the use of “okama” in reference to Grell. Both Grell and Yana use it for them, and it’s slang for “effeminate gay man,” and okama are known to use the same speech Grell uses, onee-kotoba. Altogether it makes a pretty good argument, as well as the fact that in Japan okama are often equated with transwomen, and are seen as wanting gender reassignment surgery. 


One thing I don’t see brought up nearly enough is Grell’s gender dysphoria - literally the reason she helps Madam Red as Jack the Ripper is because she relates to her because neither of them can have children. She’s upset with her body. She wants gender reassignment surgery, and I know the stereotype of okama, but let me put it this way:

okama = gay man = no dysphoria (assuming we’re talking cis gay men)

grell + dysphoria + desire for gender reassignment surgery =/= gay man

grell = not cis

Why then, would she call herself an okama?

Because hey! Sometimes trans people and non-binary people misgender themselves! I’m going to speak as if Grell were a real person for a bit now:

It’s entirely possible that Grell would’ve called herself an okama either before she realized her identity or as a way to act as herself without coming out. I mean, she doesn’t exactly live in the most accepting of times as far as gender goes. And if she called herself okama for however long (maybe 80ish years; she does at one point in the Tale of Will the Reaper OVA refer to herself as male), it could be hard for her to stop, even after she came out as transgender. For example: I am genderfluid. I don’t like it when people call me a girl unless I specifically say I’m feeling like a girl; I prefer neutral pronouns. However, I call myself a girl all the time because for so long I’d called myself a girl. Frankly, it’s hard to stop. See how that works? It’s a habit, and a hard one to break

Obviously Grell isn’t real, but looking at the facts of her dysphoria and desire for gender reassignment surgery, I find it very hard to believe she’s a cisman, even with the stereotype of okama. Because all it is is a stereotype: cis gay men do not have gender dysphoria. Grell does. Grell is not cis.

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Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character
I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or
are currently playing somewhere else:


                                         EVERETT GRAVES: ORIGINAL CHARACTER.


Cocking a foot back, Everett Graves lightly kicks the exposed sole of your shoe
to get your attention. The man is an unflattering motley of colours, navy blue
boots, mustard yellow pants, a battered Twisted Sisters shirt, and a jacket so
red it’s blinding. Though it’s unflattering, it could almost pass for a fashion
statement – but truth be told, the colours all look the same to him. Grey, grey,
and greyer.

He sniffs, wipes his freckled nose with the back of his sleeve. Kicks again.

     “Hey. Can you drive me home.”


     “’M drunk.”


     “And totaled my car just now.”

It’s then you notice a shard of glass embedded, glittering and red and ugly, in his face.

So there was this idiot guy who’s been chatting with me,

and he clearly has no respect for “different” people. He talked to me thinking I was a guy, I didn’t mind that, but then he saw pics of me and was all like “I wouldn’t have been so opened if i knew you were so beautiful”, and I was like “why can’t you just talk to me no matter what I look like?”

And he also read about my gender problems, then suggesting to me I start a website where I’m a dominatrix.

I told him to leave me alone since he clearly didn’t understand anything I’d written (I guess he’s from “United Nations of Offended”…), and he wrote “maybe he should focus on my beautiful face instead”, and that pissed me off.

He called me “Goddess” agains my will, offending my gender confusion, and just yesterday he’s like “and you are a woman by the way”, and I was like “Huh?!”

Like that was his last way to insult me, not respecting me as an agender/non gender person what so ever. He’s like the dumbest guy I’ve ever met, and then he wrote “but Satan loves you” and apparently he thought all of this gender confusing thing has to do with me being “destructive” as he put it.

What a dumb shit. 

petition for ‘boy clothes’ and ‘girl clothes’ to be considered ‘clothes’

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Orange blossom

Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?

I don’t care what gender my kid is and they can choose what they look like, that’s not up to me to decide 

Thank you for sending this!

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What was your kid like? What was their death like...? I know these are kinda vague questions, but I'm curious.

Ok I’m gonna put this under a cut bc it’s gonna contain death and stuff. But thanks for asking! And hopefully this read more will work.

#death #violence

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