Same person, same day (same hour), same place, same lighting, same base makeup products, same camera and filters, zero manual editing.  Yeh. <3

(or side by side comparisons of some photos from my last 2 selfie sets, ‘cause it amuses me.  Sorry for the repetition ^ ^;)

Happy Munday baes <3


please stop


WOW!  i cant believe i actually got these decent looking.  but!! i made 9 outfits for F sims on aelia’s androgyny opens boots mesh (graciously reuploaded 4 me by azaya) and i thought i would share them.  someone asked me the other day ‘drew why do u not have any trans male sims?' or something along those lines and i was like 'well there aren’t very many clothes that rly fit my ~style~ cause even my cismale sims have a certain style that i wasnt rly seeing replicated for F sims so i decided to make some on my own.  anyway pls lmk if i messed anything up, im still kinda new at making stuff and this involved a lot of mashing together textures and alphas so who knows what could have gone wrong haha.  mesh is included :) textures yanked from azaya, club crimsyn, jessy, and a sweater that i got from the default database but there is only has a direct download link to it so idk who made it~ i didnt make a swatch i just didnt rly feel like it ehehh


although tbh my beef is not so much with the existence of portrayals of dfab trans characters wearing binders being a common thing, its like. ok i’m gonna use a hypothetical because the words for this feeling are escaping me right now but. an artist gets an ask, the have been prompted to draw a dfab trans character. and the artist draws them half nude except for a binder or something to Show that they are trans. like. its putting the focus back on the “””trans body”” and the idea of gendered bodies 

and it makes me uncomfortable when cis artists (especially) do this. i mean for me, when i draw trans characters naked or half naked or what  the fuck ever, its in the mindset of body positivity and trying to escape the notion that bodies inherently have gender , and its to reassure myself that my gender is valid no matter what my body looks like. but with other portrayals i get this uncomfortable feelin that trans characters are just . suffering because of their bodies. so its a degrading rather than freeing thing. 

i feel hypoctricial because feleing awful about yourself and ur body is part of life and its at reality for trans people but its !! its not the only thing about being trans or being fucking ALIVE!! and it seems fuckign obvious but i keep seeing media repeatedly portraying being trans as this sob story….

theres so much gray area to this but im Tired, and i also am having a hard time with words today so excuse m


Help me pick a new name!!!

Here are some options that I like:

Or if you have a suggestion let me know. I’m looking for something less gendered that suits me and feels comfortable. So let me know what you think or what you would vote for!!! It would be a huge help.


AUDIO/VISUAL: a lincoln larkin ep - [listen]

Should I join a trans-specific dating site, or is that too risky?

theeeeere’s a crow bot

aaaand she’s awesome

if i was not already lost i am now lost


in seventeen days im cutting my hair

but tbh I want to cut it now like what the fuck my hair my decision
like people at my school and even people I know are like “but yo let ur hair grow so you look like a girl!!”

don’t get me wrong, I have no problem looking like a girl, but when it comes to the point you’re calling me out on shit because you don’t like how I look, suck it up, buttercup.

excuse the fuck you, my choice how I dress or how my hair looks or even what geNDER I IDENTIFY AS is my fucking choice.
If I wanna look like a girl, I’ll choose that.
if not, I’ll choose that too.
don’t you fucking tell me otherwise or you’ll have this fucking all star up ur ass.
and besides I’ve had long hair as a child, I don’t care if you go “well I didn’t see it so…” because excuse you bitch, I loved here with short hair. I’m leaving this place with short hair.
“but you’ll look like a boy!” so?
“a lot of people will mistake you for a guy again!” okay and? I don’t mind it. It happens
oh well. No need to throw a bitch fit over it
“my moms a hair stylist, she thinks that you should grow your hair long so it’ll fit your face” your mom never has fucking seen me, hELL I DONT EVEN KNOW U???? and uh excuse u again the hair cutter I have rn aka my aunt is gr8 and she knows her shit too thank
“but but but! its bad that you have a guy nickname! what if people mistake you for that now??” um, so? jay isn’t that bad od a nickname for a girl. and guess what?

if I want my fucking hair short, let me fucking cut it, don’t you fucking tell me I can’t because I won’t look or I’ll look like a specific gender.

the fucking last time I checked my hair on my head doesn’t have genitals, so don’t you dare tell me I can’t “have a guy/u gotta have a girl haircut” like no
my hair is gender neutral
thank u

rant over but seriously this is fucking pissing me off

anonymous asked:

1) How many languages can you speak? 2) Who's your biggest celebrity crush? 3) Do you believe in love? 4) Watch the movie or read the book? 5) If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you? 6) What is your relationship with food? 7) What three people do you care the most about? 8) Do you consider yourself pretty? 9) Do you think of yourself as brave? 10) Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?

  1. I speak 5 languages.
  2. Celebrity Crush is obvious Captain America himself, Chris Evans, but I also am obsessed with Tyrese Gibson so that’s a tie.
  3. I do believe in love.
  4. I always read the book before I watch a movie so I can see how much the movie sucks compared to the book.
  5. I would never choose my childs gender or what it would look like. That’s science you shouldn’t mess with.
  6. I fucking love food. It’s my life and my job.
  7. My parents and Finn probably.
  8. No I don’t consider myself pretty, I consider myself beautiful and a Goddess because I am.
  9. I’m definitely brave, yes. I am Gryffindor though and through and that honestly means much more than bravery, but you get the idea.
  10. Yes, because it was my father.