“But how can you be so sure”

What I find so interesting about this fandom is the diversity of opinions regarding Larry. You’ve got those that believe in it 100%, those that believe its a 100% fictional relationship created in our minds, those that flip-flop back and forth every day, and a range of others. 

A common question I consistently see coming up on my dash is “what makes you believe” or “how can you be 100% sure”, as if some blogs on here have some magical answer they’re going to give you that will make all your doubts disappear. I’m sorry, they wont. Don’t get me wrong, this fandom has an incredible amount of knowledge but no one knows your doubts but you, thus, no one knows how much ‘convincing’ you require. 

The reason I say this is because these “how can you be so sure” questions are the same things people use to pick larrie’s theories apart. For example, maybe I joined the fandom because I watched a million fandom evidence videos and it convinced me 100% and I couldn’t see any other explanation for it. Well, then when someone asks me ‘what makes me so sure’ then obviously I’m going to be thinking of what convinced me to help convince you. However, you might think those videos are a load of BS. Another example, maybe I joined the fandom after seeing Yahoo UK’s  larry articles and thought the tattoos were the least platonic thing on the planet and that gave me my ‘ah ha’ moment. Again, this is going to be my first reference point when someone asks me why I’m so sure whereas you might think the tattoos aren’t a big selling point. 

If you’re new to the fandom or only kind of believe in Larry, just remember you’re on your own journey. It took me several months for everything to click whereas it took others only a certain moment between H/L or a few days of research. If you have doubts about something then I encourage you to address those doubts with your own research first, then ask for opinions. I do 100% support asking other blogs for opinions, but I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that blogs are less inclined to answer an ask when the person is making an unsound argument/opinion.

Also, if you want, you can read under the cut about other bloggers “ah ha larry moment’ and how long it took. As you can see, the responses vary: 

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Can I just say thank you to the anon who pointed out a very simple, obvious canon fact that constantly gets ignored for some reason I cannot fathom: Stefan was specifically shutting Caroline out at the beginning of the season. Specifically. He was exchanging weekly phone calls with ALARIC for crying out loud. He was fine talking to everyone EXCEPT Caroline. Why does fandom always ignore what that means?

LOL THANK YOU ANON! It’s seriously so simple like I can’t even, and while I understood it at first once 6x08 aired that argument is no longer valid, you’re just wrong.

And it’s sooooo obvious that she’s the one getting to him, look at how Stefan can’t look her in the eye for long and trying to hide the fact that everything she’s saying is the truth.

And this was his reaction to seeing her name on his phone screen

And then TA-DA! the writers just spelled it and yet the fact continues to be questioned.

^ Notice he can look her in the eyes finally.

ETA: This is also why it made sense that Stefan was Caroline’s emotional trigger because in a way Caroline was Stefan’s as well earlier in the season. Caroline was the one who made him break down and admit he wasn’t grieving the loss of Damon. She was also the only one who could break through to him and he knew it which is why he pushed her way the most. It does parallel what happened later in the season with Caroline needing to push Stefan away because she didn’t want to grieve her mother and he was the one who could push her to break.

I don’t know who will win at the end of this competition between fandoms, I don’t care who is right or wrong, I don’t care about the drama that DE fans always put in everything that regards Bamon and I don’t care if someone thinks that the bamon fandom doesn’t deserve attention. What I really care is that we are an amazing and genuine fandom, that we put all ourselves for what we believe in, that we don’t need drama to take the attention. We already have attention without being rude, petty or aggressive. Just remember that a star that lights of its own light is visible also in the darkest night, that is visible also if it doesn’t do anything to appear. The bamon fandom is that star because no matter what they can say and no matter how many tricks they can use, they can’t change the fact that we are finally at the same level of the other fandoms. And they can’t change the fact that the media appreciate us. Reaching a goal of 1K votes per day is the best victory for all.

Shout-out to all the oc Hetalia blogs out there!

You’re doing great, so keep trying your best of having fun with your character, regardless of this fandom’s hypocritical attitude and double standards towards ocs. 

Even if you get somethings wrong now and then, or make a mistake, its fine! Its natural, and you have no specific guidelines to follow with ocs. Just keep trying and learning, no matter what people say you will get better overtime, and your muse will get better overtime as well. 

Play them as you see them, remember the important things, but don’t be afraid to take a little creative freedom either; that’s all throughout Hetalia itself after all.

Just remember to have fun, and don’t let anyone ruin it for you.<3

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I've seen some posts of Swen thinking that something bigger is happening soon for SQ because Lana is talking about SQ and "the tide is turning," (meaning the media actually talks about Regina and Emma and sometimes mention SQ shippers) but what are they talking about? What bigger thing is happening?

Some of them think Swan Queen is going to be a thing.  Because they’re shippers and all ships have a group who thinks they’re end game.  And there is nothing at all wrong with them thinking and celebrating that.  

Most of them though are talking about something very different than that.  They’re talking about a tide of respectability.  They are talking about the production being more willing to acknowledge if not warmly embrace this side of their fandom.  You have to remember that SQ fandom has been fighting for acknowledgement for years and many feel that recent events (YNB excluded) indicate that there is more comfort in saying “these people are fans of the show and we love them too.”

I’m not entirely sure that tide is turning.  But I know a lot of people who believe so and who am I to play negative nelly on their parade.

You always have to understand that there are two things going on when you talk about Swan Queen.  There is the ship stuff which is about Emma and Regina and fangirling and the story.  That’s just like every other ship in the fandom.  And then there is the identity politics of the ship which is NOT like every other ship in the fandom.  

Swan Queen is a massive portion of the fandom.  It encompasses a platonic friendship that is one of the central pillars of the show.  And a large number, probably the majority, of Swan Queen shippers are LGBT.  The productions previous behavior, which included screening out all questions even when they were not inappropriate at a couple of major cons, and some of the actors hot and cold relationship with that portion of the fandom have left many members of the community leery that this is discriminatory.  It’s hard to credibly argue it is not.  And some view the production’s hesitancy to acknowledge the fandom at all as having given open season by homophobic gatekeepers.  Just look at the responds to any tweet the official ABC twitter account does that features Emma and Regina, or any article that talks about the friendship favorably and you will see the comment sections full of some pretty vile things.

And frankly it doesn’t have to be that way.  Many productions have a perfectly fine relationship with LGBT shipper fans without this nonsense.  Agent Carter comes immediately to mind.  The production doesn’t have to embrace Swan Queen as a romantic story to treat all their fans with respect.  

So when people on my dash are talking about the tide turning it’s about that, not about ideas of end game.

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What other girls in the fandom do you stan

Iffah, Emma, Charlotte, Sara, Aaliyah(sorry if I spelled that wrong), Hailee(sorry if I spelt that wrong as well) , Kristen, Idil and Arnitta (sometimes).

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i'm sorry you and other shippers are getting hate. you don't deserve it. the double standards between girl/guy and girl/girl ships are ridiculous. i don't know what taylor thinks she is doing but it's coming across as pretty homophobic, which i know she isn't. you're doing nothing wrong, hope you're not upset :)

it’s just upsetting that things like this have to happen to our fandom time and time again and the attackers do not see it as blatant homophobia

i feel incredibly loved and accepted and celebrated in this fandom until a regular ass swiftie decides to step in and try to ruin that for us all. we’re all in this together. we support each other’s ideas and theories and we praise each other’s wit and intelligence and we have built a strong foundation of camaraderie with each other. for some reason this is threatening to swifties and sadly i cannot see a future in which we are not the group constantly being attacked.

A simple and easy guide to writing Mpreg:
  • make a dude trans
  • boom now you got a uterus in the mix without having to resort to sci-fi/fantasy bullshit and make trans people feel like we’re unnatural

If you need to go the sci-fi/fantasy route instead of just making a character trans, ask yourself: 

  • why? 
  • what’s wrong with a character being trans? 
  • why does it make your story worse? 
  • what does it take away from your story?
Look, to be honest, I don’t really like Lana Parrilla as much as you guys do. But I’d never come on social media and insult her. I have my own reasons why I don’t like her but I wouldn’t broadcast them and try to make a spectacular speech about it. The woman has the right to do what she wants to do. I have to admit that kissing Bex kind of rubbed me the wrong way because the first thing that jumped out at me was hey, that’s Regina and Zelena kissing! Lol. Stupid moment. But that was it. If she kisses Bex, nothing is wrong with it. People are saying stuff like, how she’s an attention seeker and she behaves stupid when fueled by the fame from the fandom. But who wouldn’t behave like that? As a fanfiction writer, when I get fame and attention, I jump around and behave like a hooligan! Lol. I get overly high. But whether I like Lana or not, she has a right to behave and do what the fuck she wants. Maybe you guys shouldn’t be giving the damn woman so much pressure and holding her high as a Goddess or something. At the end of the day, she’s just a person like you and me, not an idol. She has her flaws, she has her weaknesses. And she’s not perfect. But the way some of you treat Lana is as if she’s ALMIGHTY GOD. And no one is that. Leave the woman alone, okay? Just leave her alone. Live your life just as she’s living hers. Peace out.
—  Kay

Me: *Walks outside and takes a deep breath*

Me: What a wonderful day to remind the Fall Out Boy fandom that the original name of “Our lawyers made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued” wasn’t “ I Liked You A Lot Better Before You Became A Fucking Myspace Whore ” and was in fact “My name is David Ruffin and these are the Temptations.” And that in an interview with Pete and Patrick they confirmed that Myspace Whore was never finished.