I applaud girls who wear heels to school. I don’t even wanna put on clothes and they wear heels. You go, work it.

photon wave/particle duality gives me the screaming fits, and the more simply (i.e. incompletely) I see it explained, the louder and more higher-pitched the ensuing fit

how can i get mako’s book 4 haircut edited into every single non-probending scene in books 1-3, and have it messily fall apart during every action scene

I felt in the mood to draw some summer clothes for the twins (oh come on, the show is set on summer, one day they’ll have to wear something lighter!) I’m actually sorry for Mephisto, because I know almost nothing about male fashion, I don’t know how to dress him upXD Also, yesterday I discovered Praxina is dubbed in English by the voiceactress of Diana Lombard from Martin Mystère, so I had to draw them meeting (I think they would have things in common):3