"she talkative there’s no way she’s actually socially anxious"
“complaining with so much good in their lives is thankless”
“no way, not thin enough for an eating disorder”
“it can’t be that bad, and we all know it”
“their dad seems nice there’s no way he’s abusive”
“i talked to his boyfriend he doesn’t seem like the kind to hit”
“they’re way too happy to be depressed”
“he’s a boy, they don’t really feel sadness”

here’s the thing my love my light
there are libraries in every person that you will
never read. even if someone
seems like they’re not really hurting, some people
are better actors than others and
due to the way we were raised or the way our home life
hits us in the face sometimes we are so good
at masking pain that
most people think our smiles are synonymous
with being fine and

please don’t be the voice that tells us
we’re faking it
because we know we don’t deserve saving
that’s why when we admit we’re dying it’s
always a punchline, always a joke, always
“haha i’d go to your party but i plan on spending my night
crying alone”

even if there are those
who would take advantage of your kindness
you cannot know how much of someone
they are hiding - even if someone you know
has really honestly “faked it” for attention
most of us are just
trying to fit in
and you can’t tell for shit
that we’re

this ruins us because we hear you say
“she’s cutting for attention”
and we pull our sleeves a little lower down and
smile and nod about it

and i would much rather learn that
i do not have to worry about someone
after being supportive
than to write someone off and later discover that
i was the person to teach them that they had no real reason
to come forwards
i would rather be helpful and
have someone else be the worse person
than to one day wake up
and wonder
what i could have done
to help them.

—  always give the help you can. never distrust someone’s pain. you have no idea what they’re going through, no matter what you think you know about them // r.i.d

@AnselElgort: Nice warm fire


My wardrobe is a disaster. You open it and everything fall down. I can try to look good on the red carpet, working in the fashion industry has taught me something, I like wearing suits and they gave me some clothes. Fashion is not my thing. I feel really comfortable with a pair of Levis and a t-shirt. However, at the Golden Globes I wore a Louis Vuitton suit and I realized that maybe I should dress like that more often.

i agree with many of you about the whitewasher editors and skin shamers yet guys, let’s be honest, making posts and putting other people’s works to public shaming or going as much as putting names to display and encouraging to send hate to them is a bit…opposite of what you’re trying to do?

yes, whitewashing is colorism in many aspects yet i just saw an editor, begging for the anons to leave her alone and she was sorry and she didnt even know what it was about… it was just sad that none actually explained what was going on and calling her straight up "go die u colorist fat bitch"

dont you think creating a hate towards this people before actually talking to them and pointing out what’s wrong is the conversely hate?

we’re not making it better

we’re creating hate and a mindless war


"Monsieur Aramis! Bravest of all the King’s Musketeers."


Tuneage contributor, Rahul (rohulray) and I met up at a bar a few nights ago. 

We talked about the holidays, our families, probably the weather and then, inevitably, about music. I’m admittedly an indie + fan (indie + folk, indie + pop, indie + electronica, etc) with deeps roots to rock and roll and early 90s Northern California rap. Rahul is all over the place but digs electronica, from Arca to Years & Years and Porter Robinson.

With the meager album releases from late November to late January, the reservoir of new music can feel dried up. Except, we had both agreed, there was a beacon. Like Bey’s December 2013 release, this artist’s late October album quenched our music thirst.

Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Rahul and I literally gushed over how much we both liked it. It’s a great album. It is dynamic, diverse and memorable. It makes you feel strong and happy. Plus, Taylor Swift is a damn great pop songwriter; it’s just good music.

But listening an artist like Taylor Swift seems to carry a stigma. As if liking pop music is something to be ashamed of. Not everything you enjoy has to be steeped in purpose. You should never feel bad about the music you like and listen to.  Liking Taylor Swift doesn’t change your merit, it doesn’t make you less or more of anything. 

Don’t hang out with people who will judge you for what makes you happy.

And listen to Taylor Swift.


OKAY BUT HOW ABOUT THIS: the writers hinted that the upcoming ‘big bellarke moment’ was similar to something that happened in 1x07 and everyone is thinking “they’re gonna hold hands” or “he’s gonna get tortured” but BUT BUT… in 1x07 Finn was injured and Clarke sat by his bed and cried and said “I can’t do this without you” and WHAT IF WHAT IF the bellarke moment is more like that?!? like Bellamy comes back from Mt Weather injured and Clarke sits by his bedside and says “I can’t do this without you”!?!?!??!