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Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! [9.1.1960]


Bill and Fleur’s cottage stood alone on a cliff overlooking the sea, its walls embedded with shells and whitewashed.
               It was a  l o n e l y  and  b e a u t i f u l  place.

What Harry Potter Means to You

When I was six my parents separated. Out of me and my siblings I was hit the hardest at the time (as my sisters were only four and barely remember it) and I still have nightmares about it. Almost immediately they began to try to turn me against the other parent, telling me that the other was inflexible or stubborn. At first my Dad came to visit us at our house, since he was staying in a room around the corner. One day I came into the kitchen where he was telling off my sisters, asking for some pasta for one of my dolls. He picked me up by the arms and threw me against the wall, causing a trip to A&E and visits from various police officers and social workers. Of course he told them I was making up the entire incident. I was seven. 

That’s when my teacher handed me a Harry Potter book. I was on the same reading level as many of the eleven year old’s at my school so she was interested as to whether or not i’d be able to comprehend it or not. Sure enough, I was hooked, and instead of worrying about when I’d next be accused of lying about something as serious as abuse I would be sitting on the bottom stair on the landing, reading.

Through the years Harry Potter got me through being tossed around between two different houses to the point where I just began to live out of a suitcase, helping my mum cope with her depression, bullying at primary school, my Dad getting remarried to a woman that hates me and my sisters and tells her son to hit us and my Grandpa’s ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm that kept him in intensive care for two months. It kept me sane and moving forward, always looking for a better place. 

This year at school I completed my Bronze Art Award and focused on JK Rowling for my ‘Arts Heroine’. During this I found out about her life before Harry Potter and her depression and it really made me think about the message above. JK Rowling soldiered on so why can’t I?

This message also applies to the books and characters themselves. Harry suffered constant abuse, verbal and physical, from the Dursley’s and his classmates at primary school. Then when he arrives at Hogwarts all this responsibility is thrust upon him, making his life extremely difficult and causing him to lose some people closest to him. Yet he keeps fighting until the last danger is gone and lives to have a happy life in a world free of Voldemort. This is one of many situations in Harry Potter that apply to this message and it really gives me hope knowing that perhaps all I need is one more little push and i’ll be out of this rather miserable time in my life and onto better things.

Thanks to Harry Potter I will soldier on through.

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