I am sorry for my sins with all my heart.

150327 Music Bank final speech:

Hyuk:so today D&E promotions officially ended.really really really thank you so much guys.next week  our Japan tour starts so please support us~
Hae:thank you so much! lets greet as Super Junior now!
Hyuk:i dont know if sj album will come out or no but we will do our best again!now,go home and eat and be healthy! thank you! i love you! (c)

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It's funny cause yinyin is the same user that couldn't stand people calling yoongi queer when the whole "what he found handsome in a man" situation came about and also made a long post on why it was wrong to assume anything lmao.

Ok so I wasn’t gonna bring this up earlier because I’m not actually planning on engaging with them but I just want to note also that yinyin1 likes to talk about Korea like they know what Korea is like. Like saying “Mental illnesses are very real but you act like we’re supposed to pretend they do not exist. It’s important to bring these topics up in the media, especially in Korea.“ And I’m wouldn’t be surprised if they said that “Korea is so homophobic” or something like that when they were talking about not assuming Yoongi’s sexuality or w/e.

Those are some pretty massive generalizations to make, and I don’t think that someone who’s not Korean should really be making them, especially since I’ve seen Korean bloggers say that non-Koreans making those statement is really offensive because they’re way oversimplified and basically erase the queer community/people advocating for better mental health services in Korea.

So, I went to check to see if yinyin1 is Korean, because if so, it’s not my place as a white American to disagree with what they say about Korea. But like, I go to their about page and find that they’re Lithuanian (and ethnically German-Jewish/French/Russian/Mongolian, none of which are Korean). BUT, they are “STUDYING EAST ASIAN CULTURES AND LANGUAGES WITH A MAJOR IN SOUTH KOREA AND MINOR IN JAPAN.“ Well, there you have it. Non-Korean who thinks they can talk about Korean culture and use it to justify idols’ and fans’ offensive behavior because they are “majoring in Korea” (what the actual fuck does that even mean?). Funny then, that on the same page, it says that they only speak basic Korean and Japanese. But you know, basically a Korea/Japan expert.

There is a really fucked up trend of non-Koreans making these oversimplified, generalizations about Korean culture, but only when it comes to excusing their faves. Funny how that works. They also tend to ignore the fact that actual Korean bloggers often say that what they’re doing is really fucked up. And yet, people continue to reblog these things and be like “OH, it’s justified now! That’s just the way Korea is!” Non-Korean people like yinyin1 or me (or a lot of the apologists who reblogged yinyin1′s post) shouldn’t be making those generalizations in general, because no matter how much we’ve studied, we don’t’ have the perspective necessary to contribute to a discussion about Korean cultural norms as they relate to ableism/homophobia/colorism/etc and we certainly have no place using these oversimplified generalizations about “Korean culture” to be justifying the shitty things that happen in the kpop fandom.

Before people reblog that shit, at least check the source to make sure that your main justification for colorism/ableism/homophobia from kpop idols or fans being ok isn’t from some random European who is “majoring in Korea.”

thunderpunching in case you wanted more details/the link to their about page, this is what I was talking about in my tags.


person of interest au: john and zoe as mr and mrs smith reese

that’s the second time you’ve tried to kill me today.
oh, come on. it was just a little bomb.


earth hour is 8:30 pm in your local timezone, like a rolling darkness across the earth.

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to be entirely honest with you this was the final nail I didn’t know I needed

canon acknowledgement of Dean’s desire for a long-term, meaningful relationship means that Dean will (by show’s end) be getting a long-term, meaningful relationship

the very careful phrasing of this acknowledgement indicates that Dean already has someone in mind for the job

the list of candidates is not very long

bonus points for “different” and “the first time”

what in the hell

what a lovely gift

I’m at 95% destiel is a go

That’s me tempering myself

I’m incoherent

therapy dog au

okay. so, many moons ago, back in the s1 to s2 hiatus when none of us really knew the full extent of fitz’s injuries, i did what a lot of people did: just guessed, basically, and then worked out a recovery program for him. my version of events just happened to include jemma getting fitz a therapy dog. so when skye made her comment this week about fitz wanting a dog, i got to thinking about this therapy dog au again, and after getting a few requests (shout out to mightyjemma and polkadotsandplatypi in particular, as well as all the anons who asked) i decided to make a post of headcanons.

so here we are!!! happy therapy dog headcanons, where things are drastically less terrible!!!

[note: this occurs in a universe where may and coulson contact maria hill pretty much immediately after the events of 1x22, so there are other forces involved in rebuilding SHIELD and the team actually gets the time to recover, rather than spending their time immediately chasing after hydra.]

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So my mum went to this spiritualist meeting and the spiritualist woman there told her that “im getting a message that your daughter (aka me) is anxious about something and you’re not helping my asking her loads of questions, she doesn’t like it” AND THANK YOU SO MUCH SPIRIT WORLD IM WORRIED ABOUT WHAT IM GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR AND MY MUM QUESTIONING ALL MY DECISIONS IS REALLY ANNOYING ME

the sheer self-immolating ripcord defiance he has in this moment, though

it’s okay to feel afraid and directionless, life is so hard and it can be so horrible. but everyday there is something that is completely fantastic. hold on to your good memories for dear life and fight to be happy again.

The Good News/ Bad News

The Bad News:

I regret to inform everyone that I will not be marching Pacific Crest for my age out this summer. The staff and I have had some disagreements with my membership that I would like to remain private. I still love my Pacific Crest family and I will forever and ever. The friendships I’ve made are going to be life long ones and it still holds true that Pacific Crest changed my life for the better. I do not regret my time there and I never will. I will continue to support my family there during the summer, and for many years to come.

The Good News:

I will be immediately filling a membership spot with the Academy. I live in Arizona and I know much of the instructional staff. This is in NO WAY a betrayal to my PC family. As you can imagine, my love of performing transcends my disappointment of not being able to march PC, so I immediately chose to continue to march this summer despite the unfortunate circumstances. I have dreamed of aging out of drum corps for years now and this is my opportunity to continue to do so. I hope you all understand why I’ve chosen to go through with this and why I’m making the decisions I’m making.