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If TIM were a Turian his subharmonics would be conveying his intense arousal and lust. Instead, he had to put all these things into his eyes as he gazed scorchingly at the strapping Turian across him.

bettydice replied to your post “bettydice replied to your post : Oh writing.  On one hand… fluff. On…”

Thankfully, he had recently downloaded the new SexLook upgrade for his implants, so he hoped that that worked its wonder and Sparatus would feel his desire like lasers piercing through him. Because his eyes were literally shooting lasers right now.

Fortunately for TIM, Sparatus was a veteran turian of 104, and like other turians of 104 who wore suits on a daily basis and found themselves obligated to dismiss the claims of younger, squishier species, he found that he was only able to become aroused by the touch of top of the line military grade hardware.  His plates had long ago become ablative, so TIM’s smouldering was the equivalent of a lathe scouring barnacles off the underside of a ship.  So, in effect, a light tickle.  In his naughty parts.

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TIM’s robot eye searched for Sparatus’ (I looked it up!) and when they met, a spark ignited between them. The air turned heated and TIM could feel his implants vibrating all throughout his body. Tonight.

"Tonight?"  Sparatus scoffed, glaring with his perfectly organic-yet-holographic eyes across the display of the QEC, glowing with the lusty yet classically reserved interest of a model turian.  "We have dismissed these claims.  The answer you’re looking for is right now.”

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Right now I'm really struggling with my life. I've been working very hard in school but coming up with bad grades. I have no money. I'm just generally unhappy and feeling unprepared for my future. What can I change? How can I make time for myself?

Here’s the thing…life is not always easy. It is made up of challenges that can help us grow stronger and wiser if we allow them to. If things always went smoothly what would we truly learn? Difficulties cause us to dig deeper and push harder to do what we need to do. When I see people who have everything done for them and don’t have to work hard for anything, I see those who do not appreciate what they have. School is important and so long as you do your best, that should be your goal. Not everyone gets perfect grades and that’s okay. We are all different and have unique strengths and abilities. What do you see yourself doing in the future that you are passionate about? Set goals for yourself that are to do with your interests and talents. Be the unique person that you were made to be and do your very best wherever you are.


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tracklisting: 001. Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix) - To Kill A King 002. Aphelion - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross 003. Blood in Your Mouth - Colour Revolt 004. Soft Skin - Cosmetics 005. Nighty Night - Louise Dowd 006. A Warm Place - Nine Inch Nails 007. Angel - Massive Attack 008. Tinfoil - Linkin Park 009. Miss You - Trentemoller 010. What Have We Done To Each Other? - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross 011. Eyes On Fire (Ariel Remix) - Blue Foundation


you all need to watch this and realize that god is no longer with us and the end is near


someone explain to me what the fuck i just watched

ok i’m sorry but

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