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I have a random question for you, what is your opinion on the Disney movie Treasure Planet?

I love it and find it painfully underrated, and it’s one of the few Disney films I’d be down to watch whenever the offer came up. I always really related to Jim and the whole “oh, okay, looks like dad’s just fucked off I guess” thing, and the designs and animation were gorgeous. I think it’d be cool/fun to live in this fictional world, which is also something I can’t say about many Disney movies.

Also any flaws it has can be forgiven by the existence of Captain Amelia

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hi, so just read your post about the 1x18/3x17 theory. could you explain a bit more, please? I didn't understand it fully :/

yeah, sure!

i meant that 1x18 is actually an alternative timeline. When Barry went back to the past and reset it, things changed and it reflected in Arrow’s world. So, in that timeline, Oliver accepted to be Ra’s Al Ghul and Ray and Felicity went to CC. The whole idea is that Barry will keep going back to the past and resting the timelines until he travels back to the day his mother died. Until then, he’ll learn he can’t change events cause it has big consequences. Like the first timeline, Oliver didn’t accept Ra’s offer, but in the one Barry created he accepted it. In the end of Flash s01, what happened in the first timeline is the one that will came back, therefore erasing the world Oliver was Ra’s.

So, it makes sense Marc saying that 1x18 is before 3x18 storyline wise because it’d be as Oliver declined Ra’s offer in 3x16 and everything changed after that.

Did I explain it better? 

Was eavesdropping on a coworker tell another coworker about Dr Who. He has absolutely no idea what he's talking about

"He’s a British scientist who built a time machine out of a phone booth and travels through time, but never knows where in the world or when he will end up and he fights evil robots. It’s kinda for teens there’s a lot of pop culture references. I read the books before the show came out and I thought those were better"

5 things about Game of Thrones Will Simpson wants you to know

Will Simpson has one of the very best jobs in the world: He’s a storyboard artist for the incredibly popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

I had the chance to sit down with Simpson when he came to Singapore back in December. This is what he had to say about the Seven Kingdoms:

1) A storyboard artist is essentially a director’s problem solver

“It’s like a comic strip version of a sequence out of the TV series…We’re solving the money problem before it comes up. It’s easy for me and a director to sit down and work something out. That’s the cheap end of it, working on a piece of paper, before you set up a whole crew to shoot something.

You know that whispering thing where a story changes so much as it goes down the line of people who are telling it? So it’s like we’re looking at it through a different set of eyes, but the information’s the same.  

So I’m interpreting that director’s version, and they then get it approved by David [Benioff] and Dan [D.B. Weiss]. Everything that we do ends up having to be, in a sense through David and Dan’s eyes, rather than George’s [R. R. Martin] eyes. ”

2) He doesn’t actually get to go on set most of the time

“The fact is, I sit in a little box room in Belfast at the studios, and I have to use my imagination a lot of the time, because I don’t get to go into Croatia or Iceland or Spain or Morocco or Malta. I stay in Belfast looking at photographs of the sets from different locations, and sitting down and drawing from those. [Most] of it is in your imagination. It’s a great way to spend your days – you don’t have to confront reality at all, except when you go home at night (laughs).”

3) He loves drawing Tyrion Lannister - and Daenerys

“It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most interesting scenes to draw, it’s just that Tyrion’s my favourite character. I’m always interested in his plot line. Daenerys is always great fun to draw, but sometimes she’s just sitting in a throne room talking to people. I like all the action stuff, whenever you get into some kind of crazy battling sequence with Jon Snow and the people north of the Wall, it was always good fun.”

4) He thinks Peter Dinklage is “bloody good”

“There’s that brilliant scene where Tyrion is telling Shae that she has to go, because he’s trying to save her life, but all she sees is that he’s throwing her away, but he can’t explain why he’s sending his woman away, and then of course she turns against him.

I remember being on the set for that, because I had to talk to director Alex Graves about another scene. So you wait amongst the crew, and you watch the scene play out. I love those moments, because you’re watching actors that are so good at their craft, producing this epic work in front of your eyes. So much of that is wonderful to see. There’s an intensity among the actors.”

5) The Hound is very partial to The Rolling Stones

“One of my favourite things was when the Hound, big Rory [McCann], came down to do a rehearsal in the room I used to work in. Rory I’d met before in Belfast. I’m sitting at my drawing desk, and Rory’s got this kind of three-stringed lute instrument, because he does a lot of folk music and stuff.

Rory’s come over for a talk after David and he are finished, and he says, “Wait till you hear this,” and he starts playing this folk music, and it’s really beautiful. And then it suddenly changes into Jumping Jack Flash by the Stones, and he’s just blasting away at this thing, and he’s phenomenal.

You’re sort of looking at this guy and thinking: This is the Hound. If people could see him now!”

This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on Geek Crusade


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“The languages on the Griffith Guidestones will include: Japanese,…”

question, what language would midlandish actually be in real world terms? i’m thinking like some kind of pseudo-danish?

imaginaryfriendwithbenefits So one of the movie artbooks actually has an example of the language used in Midland:

And since Midland is based off of medieval Denmark, we can easily compare their orthography to a proto/early Germanic language, such as Old English:

(A manuscript from Beowulf)

I did take a gander at Old Norse, which would have been dominate in the area that is now Denmark, but their writing system was more runic until Old Swedish came along (both Old Norse and Old English were runic in their early days, but adopted the Latin alphabet later, such as in the manuscript above; alas, Old English Latin was also pretty different from the English Latin alphabet that we’re familiar with). In fact, it’s odd with this alphabet since the story seems to take place during the High/Late Middle Ages, during which Middle English would have been used more.

(This actually gives me more headway on a possible panel topic that I would like to try and muster the guts to develop, so I’m definitely going to do more research.)


[Millennial Gospel: Judas the Anarchist] for an ongoing project co-created by shakespeareandpunk and sarahtaylorgibson

Here comes the man
with a look in his eye,
fed on nothing
but full of pride.
Look at them go,
look at them kick.
Makes you wonder how the other half lives.

The devil inside,
The devil inside,
Every single one of us the devil inside (x)


Yeah, especially after a hard day of everyone almost dying…" "…which doesn’t happen everyday, right? It’s an anomaly. An irregularity. Not the norm.

"You are my heaven on earth." ()

And in that moment of Clarke’s cruel solitude came one of the best and most profound moments this show has ever delivered. As Bellamy placed his hand on Clarke’s, as she prepared to pull the lever that would send irradiated air throughout the mountain – killing their foes and friends alike, yet leaving her own kind standing – you realised what he was doing. As he watched Octavia on the mess hall monitor screen, with a gun to her head and about to be slaughtered, he said the line that utterly altered his world in last year’s finale too. My sister, my responsibility. In the end, family came first. But if we’re sitting here thinking that Octavia was the only one he thought of as family in that moment, we could not be more wrong. Because as much as he values her life above his own, so too does he value the lives of his people. So too does he value the life of Clarke. His leader. His ally. His friend. And it was because of that, he refused to let her shoulder the burden of her deadly actions alone. And that? That’s love. Deeply, profound, gritty, powerful love. Not for a lover – so Bellarke fans, you need to sit your asses down right now – but for a human being with whom he has been to hell and back; whom he has never abandoned, nor she him. And I was so moved by that: that willingness to shoulder her burden of responsibility, of anguish. It was so fricking powerful, and set up a truly compelling story arc there in season three. Because if that final moment is anything to go by, as Clarke walks away into the wild – eyes brimming with sights of her loved ones safe, sound and home; her skin still warm from Bellamy’s last strong embrace; her ears still echoing with their parting words, May we meet again – one imagines the people who love Clarke most will not let her abandon herself to the wilderness forever. How could you let go forever of the one who saved your life?

So I was just cruising Facebook, when I came upon this article, “It’s a Fanmade World From One Direction to Soderbergh: The Fan Culture Revolution”.(Site is in the source) It was a pretty interesting article, and it included some very thorough graphs, like this one -

Okay, so lots of ships of famous people and what not, but wait… is that …

No, it couldn’t be, i mean i understand some animated ships… but…


(original photograph by jcherbavaz)

Capitalism is incompatible with women’s liberation- men’s economic systems rely on hundreds of billions of hours of totally-free domestic labor performed by women simply because we’re female, as explained in “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?”

"…what if one day women all over the world put down their feather dusters? What if we had to start paying for all the free cleaning and childcare? Canada’s national statistical agency has already thought about this: it came to the conclusion that unpaid work contributed between 30.6 and 41.4 per cent of GDP. That is a not insubstantial figure. So, why is such a huge contributor to national wealth being routinely ignored?That is the question Katrine Marçal sets out to answer in Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?. She tells us the story of the emergence of Homo economicus, or Economic Man, the mythical figure around whom our world runs. Economic Man is rational. He is an autonomous individual who makes independent choices calculated to maximise his utility (economics-speak for well-being). Above all, he is a man.

In case you were wondering:”It was Adam Smith’s mother who cooked his dinner: he never married, and lived with her for most of his life. Yet despite his dependence on her care she does not figure in his account of how meals are produced: “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

This is one of many reasons we don’t fight for ‘equality’, but liberation. All of men’s systems must be torn down- subjugation of women has been built into their foundations.

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All I know is this story about being stressed, after that bs cheating scandal, is just some more bs. Now people are putting it out there that they think Zayn really is stressed/sick & his team came up with this cheating scandal as an excuse to give him the time off he needs. Wtf? In what world is a cheating scandal the best way to give a sick member of your team vacation time? That makes no sense to me, but this is Modest so maybe I shouldn't brush off that ridiculousness, but what?

It’s absurd. Zayn has been fine. He’s been playful and relaxed in concert. He seems to be cooperating with the stunt. I dunno how they’re getting him to cooperate. But I dunno how they get Harry, Louis, Liam and most recently Niall to cooperate either. Obviously, they have their methods. 

He performed in Perth for all but 3 songs and then left “sick” to get 1D some cheap publicity and further set the stage for this epic stunt. The media reported on it like he missed half the show or more. Untrue. They reported that this was “the last straw” for Harry. Also untrue. They reported that Harry would go solo and Liam and Niall were gonna become a duo after Zayn (specifically Zayn) destroys the band. Please. And not once did 1D’s PR step in to set the record straight. People’s perceptions are being manipulated very intentionally. And that spells stunt. How the hell—why the hell—would he go from this…

…to pulling a Scarlett O’Hara over some dry ass rumors? As if he hasn’t dealt with dry ass rumors for the past 4 years??

Not to mention he had his cousin with him, too.

The people that believe this bullshit story, wanna believe.


It just occurred to me but has anyone else noticed the tattoo or marking on the back of Dark Pits’s neck? I wonder what it is. I’ve checked all his other alternate costumes and none of them has it. In the end I came to some sort of idea to why that is there (im probably just over thinking things but hey, it’s interesting).

warning: there are spoilers here for those who haven’t played Uprising

This alternate costume is said to be the “Hades” version of Dark Pit. So probably this would be the Dark Pit if he had fallen into the hands of the Underworld Army (or.. It’s just the Hades version…). At first I thought the marking could’ve been from the fact that he was created by the mirror of truth; that marking could be a sign that he is a clone created by the underworld army, but I threw that idea away since none of the other Dark Pit Alts (as stated before) have it and the Dark Pit from Uprising doesn’t either (I’ve checked all his concept art- nothing’s there).

I also thought, if not the underworld army, then perhaps Viridi’s or the Chaos kin’s, but that’s unlikely since that alt is Hades’ (oh man if it was the Chaos Kin’s alt I would have so much more to rant about).

So now the question of “what does it look like” comes along. None of the symbols from each faction resemble it. My curiousity is sparked to whether it’s just a small marking or it trails down to his back and covers his whole body. I mean, Hades has a bunch of lines going around him.
In all honesty I’m happy they added such a minor detail but I wish I could see the whole thing. Gosh darn you nintendo.

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DListed has an article now. They talked about the contract expiring and mentioned Larry (with a very cute gif may I add). Zayn was also mentioned


Do they make chewable, fruit-flavored Valium? Because the Directioners are going to need some after the traumatizing and melodramatic week they’ve had.

What do you think?

Last week, every Directioner’s toddler life was turned upside down when Zayn Malik, the Sad Spice of the group who always looks like someone just sharted in his last jar of pomade while choking his puppy, left One Direction’s world tour due to “stress” after pictures of him holding hands with a trick who wasn’t his girlfriend came out. Preschool and kindergarten playgrounds were empty and quiet, because what kid wants to play and laugh when their religion is falling apart? Well, now, every preschooler is going to call in a mental health day tomorrow, because their life has been turned upside down again.

What do you think?

Louis Tomlinson (Who I guess is the Joey McIntyre of 1d, but then again, aren’t they all the Joey McIntyre of 1D?) and his piece of 4 years Eleanor Calder are done. Louis is approximately 4 years old, so they started dating while they were both newborns. Louis’ spokeswhore tells People that they ended it 2 weeks ago. Louis’ rep confirmed the break up today, because The Sun published a picture of him “snogging” (read: touching tongues) with some other trick at a pool party inThailand a little over a week ago. A source tell People that Louis and Eleanor dumped their relationship in a shallow grave because they were always in different places:

What do you think?

“Louis is really upset about it all. They tried really hard to make it work but it was just impossible, he’s away for nine months a year and they just grew apart.”

First, Zayn and now THIS? You would think that 20-something millionaire pop stars who are drowning in offers of ass would stay true to their pieces forever and ever? What is happening in the world?

What do you think?

And I guess now that Louis’ contract with that Eleanor chick has expired, LARRY is free to live!

I don’t know if Louis’ makeup artiste went heavy with the rouge or if that’s just a skid mark of pure joy that appears on his cheeks when he touches the other half of Larry?

Lay’s pathcode

After doing a quite weird searching i’ve came up with a theory about Lay’s pathcode, i point this is just a theory and  i could be mistaken but this is what i got:

PathcodeEXO twitter gave us two hints, the first one is “who are you?” about that i’m still thinking about an answer but the second was “Beginning= end”

this mean one thing: god

God is the one who created the world and some day he’ll end it.

In another hand, i googled “beginning = end” (because sm has something with clues that send you through the internet)  i entered the first page that appeared and this is what i’ve seen

an article about the exodus. As this made sense for me (because exo and their new album, Exodus) i read the article and found this

as you know, the only member  left is D.O, the one who control the earth and that stuff.

I wondered myself what does that mean until the greatest b-joodeus​ came with the answer.

You pronounce D.O as “dio” (or “deeo”, for the ones that speaks english), and “dio” means in italian “god”.

Does that mean that D.O is a god? i don’t think so (i mean, i don’t think sm would take this storyline for this path) BUT this has leaded me to another hint.

in the teaser you can see Lay riding a bicycle. At 0:11 you can see the wheels of the bike

so now look closer.

green, white and red bars, the italian flag. 

So, as the cities comes spelling “Call me baby”


the city has to be with C. I took a look over italian cities and the only one who fits in that pattern was Catania AND guess what

yes, there’re articles about UFOs in Catania too, so if my theory isn’t wrong, next teaser is D.O and it’s in Catania, Italy.

All through scientific history there has been a series of controversies. These often develop on issues where there is little debate within the relevant academic community, yet widespread popular debate remains among the public. Climate change is one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

For every piece of supporting evidence of climate change, there is a counter argument; usually a misconception, but other times, it is a sinister misrepresentation of information. The latter is what came to be in 2012 when David Rose published an article in The Daily Mail suggesting that the British Meteorological office released data indicating that “The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago”, a statement you’ll still regularly hear today from the world’s politicians.

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