Skype network!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a group chat/network on skype! (Maybe a tumblr page later on once I have the time) It’s not limited to a certain topic really, so anyone can join! (I’m mostly aiming for people with interest in anime/memes/that kind of thing but there’s no limit!!)

i cant believe i just listed memes as an interest.


  • reblog this post!!
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  • Deadline - May 30th (If not enough people join, will be extended)

 Cool stuff for joining:

  • a whole group of lovely people to get to know and talk to!!
  • liked/reblogged selfies
  • friendship!!new friends!!

When I add people, I’ll message you to let you know I’ve added you to the group on skype!! Sorry there isn’t a banner, I’ve just gotten a new computer and still haven’t figured out how to edit on here ;-; 

Thank you!!~

Hey Followers!

I’m trying to raise some money for craft supplies/cosplay stuff/basic things to live so if anyone could help out I’d really appreciate it!

Just go here to donate, anything will help!

And if you don’t have the money, please reblog so others can see it and hopefully help out.

Here’s the details of why I’m trying to earn some money (this stuff is also on the site so yeah):

I’m raising money to help my craft get bigger (and so I can actually purchase necessary things for myself to get on with my life), and I need your help! Cutie Crafts is going to be at an upcoming convention for me, but even though I have the table and pass already, I still need help.

With your help, I’ll be able to purchase business cards (and maybe prints), my own laminating machine, supplies for both my crafts and for my table, and the money will also go towards purchasing other passes and tables for other cons so I can keep the business going!

Cutie Crafts is the only form of income I have right now, and even though I know I should get a job, it’s been very tough. So I’ve been focusing most of my time and energy into this craft in hopes of finally getting some money so I can become more independent for myself and help me along until I do get a job.

Please please PLEASE help out in any way you can, I’d appreciate anything that you guys can do to help!


So duizhangdeluxe and dominichen-republic tagged me in a thing and I’m not sure what I was supposed to do other than tag twenty people so… here’s me playing Business Barbie vs me going to work vs me going to work and wishing I was sleeping. @marseillesdrakul (what am I doing wrong with your url??), mouthful-of-minseok, princekjongin, sa2ms, xiuadore, ohships, mainexing, yixingofficial, yixingmetosleep, hariumi, everynowandchen, esexoeveryday, xiumanizer, xiumania, everydaechendae, wuyifanxing, lay-me-kris, fiftychent, baekby, baekthosebyuns and EVERYONE ELSE EVER I WANNA SEE THOSE PRETTY FACES.

I am so tempted to do something for Klonnie week but I probably won’t cause I don’t want to backslide. So I will just enjoy what everyone else post, keep trying to get some freelance work, stay on my job search, and hopefully expand this whole manuscript I am supposed to be working on beyond a premise and an outline. Still huge thanks to the Bonnie Empire for organizing it because its one of the Bonnie tags I still visit and it stays hella dead. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I have a somewhat stupid question - I am hesitating if a black ring (with blue stone) would still count as an ace ring if it's worn on ring finger? I know that it mostly depends on what I think about it but I am just not sure if it would be a visible sign for someone else, who knows what the ring is supposed to mean. Thank you in advance. And if it's not a problem, could you please tag your answer "blue stone ring"?

It’s totally your call. The best way to have others recognize that you’re wearing an ace ring is to wear the plain black ring on the right middle finger. Any deviations from that will cause others to question if it is an ace ring or not. So, if you want to wear it for visibility, then a different finger and a stone probably are not the best. But if you just want to wear it for you, then it’s totally fine.



So… Not exactly sure what I’m doing… I was tagged by Ris arissamazing to do some challenge that I’m supposed to post 6 selfies (I think) so yah… Here yah go.

I don’t actually like to take selfies, but the first 5 would be my favorites. The last one is what I look like right now, sitting with Stitch. (I am very tired)
Umm… I’m supposed to tag other people so… eevee64, thew0lvesr0segard3n, roksass, ohtheshippings, minuffli, thisisntwhatityped, sasukes-hawk, raysnmuffins, ms-insert-fandom-here, & hamada-girl pretty much, all of my mutuals. I think it’s supposed to be 20 though… So if anyone else wants to do it, do it! And tag me so I can see your lovely smiles :)

But thanks for tagging me Ris!!!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to answer the 92 truths about you. At the end choose 15 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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tagging mikeykink irwah celmmings mukenope muketrash

What was your:

·         Last beverage: Drinking water atm (I know, rock’n’roll)

·         Last phone call: Mommy

·         Last text message: I sent “and ash teasing, I am so into that” to mikeykink lmao

·         Last song you listened to: Take That by These Days

·         Last time you cried: Honestly can’t remember. It’s been a while.

Have you ever:

·         Dated someone twice: No

·         Been cheated on: Not that I know of

·         Been drunk and threw up: I think only once


·         List 3 favorite colors: Black, black, and black. Also yellow.

·         How many FB friends you know irl: I don’t have facebook

Last year have you:

·         Made a new friend: Yes!

·         Fallen out of love: no

·         Laughed until you cried: yes

·         Found out who your true friends were: Not in like a ‘turns out she’s a two faced biznich!’ way

·         Found out someone was talking about you: Not negatively 


·         First surgery: I had some kind of ear surgery thing when I was like a week old because I was sick while I was a fetus they were worried I was going to be deaf. Happy ending tho.

·         First piercing: I don’t have any piercings. I’m so lame.

·         First best friend: My still best friend! We met when she was 3 days old.

·         First sport you joined: Soccer I think

·         First vacation: Florida when I was 2. I don’t remember it. Obvs.

Right now:

·         Eating: nothing

·         Drinking: Water, as previously established.

·         I’m about to: Watch Silicon Valley and then probably sleep

·         Waiting for: Death?? Idk. 

Your future:

·         Want kids: Meh. Not really. Maybe. 

·         Get married: No

·         Career: Badass history professor 

Which is better for romance:

·         Lips or eyes: Eyes

·         Hugs or kisses: Omg definitely hugs

·         Older or younger? Not picky.

·         Romantic or spontaneous: Books. 

·         Relationship or hook up: Idk. Other humans? Meh. Not a fan.

·         Trouble maker or hesitant: Quiet trouble maker.

·         Kissed a stranger: no

·         Drank hard liquor: Hellllls to the yeah

·         Lost glasses or contacts: I don’t wear either, so no

·         Sex on first date: That’s a case-by-case situation

·         Broke someone’s heart: I think so yeah, but I didn’t mean to? If that helps? I know it doesn’t.

·         Turned someone down: yes

·         Cried when someone died: Nope

·         Fallen for a friend: Nope

Do you believe in:

·         Yourself: SOme days! 

·         Miracles: Not the religious kind

·         Love at first sight: Not like. Actual love. The I-love-Michael-Clifford kind of love, yes. It took me about 8 seconds to fall in love with him.

        Heaven: For sure not

        Santa: OF FUCKING COURSE 

·         Kisses on the first date: Are we Duggars. Yes. Of course.

·         Angels: The human kind! 

I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEME IS but relevantboyband tagged me in it and I like her and I ALWAYS FORGET TO DO THINGS I get tagged in so I’M DOING THIS BEFORE I GO TO BED AND FORGET AGAIN. Handwriting? Handwriting meme? Am I doing it right? Was I supposed to do something else? I feel like I should have done RESEARCH. I’M SO ILL PREPARED. I TAG fleshriots and verybee and newandhorrible and rubdown and betterversionofmi . (THERE!! MOBILE WOULDN’T LET ME TAG PPL LAST NIGHT! HERE! I’M TAGGIN U BONERS!)

becauseimjustmeandall asked:

Hi, I have two questions, I sent my prompt/application on May 13th and recently checked back on the post and realized that you would be accepting prompts on May 17th but I got a email back saying I would hear my prompt soon? Should I send my email again? Also, when I exchange my gift how do I keep it anonymous if I post it? Am I supposed to submit it to my giftee's blog anonymously? What if they don't have submissions on? Thank you for your time!

No, we have your email and prompt and everything entered so no worries. A couple people misunderstood and sent in prompts early but it was no problem. You all will still receive your prompts next week with everyone else. :)

On the date of the exchange you will also reveal who you are to your giftee! Usually, people will post their gifts in the “rumbelle fic” tag as well as the “rumbelle christmas in july” tag so that their giftee can find it. You may also send them a link to their gift after you post it so they don’t have to go on the hunt for it because sometimes, with so many stories being posted at once, it can be hard to find.

  • So exchange day = Santa reveal day
  • Post your gifts in the “rumbelle christmas in july” and “rumbelle fic” tag (if you are doing art/graphics etc then “rumbelle art” tag is where you go in addition to “rumbelle christmas in july” )
  • Try and link your giftee to their gift so you can be sure that they find it easily. :)

—- Mel