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UPDATE: Everybody is saying Theroy, but I’m just thinking, what if it’s Felicity breaking up with Ray because we know what her heart wants and as he’s a good guy bláblá she says that? 

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do you think you could write the "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" AU or the costars AU or the locked out of dorm room AU -- I love your AUs so far and I could always use more olicity :)

It took me forever, but I’m finally fulfilling the "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" college au prompt!
(the co-stars one is already being completed as a multi-chaptered story, and the other’s been added to the to-do list :)
thank you lovely anon for your compliment and for requesting a fic! I’m sure you’ve forgotten about this by now, and sadly I can’t tag you to find it :s, but better late than ever, right?
anyway I’m starting a new semester today, and sadly this not getting the email scenario has happened to me before (though there was no Oliver Queen to make it better), so this seemed like a nice one to tackle.
Hope you enjoy it! As always, would love to know what you think, so please comment and share if you will :)
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“Fuck! Not again!”

“Thank god!”

The opposite sentiments burst out from the sole two occupants of the usually-fully crowded classroom. Oliver soon turns around, ready to send a death-glare to whoever is making this worst.

Yet the words die down at the sight of the woman and the next words uttered from her bright pink-colored lips.

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I was comparing both The Cost and All Hail and I think this scene was the most interesting to me.

Chief’s scenery is very dark and in this scene, his statue is quite banged up, especially towards the left back side of his head. Maybe its linked to losing Cortana, maybe its how he sees himself or how he feels now. Broken. 

While Locke’s scenery is bright and the statue seems somewhat intact. Keeping the image of the Master Chief intact as a hero to humanity is important to his mission according to the trailer. A squeaky clean image of a savior. 

What do you guys think?

Fifty Shades Darker ...

So we are going to have a “ teaser ” of Fifty Shades Darker in the DVD of Fifty Shades of Grey, probably something like that …

… Anastasia going to her work at SIP … and a message from Christian after her first day at work ????

what do you think guys ?


When Jude said “Connor can be needy.” What do you guys think he was referring to? They weren’t dating or open to each other about their feelings, so what was Connor likely needy about?

Still testing out PaintStorm…. not sure if this it good style compared to what I normally create… Just another fast test with it.

(I forgot the wings at sketching point and was too lazy to do them and just brutally continued to coloring and highlighting/shadowing)

What do you guys think (critique and opinnions are more than welcome because I seriously don’t know if I should use 18€ on this program or not, the quality would be better if I would use another hour on this but I’m bit busy at the moment, still I think the style would stay the same)?

So are we not going to talk about how Lilith has brown hair (both of Emma’s parents have brown hair) but Emma has blonde hair (just like Maleficent). alatarielcarnesir and I’s head cannon is that when the Apprentice sent Maleficent’s child away, they also may have switched the children in the womb, which might have been part of why the Apprentice was so angry with the author. What do you guys think?

Decided on the color black. What do you guys think? #foot #footfetish #footmodel #footworship #feet #sexyfeet #prettyfeet #womensfeet #femalefeet #toes #sexytoes #prettytoes #footqueen #arches #footfetishnation #top10feet #footpose #glamour #model #pretty #beautiful #beautifulfeet #soles #instafeet #solesunday #pedi #pedicure #goddessfeet #footfetishworld #footgoddessnatalie

I have hated my nose for about 8 years now and cannot figure out whether or not to have surgery. My fiancé says that she likes my nose but I do not know if I should believe her or if she is just saying it to make me feel more comfortable with my nose. What do you guys think?



“Personally I think I was much better then Shark Trash, but what do you guys think?”


I decided to do the Divergent theme! My favorite one is the edit of Skylynn even though its really simple and everything idk I just like the look on her face and how it goes together.

Do you guys like them? What do you think I should do next?
So far I’ve done John Green books themed, AHS, and now Divergent! Let me know! 💕