I thnk about Brendan finding out about how the Battle Maison has tag battles and he suggests that him and May enter together to see if they can manage face two of the Chantalaines in a double battle. May is super stoked about it and suggest that they do some practice beforehand. So for about a week they go to Route 121 and train, learn eachother’s battle styles, plan out strategies based on what kind of Pokemon the Chantalines tend to use. They even switched their own Pokemon with each other to get a feel of how they battle for themselves.

It wasnt all battling though, they spent their time exploring, camping and just generally roughing it together, which made them grow even closer. It was no surprise that when the finally managed to face to Chantalines they managed to beat them in a hard fought match, they both agree that they should definitely do this more often 

the-fuckboy-dynasty replied to your post “your tags made me so sad i dont wanna see marc leave ever ;_;”

I’ve thought about it, but I guess it’s not mentionned because talking about it is too sad? If you ignore things, maybe it’ll never happen But yeah, I agree with you, his talent is being wasted

Yeah, that’s what I’ve figured. And everyone really likes Marc, so that adds onto it even more.

What I find so weird is how people talk about him like he’s 19. Like, even commentators will say, “fresh young talent” and I mean, he’s definitely not old, but he’s 24.. he should be on the pitch all the time. I don’t understand why Lucho won’t sub off Masche or Pique or Mathieu and put in Bartra in the second half or something. He subs frequently in the midfield and up front, but rarely in the back. Yeah, there was that one Bale incident but besides that, he’s proven to be a reliable defender.

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I also feel the same way about Jungkook, like I have this need to always protect him, like when the 2x5=20 gif was trending, I saw someone tagged it as 'what an idiot' and it honestly made me hurt cause I know he feels lacking and insecure in his school work and I would hate for people to measure his intelligence from that one equation. Sorry for ranting, but I love how protective you are of him.

i saw that gifset and i did get kind of sad for the same reason. like i’ll call all of them idiots but i don’t like doing that to kookie just because he’s already said so many times that he thinks he’s dumb and he’s not so i don’t really want to perpetuate it.

but yes kookie is my son, he needs protecting even if he doesn’t act like it

Kissing Clara Oswald

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GsQrRI

by Inthelittledoctor

“He’s decided that kissing Clara Oswald is like all of time and space exploding inside of him while the world around him goes blank.” Clara’s back in the TARDIS, and she couldn’t be happier! Well, maybe a few changes could be made… Mindless Whouffaldi fluff {Possible smut later}

Words: 1342, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GsQrRI
Kissing Clara Oswald

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GsQrRI

by Inthelittledoctor

“He’s decided that kissing Clara Oswald is like all of time and space exploding inside of him while the world around him goes blank.” Clara’s back in the TARDIS, and she couldn’t be happier! Well, maybe a few changes could be made… Mindless Whouffaldi fluff {Possible smut later}

Words: 1342, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GsQrRI

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What do you think of Cullen?

aaah sorry for the late reply, I just saw this message! @_@

btw, I like him a lot, actually. It’s one of the characters that we are allowed to follow more in all the bioware trilogy, because we have him in all the 3 games (like other characters that I can’t tell because I can’t tag spoilers now), and I love that fact XD We can see all the transformation and the evolution of him.

It’s also damn hot tho, I’m planning to make a character to romance him, probably a Trevelyan! *_*

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In the new update Michael looked so cute I was dying

Do you mean the update where he almost punches a hole in Natalie’s face?? Lmaoo. I can’t not agree with you though, this kid’s attractiveness level is dangerously high. 

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1) Why did you choose your URL?

Well, I played through DA: Inquisition and ending up absolutely loving the Iron Bull. As I referred to him as my Iron Boyfriend, it only seemed fitting.

2) What is your middle name?  


3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?


4) Favorite color?


5) Favorite song?

My Love by Sia atmmmm.

6) What are your top three fandoms?    

Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Haikyuu. OOPS.

7) Why do you enjoy tumblr?      

Because I enjoy hating myself.

8) Tag 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too *if they want to and haven’t already*)

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Can I just say that I’m so so proud of Troye for constantly pushing for creative development in everything he does. The amount of love that you have to put into what you do, to reach that point of just wanting to constantly produce and improve is out of this world.

top 5 westerosi fuckboys

1. robert baratheon

AKA papa fuckboy. the ultimate fuckboy. will manage to turn every text u have with him into something sexual. you’ll tell him ur going to bed and he’ll say “haha and then what? ;)”. tell him ur going to shower and he’ll say “without me? ;)”. will argue with you in public places and then text u at 2 in morning saying he misses u but wont say he’s sorry. he’ll have sex with u and ur neighbor and probably ur cousin too. avoid at all costs. 0/10 would not recommend.

2. joffrey baratheon

learned his fuckboy ways from his (fake) dad. is 100% a straight white boy texting, only the aggressive kind. he’ll approach you with something inappropriate and if u tell him to leave you alone he’ll start sending violent messages to you calling you ugly and a variety of gendered slurs. wont ever leave u alone. ever. 0/10 would not recommend.

3. rhaegar targaryen

the artsy fuckboy. the fuckboy who plays his acoustic guitar at parties. he’s the mysterious older guy who with a hot wife and two kids but is into girls way younger than him. sends u texts calling you beautiful and comments on ur bikini pics on facebook with shit like “You have such pretty eyes. You’re an amazing girl.” tricks u into thinking he’s a good guy, then starts getting super possessive. promises to divorce his wife for u but doesn’t. 2/10 would not recommend.

4. brandon stark

the bad boy. had to repeat his senior year twice, and just crashes on friends’ couches all the time. he butters you up with compliments for a few days, has sex with u, then disappears forever. definitely the hit it and quit it kinda guy. won’t return ur texts unless he’s looking for a booty call. might text u saying “new phone, who dis?” and be 100% serious. he has no clue who you are. 4/10 only if ur desperate.

5. jaime lannister

oh my god. SUCH a fuckboy. pretends like he’s not interested in you (spoiler alert: hes not). has a really particular type (only blond haired light eyed girls may apply). calls u the wrong name in bed and it sounds a lil bit like his sister’s name. plays up the “troubled past” card like nothing else. complains about everything. his jokes will make u uncomfortable. might be fun for a little while but soon u just feel dirty. 4/10, only if you’re into guys who might have a thing for his sister

tune in next time 4 more westerosis to avoid #straightwesterosiboystexting


z100’s spring fling


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You stared at the number two for a lot longer than a second, trying to pluck up the courage to just send that last number.You had been talking to Michael for so long that you felt like you knew him better than your own family, but what if that knowledge turned out to be all wrong? What if he was nothing like you thought he was? What if he didn’t like you

You took a deep breath. Then another, scrunching up your eyes. “I can do this,” you mumbled, reaching out blindly for the door handle. You knew if you opened your eyes you’d never pull the handle, but with your eyes closed you managed it and in the next few seconds you were standing out in the light breeze, trying to pluck up the guts to open your eyes. Feeling utterly sick to your stomach you kept them closed for far too long.


Eyes still tightly shut, your head jerked in the direction of the voice. You knew instantly it was Michael; there was something in the way he said your name, like it made him feel just as sick as she was. So you nodded.

“Open your eyes.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“C’mon, sweetheart. Look at me.”

So slowly that you were hardly sure they were moving, you opened your eyelids a minuscule amount at a time. What you were met with made you breathe in so quickly you almost choked. “Michael,” you mumbled, letting out that breath.

“That’s me,” he grinned, and his smile was the loveliest thing you could possibly imagine.

But instead of commenting on that, you said, “Your hair is green.”

This time he laughed. “Really? I didn’t even know. I thought it was blue.”

“Well, you’re definitely not Michael Jackson, so I guess you were telling the truth about something.”

“I’m also not a serial killer.”

“There’s that too.”

There was a pause in which the both of you simply stared hungrily at each other, taking in every feature you previously couldn’t appreciate. “You’re gorgeous,” said Michael, that smile popping up yet again.

“As opposed to what you thought I’d look like?”

“Yeah. I thought you’d be a gorilla.”

You feigned shock. “That’s disgusting!”

“Gorillas are cute though.”

“You’re just as weird as you always were.”

He nodded with a laugh and then jerked his head toward the mall. “Wanna get something to eat?”

“Not here,” you shook your head. “I just said the mall in case you really were gonna murder me - it’s public.”

“Smart! I should have thought of that. What if you were a serial killer?”

“I still could be.”

“Alright, we’ll go wherever you wanna go. But,” he said, holding up a finger, “you have to give me a hug first.”

“Sounds really unenjoyable.”

Michael rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. “Fine. Guess we’re not going to eat then.”

You didn’t like to hug people you didn’t know well and your brain was screaming at you not to touch this stranger, but then you remembered that Michael wasn’t a stranger. Michael was your best friend. Sure, this was the first time you’d ever seen his face, but why should that stop you from showing him just how much you cared about him? So you took a step forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world when his hands found your waist.

“Thanks,” he breathed in your ear right before pulling away. “Now: food?”


what the actual fuck was this ending? what the actual fuck was this entire thing? i don’t think i did it justice at all and also i didn’t proof read again but i am very tired i’m soRRY ilysm


Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?