I’m so in love it scares me.

MBTI Least Likely

ENTJ: least likely to tell someone to “chillax”

INTJ: least likely to build-a-bear and kiss him on the nose and make a wish

ISTJ: Least likely to end a parent teacher conference with “fuck off Mrs. Jones” and spit their gum out the window

ESTJ: least likely to flick their cigarette butt on the ground and stomp it out

ISFJ: least likely to scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP” out their window in hair rollers at 2 am

ESFJ: least likely to buy an anime body pillow

INFP: least likely to have a one night stand and then sneak out of the window in the middle of the night

ENFP: least likely to wear sandals with socks (unlike the ENTP, who in fact, only wears sandals with socks)

INTP: least likely to do coke off a guy’s oiled abs at a rave (unlike the ESTP, who is in fact, the guy)

ENTP: least likely to ever arrive anywhere on time if their fucking lives depended on it

INFJ: Least likely to yell “PARKOUR” and then jump down 2 flights of stairs (Coincidentally, most likely to break their ass if they did)

ENFJ: least like to mind their own goddamn business

ISTP: least likely to take their child girl scout cookie selling door to door and greet each neighbor with “Well howdy doodly neighbor”

ESTP: least likely to be the bitch ass in horror movies that isn’t down with the murder and keeps saying “we have to turn ourselves in”

ISFP: least likely to pelvic thrust on the dance floor

ESFP: least likely to drive a 2005 Nissan sentra and refer to it as “ol’ gal”

What the fuck, I go into the Sophie Hunter tag and find blogs like this, What kind of bullshit is this though?? Wtf is wrong with you guys?! Like can you please stop spamming her tag with your hate and stupid theories, Benedict is a freaking human being who can marry whoever he likes, so treat him like one! Same for Sophie, what kind of jealous, childish, idiotic people are you to post stupid shit like “the pregnancy is clearly fake, she is the worst and should just die, he should have chosen somebody else” I mean wtf??? Is she a mass murderer or what

well those haters would probably prefer a mass murderer in fact so i shouldn´t be surprised

but fucking hell, I´m angry!

Hi everyone.

As you may have noticed, Neil has lately been panned, criticized, and judged beyond belief for his recent hosting gig at the Oscars. I’m a little worried for our man, as he seems to be genuinely at least a bit sad about the whole thing, and we all know he doesn’t deserve that.

So, here’s what I’m asking of you. If you have a Twitter account, get on there now and, using the hashtag #supportnph, tweet why you appreciate him as a host, or really, just tweet anything nice to him. You can tag him in it, or just tweet it with that hashtag, but I want us to all do this. Because let’s face it: our Neily babe has been facing far more harsh criticism than anyone deserves, and if this was anyone else, the same would still apply.

So let’s show him why we love him, and encourage him to host again the future.
After all, no one’s gonna tear him down!

Thank You Haruhara Masterpost!
As all of you wondering, Haruhara’s last chapter of Senyū ends Friday in JP time. This could probably be the series Finale unless he either continues volume 4 or start 5. Depends on what he announces soon in Twitter. Here in the post is a dedication post to all Senyu fans who would like to be a part of this event.
"Contribute to what?"

On March 12 is Haruhara’s birthday, and as a birthday gift for him, was going to make a post and tagged as #ThankuHaruhara where everyone can make a special thanks post to Haruhara on making Senyu.
"What and how are we suppose to do that?"

Create your own fanart, fanfic, edit pics, have a cosplay selfie, props any artistic way you want that’s related to either Haruhara or Senyū. Show or tell how much you are thankful for him in creating the series that destro—.. I mean gave us feels throughout the years. Doesn’t have to be long.
"How can I submit the post?"
place ” #thankuHaruhara ” as your official tag along with ” #Senyu ” and ” haruhara sunohara ” or use Kanji tags too if you want.Also if you just want to submit the post.. post it on this BLOG
"How are you going to give it to him?" 
On March 11, 2015 (PST) I will link him on twitter the url that will show all our posts dedicated to him on his birthday. Hoping he wont have any trouble in english...
"Anything else to add?"
You can submit your post in any various language, just make sure that there are no insults included on it... Please I want to make this the as safe as possible. If you want to add translation in the bottom of your post feel free.
If you have any questions just go ahead and go to my ASK

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ehehehe no no i was not advised to punch anybody XD though lil steve definitely would say that...I feel like he'd be the best and simultaneously the worst counselor. maybe if Sam and him tag-teamed it. Sam might be able to chill him out a little

OH my god do you know how cute that is?? That is SO CUTE. Can you imagine??

"Mr. Steve, a bully keeps pushing me down on the playground."


”- to make better life decisions and be kinder to people.”

"Right, what Sam said."

Alright quick Arrow detour here. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet but I’m in the tags and basically I’m horrified.

Tumblr is supposedly a feminist environment where women are empowered and Felicity literally sleeps with ONE guy in the three years this show has been on air and people are slut shaming her? So what if she still loves Oliver she’s been pining after him for years she’s allowed to do something for herself. I’m so pissed honestly everyone who’s hating it is fake as shit if you really loved the character you would just be glad she’s putting herself first for once.


"Do you know literally any other songs?” North says, rolling his head back onto the couch cushion. He drops his book on the empty seat next to him, open to preserve his place, and puts his feet on the table.

"What’s wrong with Wonderwall?" York says but he’s grinning and North opens on eye to chuckle at him.

"You’re a dick."

York strums the chord loud enough that they have to be waking up some of their teammates by now, int he wee hours of the morning, and belts out a deliberate and off key, “today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you!”

North’s eyeroll is so enthusiastic that for a moment his pupils disappear behind his half closed lids. “You’re actually going to force me to get up, aren’t you?”

By now you should’ve somehow realized what you gotta do,” York sings with less yelling but more grinning.

North sighs from deep within his diaphragm and sets his feet firmly on the ground, pushing himself out of the sofa. York continues to strum, taunting, as North drags his bare feet against the cold floor and comes at a stop in front of York’s armchair, leaning down until his hands are resting on either arm and his nose is almost touching York’s, who seems to have gone into autopilot with his plastered grin and slow strums. Quietly and significantly more on key, North adds, “I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.”

York’s hand stops strumming and North gently grabs the neck of the guitar, sliding it out of the way. York’s neck stretches, closing the distance between them, his hands still stuck in the position as if he still had the instrument in his hands.

North stands up, holding the guitar behind him, and York pitches forward still seeking the kiss and almost collides with North’s abs.

"The fuck," York says, looking up at a smug and grinning North.

"Now there's an idea.”

#opp: hannah #back in aussie land when her brother was alive and the world was free and clear and she had hope #dash finds the picture on her desk and knows immediately its a different hannah from the one he knows #but he loves this one just the same as he loves his

Honestly though I’m pretty sick of your bullshit



M Y 


i’m oka y 


Top 10 Favourites CGs Challenge

Thanks for tagging; nozomufuse ;)

Rules: First name your top 10.  Once you got them, pick your favourite CG for each guy. I have no idea what i’m doing, they’re not in ranking order i’m sorry my babies!!

1. Leon:

Okay, im just obsessed with leon in general ;-;. this CG is from his sequel epilogue. it was so sweet, he was showing the lower gods in heaven how much MC means to him.


I don’t think i need an explanation for scorpio.. omg look at him o//o. this is from his sequel, he cant touch MC so they’re kissing through the glass

3. Miyabi:

I’m like in love with this Fox demon ayakashi. Miyabi, dont be so sad bby.. in this CG, MC is visiting him in prison in the mononoke Village.

4: Ota Kisaki:

EAWHGAIWEHTGAEHNGL what was i suppose to say?

5. Yuki Arisugawa:

This is a CG right after MC wakes up to yuki supposedly kissing her in her sleep (he so was gurl). Like please don’t stop.

6. Tsumugu Kido:


7.Ichigo Sato:

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yes please. whatever it is

8.Kota Igarashi:

Maybe i have thing for shirtless men. but damn.. this is kota from the upcoming app Scandal in the spotlight. the man has water dripping from his body…

9. Seijo Goto:

Ive recently started loving Goto. no wonder hes a favorite of many ;-; i could stare at him all day

10. Akito kakiuchi:


 Lets tag some people!! you don’t have to do this of course (it was really hard for me) but it was fun!! id love to see yours!! kissedbythebaddestmc rblue16 xxrachelsaurusxx mobile-otome-gaming voltage-otome-fan italianwriter vixxuki theotomewriter

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So this isn't so much a question, but an observation, going along with the Damon wanting humanity/cure theory. I found it really significant in the 1994 au, when Bonnie hands Damon a bowl of soup, that he is holding onto a blood bag. He then just pats it and chooses to eat the soup. I found it very telling of him choosing such a human act when he goes on about the nature of being a vamp and that hunting is what the are meant to do. (Also would human Damon still love Elena like vamp Damon does?)

Exactly!! :D 

And I don’t think so, no. Human!Damon from 1864 might have been able to, because he was still broken and insecure, and felt drawn to the darkness and power of vampirism. But that’s not Damon as he is now, and human!Damon now would, I think, be drawn more to light and humanity.

I don’t think he will actually end up human though, even though it is definitely possible. But the narrative absolutely needs to address again the fact that that’s what he secretly wants for himself, that that’s the side of himself that he wishes he could embrace again. And that that’s the side of himself that he is able to display most effortlessly when he’s with Bonnie.

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"Except by Brittany" - or Tina (the "least gay and least Asian" incident, possibly "Blaine Jong-Il"), and Rachel (the original - "vaguely Eurasian babies"!). Sue also "mistook [him] for a butch Israeli girl" in Sue90X, and she knows everything, including, I am sure, his actual race and exactly what she's doing when she picks mostly white people to compare him to. (These facts brought to you by my brain's decision to hold Trivia Night despite my best intentions. Thank you for humoring me.)

Just gonna tag this for future reference.

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There's a phanfiction I read on here a while ago that was about Dan being abusive to Phil, and he didn't like him eating so he made him sick and was possessive over him. I'm sorry if this isn't enough to locate a fic, but I've looked through all the tags, masterlists and mini masterlists, and I still can't find it. Thank you, guys for doing an awesome job, and running an awesome blog! ✨

does anyone know what this fic is?

~ Tori

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Auror!Potter gets insanely hurt and Healer!Draco rushes to his side to help him as a repayment for saving his life. Auror!Potter mumbling in his sleep and Healer!Draco sitting at his side tending to him. Auror!Potter waking up with a sleeping Healer!Draco in his room. Auror!Potter smiling and pretending to be asleep to watch Healer!Draco tend to him. Healer!Draco humming softer and when Auror!Potter decides to stop pretending to be asleep he hugs Draco like an idiot.

i came here to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now


said: maybe you’re right :) there’re still many mysteries surrounding Lavi, but I really don’t know how to feel about it. as I mentioned it tags - what will Bookman do if Lavi won’t succeed him? does he have another apprentice?

well i have my own theories on bookman’s involvement and if he’s as impartial as he preaches, considering he knows enough about the third side to refuse to tell lavi about it and feels concerned about it. so if lavi’s right eye is the heart (being a parasitic type), and it’s the reason why he became a bookman, then it’s highly likely that even if lavi is unaware of him being the heart that doesn’t mean bookman is unaware. this of course raises so many fucking issues about why bookman would do this, why he would lavi on as his apprentice with this knowledge, and his true motives for doing this. but we have too little canon evidence to really confirm this.

the issue with the apprentice thing is that we have no idea what the structure of the bookman clan is like. we have no idea if bookman and lavi are the only members of the bookman clan, nor if lavi not becoming a bookman (and bookman highly likely being too old to train another apprentice) spells the end of the bookman clan.

i also think bookman is highly likely going to die, and when hoshino was asked in an interview about when we’d find out about lavi’s right eye and the bookman clan she said “you’ll find out when bookman dies”. so yea i’m putting my money on bookman dying, so tbh in that scenario lavi would 1) have to succeed as bookman and 2) survive long enough to train his own apprentice, which is unlikely.

but i think the main thing is that there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest lavi is a probable candidate for the heart, and the main counter-arguments to him being the heart are things we cannot yet confirm due to a lack of explanation in canon (i.e. regarding the third side and the bookman clan), so i can understand misgivings about the theory but i really think that lavi fits the bill.

if you want me to explain why then i’m more than happy to. i’ve had this theory for quite a few years now and i feel comfortable finding evidence for it.

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(insert prompt here): Shark's thoughts and actions

Ryouga came down for breakfast one day to see Rio staring intently at a pile of duel monsters cards scattered on the kitchen table.

“What are you doing?” he grumbled as he pried opened the refrigerator.

“Rebuilding my deck,” her voice sounded casual, but Ryouga could sense a weight to it. “I’m going to enter the Heartland Championship.”

Ryouga paused. His grip tightened on the refrigerator door. He hadn’t given a single thought to tournaments since the World Duel Carnival. Being kicked out of the National Duel Circuit had been a huge emotional blow to him. After his tag duel with Yuma, he had decided he didn’t need professional dueling anymore. Then IV had shown up and he’d taken the bait because his heart had still been burning for revenge.

Now he knew for sure. He didn’t need to prove himself through competition. He didn’t need that anger. He knew he was skilled enough. All that mattered was that he could duel for himself and for the people he cared about. Yuma had showed him that.

But that was him. He hadn’t even considered what Rio might want. She hadn’t mentioned anything like this since the Numeron Code had restored their lives.

Rio had dueled in the tournaments, too. But had never achieved the number of wins or notoriety that he had. That’s why he always gave her crap. He knew she was a strong duelist, but she wasn’t strong enough. There was something that always held her back.

“You really think you’re going to stand a chance in the Heartland Championship?” he asked coldly.

“I placed in the top ten last time,” her voice was filled with an icy sweetness. “I think I can handle it even without my big brother to protect me.”

“Hmph, your funeral,” Shark grabbed a milk carton out of the refrigerator and slammed the door closed.


Teen Wolf AU - Almost Human: After he lost his entire team and one of his legs in an ambush, Detective Hale returns to active duty to find that in the years he was away, things at the station have changed significantly. For one, every police officer is not assigned an android. Since he doesn’t get along well with the new, entirely logic-based model - which he believes is one of the reasons his last mission ended in disaster - and quicklydestroys his MX in a fit of temper, he is assigned Stiles; an older model, based on a programme called synthetic soul, made to be as human as possible. Derek soon finds out that Stiles isn’t like any other android; he’s unique, even for his type of synthetic, refuses to be called an android and is actually often far better at human interaction than Derek. Despite his initial dislike, Derek finds he’s starting to like and appreciate Stiles as more than a simple colleague…


an alpha of your own pack