Beyblade V-Force; Ep #13
  • Dunga:That's the craziest thing I ever heard! Cyber bit-beasts?
  • Ozuma:First they try capturing them, now they try copying them! What will those lab coat creeps think of next?
  • Dunga:Guys -- we're the Saint Shields. We gotta stop those cyber bit-beasts before they become a cyber pain in the neck.
  • Ozuma:Chill out. Joseph said they're not up and running yet, remember Dunga?
  • Dunga:If I'm not totally heated up, that means I AM chilled out! Why are you guys always getting on me for being an emotional type of guy?
  • Mariam:Emotional? What other emotion do you ever show but rage, Dunga?
  • Dunga:I cry at movies sometimes!

folies-bergere asked:

sry 2 say but p/c's scores just reaks of corruption. there is no way in HELL boring mozart is equvalent to vm's performance of mahler at the olympics or their performance at 2013 gpf. the ppl who think p/c are the second coming need to love themselves tbh. the shit and corruption that happened at slc came back.

This is complete nonsense. Fine their program is pretty and romantic but I don’t understand how this level of skating (lack of speed, bad postures, etc) is superior to VM. I know I’m biased cause I love VM to death but I just don’t understand. Ice dance is sick and it needs to be fixed very soon cause it lost the little credibility it was left. It’s a shame really. What a beautiful sport going to trash like that.

Figure skating Sherlock and Hockey player John. In Canada. Ahhhaha, screw anatomy.


KNB Favorites || THE GAME
↳ The feel of the ball. The squeak of the basketball shoes. The swish of the net. I started playing because I loved the game.

Whether or not I can win doesn’t matter. Working towards a goal is just so much fun, I can’t help myself. Don’t you enjoy basketball?

I break down I beat myself up I tell myself I’m not where I’m supposed to be but when you look back at where I came from it’s the true reality of a warrior and I’m proud of my body. Here I was 2 years ago struggling at a weight that was obese for my height here I am now pushing past the pain and accepting myself for who I am and how far I’ve come. People ask me all the time how am I so confident in my body this is the answer right here I used to look a whole lot different.