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Hahahaha you aren't even in college yet so please shut up. Just wait until school is too busy so you can't work and have to pay for college tuition at the same time

There is a reason why I have an online store so I can pay for college while working a job as a waiter. Please take the stick out of your ass. I took the initiative to earn money to help my parents with their financial burden and I’m not sure what you have done but so far you have wasted your time on tumblr sending me this message and I’m not sure if that will fit into your “busy college schedule”

when people mistake my self confidence for narcissism I laugh bc nah, that just shows you’re insecure w yourself, and why squander my life feeling shitty about my appearance instead of ACCEPTING myself and LOVING who I am and PROJECTING that love and acceptance to those around me ? you got me confused.

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what is your biggest regret

I have several regrets but my biggest regret was wasting years upon years with people who were completely incompatible or straight up asses. If I could go back I would have had casual flings with people who i had things in common with and follow my dreams, not letting anyone hold me back.

Best Advice I’ve Got:

If you know you aren’t compatible with the person you are with, if they don’t bring out the best in you, if you are constantly fighting, if you don’t trust them, if they treat you like shit, if they aren’t there for you…BREAK UP. It is unfair for you both to drag it on. 

What a fucking waste of my time they were.  I should have left him and gone straight to Austin to meet other musicians and start up a band, But no I stayed with these idiots.

Do not make my mistake


Every hour that you stay in an unhealthy relationship is an hour wasted.  I learned the hard way. 

It is scary to break up with someone. The gnawing fear that “maybe they are the only one for me”, the fear you won’t find anyone else who will want you. Or the lies in your mind that say it is worth all the pain. It is not worth it. 

You deserve better!!!

And whether you believe it or not You Do have the Courage to end this chapter of your life and move on so you can reach your full potential.You will thank yourself.  

flea market

such a shame to have lost
there was no way of knowing
outside a childlike faith
that there would be so much
to share,
that we were not alone.
if we cannot go back
then why is so much time spent
on what really never was?

so awkward a structure
but that is how it feels
to cup a fragmented love
throughout a lifetime.
a ladder with loose rungs.
a rusty doorknob.
an old lamp wrapped in newspaper.
almost useful,
but more a reminder
of what to reach for.

taking a snapshot of future
summer days
makes the winter
breathe without chill.
cracking of old
heaving chests
allow flight.
let go
with a serene smile
and open hands.

This Is How You Lose Her ••• 

Roll over and immediately fall asleep without uttering a single word, leaving her feeling unloved and used and forced to fight off her nightmares alone.

Mumble “I love you” on your way out as though it’s your least favorite phrase, a sin you don’t want to commit, each word’s sharp edges tearing at your tongue.

Treat her like “one of the boys,” disregarding what it means to be mature, what it means to give respect.

Waste her time — talk on the phone, sit at your computer, text someone else, while she’s standing there patiently waiting. Act as though your undivided attention is not something she is worthy of.

Sigh and say “you’re right” just to end the argument. Why compromise when insincere words are so easily spoken.

Let her question where she stands; if your words hold any truth; if she isn’t just something passing the time.

She can only attempt to explain herself so many times before she comes the the conclusion that you simply aren’t listening.

Get comfortable. Get cocky, Expect her to change - but only in ways you desire. Lose interest. Take her for granted. Offer minimal effort. Think that you already have her and don’t need to pursue her any longer. Stop listening.

This is how you lose her.


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❝ Cut the bullshit & quit wasting my time . ❞

“You know what? Fine. If I don’t succeed, alot of people are gonna die tonight, and I don’t want one of them to be you. So please, just leave the city. A few hours, please.”

Tabloids [fic]

It had been mailed to him, the magazine

The article had been circled with a crude drawing of a smug face next to it. He’d instantly recognized the pen strokes as his brother’s, but the written piece itself hadn’t been Tonio’s. His brother had always been a proud journalist, gossip or not, and never felt the need to use anything but his real name. Locke scrutinized the alias as his eyes flicked back and forth from the clock on the wall to the magazine on the counter. 

Bobby Blabby. What a fucking joke. 

Whoever the idiot was they had some nerve and it pissed the heir off to no end. To top it off the fact that the magazine had been mailed to him made his blood boil. Tonio knew his little brother would have never seen the article, given Locke never purchased reading material like that. Why waste his time with that trash? But what scared the heir most though was that if Tonio had sent him a copy then he’d no doubt sent one to his parents. His brother’s favorite past time was ratting him out or tarnishing their image of him. While he hadn’t received a call or summons from his parents yet he was merely counting down the seconds until they contacted him. 

His nails dug into the arm of the couch as his foot bounced up and down in a spastic manner. Someone had caught him and that idiot cop downstairs doing the unthinkable and they had a photographic evidence of the aftermath. It irritated him how he’d been highlighted but Klaus hadn’t even been named or had his occupation revealed! The idiot was safe, but in return the heir could count his own blessings. If people had known that he’d been with a cop— Ugh! Locke chewed his bottom lip, his nervous ticks stacking on top of one another.

Who. Who was there that would have cared enough to follow him around and shame his acts. He grumbled to himself, that hardly narrowed it down…he knew he wasn’t well received by most. Locke looked back at the counter as Vittoria hopped up and nosed at the magazine. “Careful, who knows where that came from.”

Quickly the Treecko turned her nose up to it and turned to observe her trainer. He was a wreck and had been since the Onsen trip. She recalled the strange girl that lived with them apologizing multiple times when she returned (with a new face on top of that). The young gecko croaked quietly and rested back on her haunches as Locke turned his attention back to clock.

Who. The heir picked his brain and mentally tallied everyone at the Inn that had stood out to him. Who. Who. Who. His thoughts collapsed in on themselves as faces blurred together and unpleasant experiences were brought forth. He ran a hand over his face and blushed to himself about the stupid pineapples he’d consumed. What a mistake, look where he’d ended up because of it! If he hadn’t of ran into so many idiots there he wouldn’t have even began to drink—

Locke’s eyes snapped open.

Oh, he knew who.  


Mama said, "you're a pretty girl"/ What's in your head, it doesn't matter / Brush your hair, fix your teeth / What you wear is all that matters