still kinda sad they didn’t get the “science and education” streamy award they were up for.

I think the reason I love john so much is that a lot of times in life people have to choose between being a lover or a fighter and john watson is both


“Our lives are back to front.” 6x01 - Day of the Moon

Every leap of faith the Doctor had to perform, little or big, River had to do as well. Every shock she got when he was not her Doctor –and overcame it-, he experienced when she was not his River. Every doubt, every half- confession, every step back, they both faced.

But never together.

They fall alone, cross galaxies and centuries before being in synch for a second, keep missing each other at the start, but their future/past counterparts are extending their hands to catch them. They are trapeze artists. They always fall without a rope or a harness, but they trust the other to show up just on time with a name on the lips like a net. Even if as they are taking a run-up, the other is nowhere to be seen. This requires trusting oneself as much as trusting the other. Trusting the other’s ability to palliate one’s mistake and oneself to choose wisely each gesture. And they trust their freedom of choice, in each situation. In a dance of equals, they are both clueless and omniscient about each other’s future.

The difference is that most of those steps in trust were passed by River in an afternoon in Berlin and, later, off-screen, at Luna University and in prison. And that while River had to dig her trust to the Doctor, removing years of brainwashing and biased information, the Doctor had to build it from scratches; before trusting River, he trusted his future self who would trust her –and be right to.

Back to front means she trusts him to be her eyes in the past, and he trust her to be his voice in the future.

i had a dream that i went to a really posh dinner with john green to celebrate the release of tfios and he brought his dog with him and he kept feeding it noodles and everyone was looking at him and i was like john pls everyone is staring and he kept saying ‘i wrote the book i can bring my dog to the celebratory dinner if i want’ i wish it was real i love john green

Picture Jensen Ackles (Eric, DAYS) in a pair of silk boxers. Pretty picture, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly what Ackles wears to bed.   While boxers are an old favorite, Ackles’ bedroom has a new piece of furniture. “The best part of my bedroom is my new bed,” he says. “I’ve slept on a twin-sized bed since I was 8 - right up until this year. Now, I’ve got a big queen-sized bed, so I have room to roll around. I like to sleep with two pillows, just sheets and a little thin comforter.   Who needs a blanket when you can snuggle up to…a pig! “I’ve got a big, old stuffed pig,” Ackles admits. “He lies in the corner of my bed. I’ve had him ever since I can remember. He’s pink, and his name is Coke, after the soft drink, because I spilled Coke all over him when I got him.”   Ackles is early to rise, but not early to bed. “I usually go to sleep late - around midnight,” he says. “I like to watch TV for a little while just before I go to bed, mostly The Tonight Show.   “I always need a fan blowing directly on my face,” he adds. “The sound helps me get to sleep. Whenever I don’t have it on, all the little crickets and those little sounds outside keep me up. The fan drowns all that out.”   And when it’s time to rise and shine? “A little Timex clock buzzer wakes me. Music doesn’t work, I need an annoying, repetitive sound.”

Soap Opera News.


Has anyone done this already or….?