what he wanted to do with the cup

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[text]: I'll be home soon. I have a surprise for you. || Rumple had been back with her for several months now, and she'd moved back in at the behest of Archie. She was glad to be back, and they were doing well. More than that, Rumple was doing well. Belle wanted to show her appreciation for the effort he'd been putting into their renewed marriage and give him something truly special. "Rumple?" She called as she walked through the door, quietly shushing the squirming Aussie pup in her arms.


He wondered what the surprise could be… He was in the kitchen, making them some tea, when he heard his wife’s voice coming from the foyer. “I’m in here, sweetheart!” he called back, pouring the hot liquid into two cups. As usual, he would be drinking from their cup. His favorite. “I made you some tea.”

“Towards the end of the Thor shoot, Joss Whedon came into Marvel for a script meeting and he asked Kenneth Branagh to see a rough cut of Thor. Joss wanted to see what he could do with Chris Hemsworth and where to take the character of Thor, as well as Loki. Joss loved it so much that we went for a cup of tea and we had a long, fantastic conversation where we swapped loads of ideas. Joss said to me, “There’s been some talk of multiple villains in this movie, but I think you can do it on your own,” which was the most incredible compliment. I had a mountain to climb after that.” —Tom Hiddleston [Nov 2013]

Sick. (Nina and Ashton)

Nina was 1 year old, and she was already a clingy baby. But when she was sick… Well, that was an entirely different story.

Ashton was holding Nina in one arm, and trying to get her medicine into the little cup without spilling.

"Here baby girl, just sit down here for one minute." Ashton put her in her high chair.

"No no! Dada! No!" She started crying. She was young, but she knew exactly how to get Ashton to do what she wanted.

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry!" He sighed picking her back up, and bouncing her lightly.

Nina had some type of cold and had to take medicine that even Ashton thought was disgusting.

He tried once again pouring it in the cup, well, in the cup a little, on the counter a lot.

"Uh oh!" Nina squealed and giggled.

"Uh oh is right." Ashton sighed, cleaning it up. "We’ll take it later." He sighed, putting Nina on her play mat.

"Dada!" She cried and reached out for Ashton again.

"Baby Daddy has to do his work." He sighed pulling his laptop out.

"Dada!" She screamed and cried harder, causing her to cough. Which broke Ashton’s heart.

"Here baby girl." He sighed picking her back up, laying her on his chest. "Guess I’m not getting anything done today." He kissed her head.

Nina continued to giggle, she knew she had him wrapped around her finger.

1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re going to regret a lot of memories, but you’re going to cherish more. Make sure everything you do is exactly what you want to do at that point. Don’t do it because it’s what people expect you to. Do it because it’s going to be one hell of a story worth telling one day. 

2. Don’t sleep with him to make him stay, because he’s already decided on leaving you. Get up and leave first.

3. Drink more tea. If you’re sad, have a cup of tea. If you’re angry, have a cup of tea. If you need comforting, have a cup of tea.

4. Sleep in, miss work. Or school. The world isn’t going to end because you spent one day not being where you were supposed to be.

5. There’s always going to be a guy, tearing apart your heartstrings, and stepping on it once they ripped it out of your chest.
That’s okay. That’s how this goes. It will get better.

6. Just because you two have the same interests and are alike in every other aspect, doesn’t mean he’s going to feel the same.

7. Just like you, other people are going to make mistakes. Don’t hold a grudge against them, you wouldn’t want them to do the same. 

8.  Don’t cut open your wrists. Your mother is going to find you, and it’s going to hurt her more than you’d ever want.
There’s nothing romantic about suicide. It’s ugly, painful and broken. Don’t think about it as anything else.

9. Don’t waste your time writing about him when you weren’t even worth his. He doesn’t deserve it to be preserved forever.

10. Fuck him. Fuck him once, twice, over and over. Fuck whoever you want, whenever you want. Just don’t forget to use condoms.
The chances of you catching an STD are small. But it’s not worth the anxiety.

11. Take risks. Travel to a place you’ve never been and meet the best friends you’ll ever have.

12. Don’t be afraid of failing, because it might just be the best thing to ever happen to you. Because in the end, it always turns out for the best. I promise.

13. When you feel like you’ve lost everything, look up into the night sky. You are a living person, made out of the remains of dying stars. Don’t you ever think you’re not worth everything life has to offer.

—  13 Things I wish I’d known when I was 18 crying with slit wrists and an empty bottle of white wine in front of me.

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I've been wanting to ask for a fic, for ages!!!! But no good ideas ever came to mind so yeah I finally had one. Reader x Tadashi where Reader just put baby Hiro to bed and they had starting making coffee watching a TV show, and stuff. Started making out and then BOOM baby starts crying. Btw I've already told u this but I Ly xxxx

You could hear Tadashi’s feet lightly trudging down the stairs. He must have put Hiro to sleep, you thought to yourself, pouring a cup of tea for him so you could go relax after a long day. “What do you want to watch?” He asked from the living room, flicking on the TV. You hummed a ‘whatever you want’ handing him the cup before snuggling next to him as he began flipping through the channels. Deciding on a miscellaneous food show, he sat back on the couch as you moved a bit closer to him, his free hand wrapping around you before taking a sip of his tea. “Long day?” Tadashi asked, rubbing your shoulder softly.

“Hiro is handful sometimes,” You commented, looking up at him as he sat his cup down. “I love him, he just takes a lot of my energy, you know?”

Tadashi laughed gently, nodding in agreement as he kissed your hairline. You gazed up at him, kissing his jaw before he let his face drop so he could peck your mouth gently. The TV became background noise quickly as Tadashi readjusted himself so he could kiss you more deeply, letting his hands slide down to rest on your waist, rubbing up and down so he could feel your bare hipbones under his fingertips. You laughed gently at the feeling, pulling away from his mouth in a breathless manner. “I have enough energy for this though.” Tilting him back on the couch, you sat your small body on top of his, your mouth pressing against his neck as his fingers made quick work at getting your shirt up and over your head.

“I’ll let you ride me because I have no energy for anything else,” He smiled cheekily at you, feeling your hands wash up his shirt, clawing gently at his bare skin. He tensed up slightly at the sensation, tilting his head back with a small groan, “I’m sure you’re happy about that.”

“You know I am.”

“Then let’s get sta—-” Tadashi and you perked up when the sound of a baby crying hit your ears. You were the first up, going to the stairs, “He probably had a nightmare again, (Name).” You nodded knowingly, smiling gently at him.

“I’ll go put him back to sleep. Be ready for me when I come back.”

“That sounds good.” Tadashi winked at you, watching you go upstairs. “Hurry back, babe.”


AESTHETIC MODERN MYTH AU: Hades and Persephone

“Persephone, come home. Please.” Demeter sighed wearily and extinguished the cigarette.
“I can’t. More precisely, I don’t want to do it.” Persephone gently smiled and shrugged. “I don’t want to leave him.”
Demeter looked at her with pity and shook her head. “Sweetheart, your love is mental illness. It’s just a side effect. Do you know anything about the Stockholm syndrome?
“If you need to know,” Persephone grinned, “he stole my heart before he stole me. Honestly, he didn’t steal me. Don’t be offended. I ran away from home because you and Zeus are terrible parents. Especially Zeus.” She put her cup and looked at her mother again. “Hades just gave me shelter. I asked him.”
“Everyone said…”
“I don’t care what everyone says. They know nothing about us. ” Persephone snorted in annoyance.
“Hе doesn’t complete you. You’re so cute and pretty little girl! But Hades … This man is so cold and arrogant.”
“Yeah,” Persephone nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders, “but I love him anyway.”
“Honey, he’s such an inaccessible and silent! Why do you need it?” Demeter looked very tired.
Sometimes silence says a lot more that you think. I need this man more than you can imagine.”
“Well…” Demeter looked at his watch and hurriedly put on her coat. “Good luck, honey.”

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Hello Mr. Samnee, big fan of everything you do. I wanted to thank you and the rest of team DD for your guys work on my favorite character's run. Daredevil #10 was especially important to me since I too struggle with major depression. Two quick questions I wanted to ask. What inspires and motivates you in your daily life? And do you think Matt donates money to depression support charities when he has the money to spare? I like to think he does :) Thank you

Ah gosh. Thanks so much. Sorry for
such a delayed response.
What inspires me? My family, a good cup of coffee, encouraging words from readers and (honestly, since this is my job) bills that need to get paid.
As for Matt donating to charity? I’m sure that he does. You don’t go out and get beaten up every night of the week protecting your city if you don’t care about people.
Matt isn’t allowed to handle the checkbook though, so it would be Foggy or Kirsten that’d handle the physical writing of checks. But Matt always tosses a few extra bucks in the collection plate on Sundays :)

So…….I wanted to do a fic that bridges the gap between when the credits roll and when the next episode starts. I get frustrated when things happen off screen….but I completely understand that there is only so much that can be fitted into a 25 minute programme.

But for instance Thursday night, the Andy suicide episode, ended with Aaron crying by the side of the car and Robert looking over at him. The next episode starts in the morning with Robert making Andy a cup of tea. So what happened after Andy left them the previous evening, Aaron and Robert must have talked. So that’s why I want to do these fics.

I’m starting from when Aaron told Robert he was gay, on 26th November episode. By the time I’m caught up hopefully they’ll be back on our screens again full time :-)

I hope you enjoy reading. The first one is just a starter, mainly of what we already saw in the actual episode.

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I few weeks ago you did a headcanon about Zeus being sweet to Hera, can you PLEASE PLEASE continue it?? There isn't a lot of headcanons of them and I'm kinda curious...

Well Zeus is a piece of shit but when it’s just him and Hera he remembers that the two of them actually managed to love each for a hot minute and he can see that Hera’s detachment and anger are how she has reacted to his behavior over the many many years and so he will give her a flower or tell her she looks particularly beautiful that day or bring her a cup of tea and she kinda side eye’s him suspiciously but accepts the gifts and compliments because all she ever really wanted was to be desperately in love and have a partner that she knew was devoted to her. Instead she got him. So she’ll take what she can get. 

(I really need to do a post about my feelings on Hera because let me tell you I have so many) 


Upstaged By A Steaming Cuppa Joe

So, we finally got round to watching the first two episodes of the last (*sniffle*) series of Foyle’s War yesterday. 

This scene is from “High Castle”. I giffed it because I was mesmerized by that steaming cup of coffee sitting center stage. It seemed Foyle was too, since he was staring at it pretty intently, obviously thinking - that’s another series on another blog, btw.

Anyway, I think that was sort of the point, and it worked for me. What can I say? I haven’t had much sleep of late.

And then, hey presto! He picks it up and drinks it! I never wanted to actually BE a coffee cup so badly in my life ;O)

Of course, I had to include some shots of the Master, doing his masterful thing.

Nightline interview

After 3 cups of coffee, I finally found the courage to watch that interview. I’m left with a sense of incredible sadness. It’s so sad. Where is Benedict? He looks like a robot here, just going through the motions. He looks done with everything. There is no spark about anything, not even Allan. His choice of words are odd and his body language doesn’t really go with what he’s saying. He seems really embarrassed and like he really doesn’t want to do that interview. The only time he seemed better was at the end walking with the interviewer casually talking but there was no sound and it was only a few seconds. How can anyone say he’s ok and in love?
I’m not really mad anymore just sad…

When will pxs give the public what it really wants

Me: Paradox Space should just illustrate the entirety of Homestuck High. Just do it. I’d enjoy it.

Gill: That should be our next project.

Me: Or even better, the kids reading Homestuck High. Or writing it.

Her: I still think that cave chapter sounds like Dirk on Valium or something.

Me: Ok guys. It’s 2 am. I just took a shitton of pain pills. I think I took them with water? The stuff in the cup was clear?? Anyway let’s do this shit.

Her: He shows up in Rose’s room at 3 in the morning with the draft and he’s so proud like ‘look what I have created’ and so she takes it.

Me: Sounds about right. 


She hands him the punch cup and he takes it, holds it with two hands, for he is trembling. He fears that he will falter, that the cup will fall to the floor. Shatter to into a million pieces, into sharp shards and bits so small that they will never find them all. He has laid his heart bare before her and does not know what he will do if she refuses him.  That like the cup he holds, his heart is simultaneously strong yet fragile, and she holds his heart in the balance.  He fears that if she doesn’t want him, doesn’t want the life he’s offering, he will shatter, his life will be like splinters of glass scattered across a floor to be swept up and tossed away.


"You alright?" Maybelle was worried about him with his silence. She hesitantly placed her hand on his, frowning slightly. She just didn’t want him to end up dead.

"Yeah, they just piss me off. I don’t want them to think what they do is fine. I want them to eat shit and die." He finished his drink and placed the empty glass on the table. He looked at her hand on top of his then to her face once more. Glancing at her lips, he licked his own, then glanced away back at his empty cup.

20 controversial phrases by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"Zlatan does not do auditions" he said, when he heard of Arsene Wenger that he would have to pass tests to transfer from Malmo to Arsenal in 2001. The Swedish was outraged and, even after dress Gunner’s uniform, preferred to play at Ajax, the Netherlands.

"Absolutely not. I want a plane. It is much faster" he replied, after being asked if he had bought a Porsche

"I can not teach but laugh as I am perfect"

"One thing is certain: a World Cup without me do not deserve to be seen" he said, after removal of Sweden to Portugal in the recap of the European qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup.

"What Carew does with a ball I do with an orange", teased, after hearing from John Carew that he had “useless skills”

"Nothing. She already has Zlatan" he said, after being asked what he would present to his wife on her birthday.

"We are looking for an apartment in Paris. But if we do not find anything, I think in buying the hotel", he said, when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2012.

"First I went to the left, it also. Then I went to the right, and he also. So I went down the left again, and he went to buy a hot dog" he said, explaining a dribble in Stephane Henchoz, former defender of Liverpool.

"I do not give a shit for who will win. I just go for my vacation", he said, after Sweden be eliminated from Euro 2012 still in the first phase.

"When you buy me, is acquiring a Ferrari"

"An injured Zlatan is a great problem to any team" he said, after suffering injury and having to defalcate one of his several teams in his career.

"Come to my house and you will see if I’m gay. And bring your sister too" said to a journalist after the passing of his controversial picture next to the defender Gerard Pique.

"I also like fireworks, but in gardens or outside indoors. I will never set fire to my house", he said after his teammate Mario Balotelli in Inter Milan set fire to their own homes.

"Style-Zlatan," defined, after being asked about how he was playing football.

 "I can play in the 11 position, as a playmaker play anywhere" he replied, after being asked about his favorite position.

"At first, I thought Guardiola a reasonable technical. He was not Mourinho or Capello, but had its virtues. It was before the time when I asked Barcelona if they could put two ambulances near the training camp, if I might attack Guardiola."

"Who will win the game, Sweden or Portugal? God only knows. It’s hard to ask him? How come? Know that you are looking at it now."

"I did not hurt him on purpose, and he knows it. If accuse me again, I break his two legs and then you can say it was intentional", he said, after being accused by Rafael Van der Vaart to have it purposely injured in friendly match between Sweden and the Netherlands.

"Onyewu looks like a heavyweight boxer. It measures 1,95m, weighs more than 15 stones, but he could not catch me", he said about the fight he had with his former teammate Milan, the Defender Oguchi Onyewu.

"If Rooney still want to transfer, I ask you to come and play with me in Paris. But he will have to get used to the fact Zlatan score more goals than him"j, oked during speculation that Wayne Rooney would fire Manchester United.

  • harry:go ahead and use teeth during blowjobs
  • louis:ooh, is that a new kink-
  • harry:but who am I to tell you what you can and can't do with your mouth
  • louis:harry, its al-
  • harry:I just want you to be comfortable
  • louis:…..
  • louis:shut up before i use my teeth and bite your dick off
  • liam:*mouth agape* is that what kids are doing these days ? i need to protect little payno !
  • liam:*runs away cupping his crotch*
  • louis:
  • harry:
  • louis:did he get a new haircut ?