getting way too upset over all these young couples on my facebook newsfeed getting pregnant and having kids unintentionally, when they don’t even like kids, much less want one of their own. All I’ve ever been certain about in my life is that I want to be a mother. These people are taking being a parent so much for granted, and a lot of them clearly have no idea what they’re in for.
I don’t even know what the point of this post was. I think I’m mostly upset that these people are lucky enough to get to be parents, and I’m not.

anonymous said:

what tf is even the point of posting "10 DAYS LYKE ZOMG !!1!1!!!11" and then not even telling anyone what's happening in 10 days. if you can't talk about it that's one thing - don't even say anything at all if it's supposed to be a secret. but if it's nothing special or significant to anyone other than you just shut up because no one is going to think you're special.

Oh I’m sorry! I forgot this was your blog and I shouldn’t be making posts.

Oh waaaaiiiiit. You’re an annoying anon and this is my blog.

So I guess I can post whatever I want and you can fuck the fuck off :)

All I want is a new place to live, close to the woods, that allows dogs and ferrets and snakes, with a large fenced yard, and the rent isn’t above $700, and is close to my job.


[yes maranda, stfu and deal with the house you’re in]

Screw you, universe! 

Yeah I’m not even sure what the point of this post is. Isn’t it funny how a house can be a home and a trap all at once? 

OK so anja come over to my place some days ago, and i forced her to watch avatar (cause apparently she’s never seen it before?!?!!?!) and i was like YOOOOO. OK. WE’RE GONNA WATCH IT! and everyyyy time i’ve forced a friend to watch avatar they’ve been like “meh it’s okay” but anja was hooked like STRAIGHT AWAY. not even kidding you. anyways, now she’s reached to book 2 and she’s obsessing so much over zuko and she’s snapchatting me all the time while watching it and it makes me sooo happy dsjflsf ;AAAA; I’M JUST SO HAPPY LIKE IDK. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE POINT OF THIS POST IS. I JUST WANTED TO PUT IT OUT SOMEWHERE. LOL. alright.

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Oh wow I didn’t even know they had it for xbox 360 too, never mind. Though I’m cheap too so I want to wait for PS4 & the game to be less expensive. BY THEN NO ONE WILL BE PLAYING IT lol

Yeah—360, One, PS3, and PS4.

SERIOUSLY THO by the time I get it it’ll be months later and the hype will be all gone so what’s even the point, bleh.

witchlore replied to your post “I was perfectly OK over not being able to play Destiny until that…”

there are a few new console-only games that I want so bad (Destiny and KH3 being the main two) but I refuse to pay the money for the new consoles lol


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aw man i know the feel. :/ i’m thinking about dropping one of my classes but i don’t want to put the work into it if i’m just gonna drop it but i’m not sure if i’m gonna drop it yet so

ahh yeah like?? i’m dropping my philosophy class but i’m probably going to get more homework in it before i’m able to actually change my classes and????? what is even the point

failjolras replied to your post “tbh, i’m probably gonna be stressed & upset until i get my schedule…”

I had that happen to me last semester. One of my classes got fucked up and I just desperately wanted to just stay away from school until everything got sorted.

ahh yeah, i’m switching to a drama class/new history class and i just. don’t want to deal with any of my classes until i can get my final schedule and actually go to everything in the right order and get stuff dealt with. and i know it’ll happen in due time, but i want it to happen now.

i'm not saying i have a massive crush on Julie Andrews, but

i have a massive crush on Julie Andrews.

i mean i dunno man, watching Sound of Music at age seven was the first time i realized that i was in love with a fictional character

but when i watched Mary Poppins i realized that i wasn’t just in love with her characters

i was in love with HER

so i guess moral of the story kids is that even if your favourite actress is like almost 80 years old you can still be in love with her and all her movies just don’t tell your parents 


Oh god oh god why am I so bad at conversation
When I write like
stories and essays and stuff it’s all
nice and
well written
and then conversation (even written conversation) is like HOW DO I ENGLISH
and then on tumblr I’m just like lol I don’t even care I write different ways every time I post, sometimes i use capitalization and punctuation and other times I dont
and I
but other times I write really long paragraphs or intentional run-on sentences because I CAN and because I talk like this sometimes haha why can’t I just be consistent oh right because that would be NORMAL and I am NOT OuO